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  1. doge
    September 4th, 2012 3:17 PM
    Alright, PM me when you want to start working on it.
  2. <Challenger>
    September 4th, 2012 3:13 PM
    Yeah. Makes a lot more sense.
  3. doge
    September 4th, 2012 2:17 PM
    Hey, once the job's events start, you want to just joint post throughout it's duration? We can alternate who posts and I'm thinking it'll be a lot easier for the both of us.
  4. <Challenger>
    August 14th, 2012 6:45 PM
    Yeah. Go ahead. Right now Malik us reflecting on the dock after burying the running man and screaming as loud as possible. He wants to be alone right now anyways. He's really angry.
  5. doge
    August 14th, 2012 6:25 PM
    Hey, do you mind if Marty just gets straight onto the Libra without interaction?
  6. <Challenger>
    August 13th, 2012 8:30 PM
    Alright.For now, Malik shall train and flip out whenever he finds a bug pokemon. Thats what happens when you make a scyther angry growing up in Azalea Town.
  7. doge
    August 13th, 2012 8:27 PM
    Right, well perhaps when we get there we'll know what to do.
  8. <Challenger>
    August 13th, 2012 8:05 PM
    Maybe we talk about what we've been doing since we survived, or what we expect or something like that.
  9. doge
    August 13th, 2012 8:01 PM
    Perhaps, Marty talking about it may be a stretch though.
  10. <Challenger>
    August 13th, 2012 7:54 PM
    Unless, Vendet with a Cyndaquil, can strike up conversation. We might be able to talk about the past that our characters don't mind talking about. Malik just came from the woods, where he escaped the destruction. He's been wondering around for days, and the images are still fresh on his mind.
  11. doge
    August 13th, 2012 7:51 PM
    I see, so when our characters meet, awkward silence will ensue.
  12. <Challenger>
    August 13th, 2012 7:49 PM
    Malik doesn't tend to talk a lot unless it's about something his like.Specifically his idols, Ethan Gold, Red, other ex-pokemon champions.
  13. doge
    August 13th, 2012 7:45 PM
    Yeah, doesn't seem too hard to coordinate. And by the way, just putting this out there but Marty wouldn't be one to initiate conversation.
  14. <Challenger>
    August 13th, 2012 7:39 PM
    Alright.I'm thinking that we all three meet up in Cherrygrove before we board the Libra. We need to get a plan going. Can't be that hard since there are only three of us.
  15. doge
    August 13th, 2012 7:35 PM
    Not sure, but you could probably just look back in the thread(IC and OOC) and find the other Johto starter.

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