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  1. Cherrim
    July 8th, 2012 8:00 PM
    I'm dreading next term because I'll actually have class Monday through Friday like normal people. T_T It sounds horrible.

    Well, I HOPE they have good education, but I've also heard lots of rumours of people pretty much being able to buy their degrees so no matter how much effort a student puts in, they can still get good enough marks to get into any university just by flinging money at the school administration. <_<

    Fish confirmed to hate the 2002 Spider-Man movie too. He tried SO hard to look at us accusingly the whole time instead of looking at the TV. (Man, that movie sucked. I don't know why I liked it so much a decade ago??) I think the Zefron poster idea is excellent. Might have to do that when I drop him into the clean tank tomorrow.
  2. Jellicent♀
    July 8th, 2012 6:27 PM
    OMG YAY. Don't hope, JUST RUN AWAY.

    Oh gosh, yeah I'd die. DX That's a little too all over the place for me. :c

    I never did, either. I hear that private schools now have low education, and then i hear they have the highest, and then I hear this, and then I hear that, so idk HOW they are anymore. But when I went, it was crap. Omg, there are even some private schools that are 200k a semester. A FRICKING SEMESTER. Really! I mean, you could save more money moving to a better district than going to this crappy, expensive school.

    That's adorable. xD Maybe he's a music guy? Put on MTV and see! :D
    GET HIM A ZEFRON POSTER OMG. Like, print out a small picture of him and put it on the glass side of the bowl omg. xD

    Bahaha. xD It just seems like...idk more appropriate somehow. xD
  3. Cherrim
    July 8th, 2012 10:28 AM
    *FINALLY FREE FROM THE LAST HELL WEEK... or hopefully the last, anyway*

    On Thursdays I'm out from 9 until 4:30 for school which, honestly, isn't a very long day, but considering the only other day I have to leave my house for school is Tuesday which is from 12:30-4:30, it feels like forever. XD;

    I never really understood the point of private schools, to be honest. But then, our public schools are pretty good here so there wouldn't have been a big difference in education. But the tuition for some private schools is ridiculous. @[email protected] My roommate was in private school for a bit in high school and it was about as much per year as his international tuition for university is. (And international tuition is hella expensive. xD) I just... don't understand why people would pay that much if they don't absolutely need to. Hell, I'd just be more inclined to move house to a better school district if the public schools were bad, haha.

    Ven (my fishie) is in his bowl right now so he's in the TV room and he seems wholly uninterested in my brother's playthrough of Fire Emblem. XD; I don't think he's a gamer fish. He's also very concerned with the lack of corners in the bowl. :( I think he just misses Zefron.

    Honestly, I do too. XD;
  4. Jellicent♀
    July 4th, 2012 4:42 PM
    ...holy crap. D: That's like, A LOT OF HOT. Why you gotta be out all day? o3o Chores? NO ONE WOULD BLAME YOU, THOUGH. YOU WOULD SAVE THE WORLD. <3

    amirite? xD

    right? i never got it. i went to private and public school, and i loved public, and hated private. xD (depends on the religion xD) AND HE IS AWESOME. <3 His name be Father Frank, and nobody hates him.

    It was! AND I KNOW! I miss him. ;; IT WAS ADORABLE. Like, legit. His favorite game was anything Dragonball Z. Legit. xD (I agree too. Like, fish love Zac Efron as much as I do, and he sexy beast mode, and fish think so too. He's irresistible to every species.)

    ...Oh! xD Well then, NOW WE KNOW. ...I like the gay couple idea better though. [/totes not biased]
  5. Cherrim
    July 4th, 2012 4:11 PM
    Eww. :( Apparently it went up to like 42C with humidity today here but I have only left my basement twice to grab food so I wouldn't really know. I hope it cools down by tomorrow since I actually have to be out all day. 8/ aww man if I could turn insomnia into a physical being I think I would immediately be arrested for assault/murder. :P

    ...I almost can't judge her for that. XD;

    @[email protected] Nope, still doesn't make sense to me. But uhh, I guess so long as they're comfortable at the school...? That pastor/priest/whatever you call them (are those words even synonyms?) sounds awesome. :>

    Awww! That sounds so adorable! ;~; And awww gamer fish! I am literally like squealing in glee over that mental image. So cute!! (Also I was telling my roommate about your Zefron poster theory and he completely agrees that it's the only reasonable explanation for why my fish likes corners so much.)

