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  1. Natas
    November 14th, 2012 11:07 AM
    look man .. im sorry if i come accross as a bitter old man... but... fuk it im a bitter old man lmao... yeah im asuming that site is the official one cause they call themselves that and i belive i had even seen something posted from sky himself there.... i just got pissed cus its obvious that some ppl post replies without even knowing what theyre talking about(as is the case with the one who had stated that the download on their first page was a good one cause they patched it to their rom... no they didnt cause thats not a patch offered there its a patched rom and thats why i had posted the link)
    peace bra
  2. Platinum Lucario
    November 12th, 2012 10:25 PM
    Platinum Lucario
    Yeah, I see where you're coming from. And wow, it's great that we have people that are already experienced with all this stuff already, and to be honest... it's great that we have people that have been around since those Atari days, 'cause I wasn't even born until the days of the SNES (in 1993), I didn't start playing until I was 6 with the Nintendo 64 and GameBoy Color. And during that time... I couldn't understand much of what the texts said in the games... and yeah... only a few games I would've gotten through probably by the time I was 10. lol

    Btw, I did actually check the site before I sent you those messages. It just seemed like the site was unofficial (despite the URL looking official). But it is understandable that the site was never shown in the first post of the thread, 'cause the site hosted ROMs rather than patches.
  3. Natas
    November 11th, 2012 2:31 PM
    dude... wit all due respect i dont really need advice from a 19 yo on shyt i already know bra... i been gaming for over 30 yrz since i got my atari 2600 @ 10 yrs old... i been emulating games for several years.... im well aware of how to find a proper rom base... and fyi the website i postes IS the official flora sky website... did u even bother to check the site b4 your message about bogas sites? or r u like most ppl here who reply and comment without all the facts? im guessin its the latter
  4. Platinum Lucario
    November 11th, 2012 2:45 AM
    Platinum Lucario
    Hm... if the patch here on the forum doesn't work for you, then you're probably using the wrong GBA ROM. Make sure it's Pokémon Emerald, make sure the game code is BPEE, and make sure that the ROM version is 1.0, not 1.1. You can check all of that by using HackMew's ROM Header Editor Advanced. ;)

    And I wonder what you meant about the hack having "a version of the c-dex that allows you to play the Battle Frontier"? Do you mean the National Dex or something? I thought it was obtainable in the patch as well.

    Edit: Oh! I see what you mean about the C-Dex version. The Complement-Dex Version of the hack. The patch of the C-Dex version can be found here as shown in the first post of the Flora Sky thread:

    If you're looking for the normal main version, it can be found here:
  5. Natas
    November 10th, 2012 8:19 AM
    that conversation was on topic if you woulda read the posts.... and i was told by some ppl here who are suposed to be credible that the flora sky website has a version of c-dex that allows you to play the battle frontier... the patch on the thread here is one that doesnt work for that... so i would appreciate it if you would become informed on a situation b4 you comment where you clearly dont know what youre talking about... tyvm
  6. Platinum Lucario
    November 9th, 2012 9:20 AM
    Platinum Lucario
    Hi Natas, just to let you know... if you see any sites with ROMs on them, please don't link to the sites as it could lead you into trouble.

    In reply to your post that was deleted (which of course my reply got deleted due to quoting your deleted post, despite removing ROM site links), that Flora Sky website is not official. If it is, then it would've hosted patches rather than pre-patched ROMs. ;)

    And since there are alot of people that do create unofficial websites for ROM hacks without the owner's permission, they often provide the pre-patched ROMs on there.

    I would indeed advise you to download the patches in the first post on the Flora Sky hack thread. ;)

    Edit: Oh yes, and I would also advise you to not bypass the censor here on PC, 'cause it would make me worry about you getting into trouble. And I really do worry about anyone that might get into trouble. D:

    Also a piece of advise, try to stick to the topic of the thread rather than stuff completely unrelated to the thread, 'cause it would indeed avoid your post getting deleted by the mods here in the forum. ;)

    The Hacks Showcase Guidelines and PC Guidelines will help you to know what you'd need to be aware of here in the forum to avoid getting into trouble. Be sure to keep an eye out for any stickied threads, as they can often be important to view.

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