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  1. DarkRisingKid
    September 12th, 2013 7:58 PM
    Hello everybody.
    Im here to give an update on the progression of dark rising 2 with a direct message from dark rising girl herself. she forgot her password to the forums and does not use the email that is associated with this website anymore. She will be creating a new username eventually when she is ready. here is the message she asked of me to post here;

    "Hey Everyone! After being away from the community for so long, I checked back for the first time in months yesterday to see if the thread was still up & it was! I want to thank everyone for the support you're giving to Dark Rising 2, I really really appreciate it. Now on to the good you're all probably curious about;

    *YES, Dark Rising 2 is still being worked on and it has been since I left. Progress is going sort of slow, but very well. I've learned to event better scripts and a lot more since I'm working on the hack alone.

    *Progress is currently at the 4th badge(There will be 12 badges)

    *Since I've been absent from the community, SO MUCH 6th gen information has been revealed and I'm loving so much of it. I have to say though, Fairy-Type WILL NOT be in the hack(I wouldn't know how to program it into the hack anyway lol). However, this has actually improved the story of the hack & made it even better. In this hack, the fairy type has been sealed away by Darugis along with Arceus. Until Darugis is defeated, the Fairy Type does not exist within any Pokemon. Due to Fairy being strong against every type Darugis is made of, it's his key weakness and that is why he has sealed it away. It may sound cheesy by me just writing it, but trust me, when it's all told within the story of the hack, it makes much more sense and is a lot cooler."

    *Mega Evolutions...There will only be 3 Mega Evolutions IF two of them exist. If Mega Dragonite & Mega Salamence exist(Mega Garchomp has already been revealed), the player will be able to Permanently Mega Evolve their Dragon Starter Pokemon mid-late in the hack. Only the 3 dragon starters will be able to Mega Evolve.

    *I've already reserved spots in the hack for at least 20 of the new Pokemon from 6th gen. Which ones will be in it is my choice, but I will wait a month after X&Y is released to decide who. Pancham/Pangoro are the only confirmed ones so far with Fennekin being Jalice's Pokemon.

    *Yes, I've become a better mapper lol

    *I have enough stuff done to release a beta, however, I won't. The hack will not be released until it's completely done sometime next year. This msg is simply an update that the hack is still alive and will not ever die.

    *I've checked out and played a few new hacks, and I'm really impressed by Pokemon Glazed. I vote Pokemon Glaze for Hack of the Year everyone! If you agree, make sure to vote for it whenever the community does the hack of the year thingy. It's a really awesome hack and it's the best one released this year in my opinion(Did Pokemon Reborn come out this year as well? Idk whatever. Vote for either ^.^)

    Lastly, I do want to apologize for anything cruel and ridiculous I may have said to anyone the last time I was a member of the community. I was really saying some stupid, ridiculous stuff to everyone and it really wasn't needed or called for. Honestly, yes, I do make hacks just for the fun of it & I stand by that, BUT, I have zero rights to ever say Dark Rising 1 was as amazing as I was proclaiming it to be. To me & a lot others, yes, the hack is great, but there are so many flaws and errors that I failed to correct out of laziness and carelessness that it was no way as great as I was saying it was. So to anyone who still even remembers the stuff I said before I left the community, I apologize and it was very childish. I was out of my mind that night lol.

    Soooo yea, Pokemon Dark Rising 2 is coming out sometime Spring 2014 most likely!(I bet you're looking at the screen like "...That's long and nothing to be excited about") I promise you guys, it's gonna be very very fun and amazing. I'm taking my time and correcting every error I see, down to the slightest bit of tile error and script error. This time, I'm really focused on making something truly worthy of Hack of the Year 2014(Give 2013 to Glaze or Reborn!). Thanks everyone for sticking by the hack, even when it seemed it would never come back. You guys are true fans & I can't thank you enough! ^.^
    From DarkRisingGirl"

    As a personal friend of hers i will say the game is coming along brilliantly and she is very keen on making it feel like a true pokemon game worthy of praise. The pokemon selection is from what I have played so far very good and open minded with a ton of variety. she also manage to create a superb leveling curve that is challenging but not dark rising 1 challenging. I felt like a strong player from the start but also like I was just starting if that makes any sense. All in all she is doing this on her own and proving how good she can be at this stuff if she really tries.
    If you have any questions for her you can ask me and I will deliver them to her until she creates a new username.

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