    That was my first assumption too but a picture of them is in the shelter and one of them is definitely a chick. XD;
  6. Jellicent♀
    July 4th, 2012 3:35 PM
    Is ok! <3 I understand, trust me. B]

    100% humidity for the next two weeks. ;; OMG OURS DOES TOO. We live in a one floor home, but omg that thing is LOUD. We have the TV uh-BLASTING with the volume, and when we turn it off we're like "OMG DEATH". We usually only turn it on during the day when we're not home, but sometimes we have to use ours. And that sucks! D: You should kick insomnia's butt! D< Like, use science to make it a physical being and PUNCHING IT IN THE FACE. D<

    She's too lazy. xD

    They do it because other rich kids go there, and they want to be one of the "awesome" rich kids. They do have a father around town who's the nicest man you'll ever meet. He gives me a big hug every time he sees me, or anyone, for that matter. He even wedded a gay couple once! But wooooow, that's a lot for one priest to get to know. xD I say just do it as a hobby, like I'm doing. And I only do it when I have time, that way it isn't too consuming. o3o"

    Yeah it was cute. he never attacked, he was just like "SOOO!!! we meet again. >n>" Yeah that's a good idea. Dun wanna give him a shock or anything! D: My cousin gave hers a shock and it died. It was so sad. ;n; And that's adorable he gets to watch TV with you. xD Mine liked to watch play video games. Like, he would sit and watch, and when I turned it back to regular television he'd ignore it. But every time I played my PS2 he would WATCH EVERY LITTLE DETAIL. Bring him to one! xD Just once though, may freak him out too much. xDD

    ...I thought it was a gay couple, tbh. xDDD BUT NOW I KNOW. See, if I had know it was a guy and girl I would have been just as confused. xD
  7. Cherrim
    July 4th, 2012 1:57 PM
    I'm sorry! ;_;' I thought I was on top of my VMs but apparently not oops.

    Yeah, dry heat's just fine. I can deal with pretty high temperatures so long as there's no humidity but we always have humidity here. :/ The AC unit we have in the window on the main floor of this house kind of rattles a lot and even if it's making normal noises, it's still just ridiculously loud. I only use it when I'm in the room watching TV or playing video games so it's horrible since I have to turn the volume waaaay up and everything just gets so loud. xD; I can't have any noise when I sleep, though. Yaaay insomnia. 8(

    B-but then she should delete the old ones and trim down the number to something manageable... Would still drive me nuts!

    I would just refuse to attend a school like that. ._. We only had one priest at our school and while I think some people got to know him, he wasn't involved in like... any of our lives. Probably because the school had about 1.5k students or something? He just showed up to give masses and that was it. I was okay with that. xD; And I think I will just read up on religions as a hobby instead. Just... have to find the time for it. @[email protected]

    Aww. XD; When I clean my fish's tank, I toss him in a little fishbowl I have and then he gets to take a field trip since I like to let the new water sit for a little bit with the conditioner in it before I drop him in again. So instead of being confined to a corner of the kitchen counter, he gets to come watch TV with us. I think it just confuses him. Kiiinda want to bring him to a mirror now though. XD;

    The Alex & Thomas account always throws me off because I always assume Alex to be a guy's name but I know the account is "run" by a guy and a girl so my first reaction is to assume Thomas is the girl and then I just get so confused until I think it through. Happens every time I read their names lmao. T_T;
  8. Jellicent♀
    July 4th, 2012 12:13 PM
    dang girl you like, always on a mission on GPX.
    you never replied. ;;
  9. Jellicent♀
    July 3rd, 2012 7:59 PM
    Okies. xD I'll try to convert it more for ya! c:

    It's nice to me, though. xD It's only REALLY bad when it's humid. Other than that it's kinda nice and feels cooler than it is. Bahaha, is ok if you use Celsius! It'll help me learn, too. c: But see, the AC noise is like white noise to me. I have have one of those rotary fans in my room because the noise helps me sleep. I can't sleep comfortably without one. xD Oh well that's good! Private bathrooms are always wonderful. B]

    Well most of them were from years ago, so she just worries about the current ones. xD Mom gets her stuff done, so she doesn't have to worry about much anyways.

    See, the schools here are all like "YOU GONNA GO TO HEY-ULLLLLLLLLL YOU DAMN SINNUUUUUUHHHHHHZZZZ." So you know, what a blast. See, our Catholic school have gay kids and whatnot, but, yeah, the priests and stuff are constantly trying to convert them over until parents file for a suit, then they stop. Who don't procrastinate? xD THAT'S A STUDENT FOR YA. <3 And that sucks! :c Maybe you should just do it as a hobby like I am! c:

    The beta fish would go insane, like when I had mine, I would clean his bowl in the bathroom and put him in a little cup, well, I have a full sized mirror as big as my wall, and when he would be put on the counter and catch his reflection, he'd bow up at it every time. xD Goldfish just poke at it, as do most fish, and then they'll leave it alone. I imagine if you remove the mirror to where it's just the ball they'd play with it, though. idk. o3o
    Bahaha, I could see it "his gilless skin is so gorgeous omg -pets poster-" xD

    Hmmm, I may have to try it out when it's available, then! o3o
    AND OMG HOW DID I NOT KNOW ABOUT THIS -ADDS- Thank you, that'll help a lot. You inspired me to fill my boxes with Jellicent, legit. xD I already added Cypress, and now I have another auto-click account! Yay!
  10. Cherrim
    July 3rd, 2012 7:28 PM
    I'm used to it! Googling the conversion takes no time at all anyway. xD;

    Omg that sounds... horrible. :[ It's usually only around 80 or a bit under here but occasionally it'll go to around 90ish, I guess. (At this point I am just guessing numbers.) Air conditioning is a godsend, even if the window ones are sooo loooud. ;_; (It's not very creepy down here! It's actually quite lovely since I get the whole basement to myself so I don't have to share a bathroom with my housemates. >:D)

    omg i... i would cry. how do you even deal with 7k emails? I mean, I imagine you just... don't. XD But I think after too long I'd just get fed up and move everything to the trash and try to start over.

