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  1. Student D1
    March 2nd, 2013 4:36 PM
    Student D1
    Well, I'm somewhere at the last parts of the B/W arc, but that was two months ago. Where do you usually read the manga?
  2. Oryx
    March 2nd, 2013 1:17 PM
    Sometimes! I've read up to the B/W one but I haven't read in a long time haha.
  3. Student D1
    March 2nd, 2013 5:25 AM
    Student D1
    Do you read PokéSpe/Pokémon Adventures?
  4. Student D1
    February 24th, 2013 5:35 PM
    Student D1
    Ah! Understood then. Thanks for the info. And I see that you're a moderator.
  5. Oryx
    February 24th, 2013 8:17 AM
    You get emblems by meeting certain requirements in the forum - some are random and require you being noticed doing something special (such as one that is given to people that use smileys a lot), and some are given when you participate in or win a contest on PC. Hope that helps! :)
  6. Student D1
    February 24th, 2013 1:16 AM
    Student D1
    Hello. Sorry if this message came out of nowhere, considering you have no knowledge of me, but may I ask? How do you get Emblems? (Just being curious.)

    I'm Student D1, by the way, but you can call me as Student.

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