    We pretty much only have Catholic schools too since they're a subset of public schools here. I guess for any other religion it would be a private school and I'm not at all familiar with those here. My school was super accepting though. It was more "god loves you yay faith" than "SINNERS WILL BE DAMNEDDDD". There were a lot of openly gay students or... heck, even openly atheist/some-other-religion students and all the staff were totally chill with it. If it weren't for the religion classes and the masses every so often, it was just another public school. And I'm not a good enough student because I procrastinate waaay too much. Also I take less courses than most people 'cause health issues are always causing my meds to switch from month to month so I never know if I'll even be capable of taking more than 2-3 courses at a time. Adding another area of study would probably add like a year or two to my schooling. XD My parents would kill me, haha.

    I typically end up in one of the smaller pet shops since it's the one in the mall but they don't have anything like that. Most novel item there is this mirror that hangs from a ball filled with air but... wouldn't that just aggravate the fish? Betta are fighters so while it'd probably be adorable to watch one trying to attack its mirror image, it just sounds super stressful for the fish. XD; I'll have to check out the bigger pet store in that area sometime though! :> Also loool the idea of my fish as a Zefron fan is kind of hilarious.

    I wish I could combine like 10 legend vouchers to make an Arceus voucher. It would at least make it a reasonable goal. xD; The new layout makes clicking on gpx+ sooo easy and I think that's probably the fastest way to earn points which make everything else really easy. So maybe once that's live it won't take as long? Also, you should add Alex & Thomas to your pal pad and click them since they'll automatically click back like the Cypress account. :>
  11. Jellicent♀
    July 3rd, 2012 7:02 PM
    Sorry! I forgot we the only ones who use farenheit. :'D
    Ooh, honey, don't EVER visit Louisiana. xD It's usually always over 80 here. xDI'm the same way when it comes to burning. Like omg it's ridiculous how easily I turn RED. omg i can't live without AC. our AC here at home sucks, so we had to also instal a BIG window unit. it works very well, but still, I wish we didn't need it but it's so hot here in the summer we kinda have to have it. ;; (wellt hat's good! I'd be creeped out in the basement omg. ;;) AND YES IT IS, and you'd think I'd be used to the heat but I never am. ;;

    RIGHT? XD I always delete it immediately, but omg I can't EVER have anything in there.
    Better than my mom. her university work gives her a lot of emails, and last time i saw she had over 7k in her inbox. xD

    Oh! Yeah we only have Catholic schools. Stupid Louisiana. :c But that sounds awesome! Yeah, Catholicism is almost no "GOD LOVES YOU", it's more of "God loves you ONLY if you do this. nothing else". :c Why aren't you a good enough student? xD I say go for it!

    It is omg. Petsmart usually has stuff like that, that's where I got mine I think, or even those little mom&pop pet shops might have them, they usually have the odd, unique items. o3o Maybe he has invisible poster of Zac Efron shirtless that only fish can see? XD
    And I have no idea mom came up with the name and it stuck. xD

    Holy crap yeah. GOOD LUCK WITH THAT. Sucks that none of those Legendary Vouchers will give you one, too. xD AND I KNOW A SHINY. i was all like "whhhhyyyyyyyyyyy does that Klink look wei- OMFG IT'S SHINY -CLICK-" And idk if I have all that time. D: BUT IMMA DO IT ANYWAYS. :'D
  12. Cherrim
    July 3rd, 2012 6:31 PM
    I... I can't deal with any temperature above *uhh converts to fahrenheit* 80, really. XD; I overheat really easily and I also burn after about 5 minutes outside without sunscreen some days so I just avoid the outdoors all year summer. The townhouse I live in at school doesn't have central air so it can get pretty hot indoors... though thankfully we installed window AC units a few weeks ago so it's tolerable. (And I sleep in the basement so it's usually cool year-round in my bedroom. XD) But you should be careful outside! D: Sunburns and heat stroke are really bad for you! ;_;

    That... is weird. XD; I never look at my spam box 'cause it's usually numbered in the hundreds/thousands anyway.

    u_u I went to a religious school so we had required religion classes every year. But in grade 11 it was a World Religions class. We still learnt everything with a Catholic slant (though I couldn't give you any examples of how it was slanted off the top of my head) but at least we did learn some new things that weren't just "GOD LOVES YOU". I've taken a few great religion courses in university though. I'd like to take more but I imagine I'd end up tempted to go for a religion minor if I take too many more and I'm not a good enough student to take two minors so... XD;

    Omg I need to find something like that. It sounds adorable. Though knowing my fish, he'd just ignore it and go back to taking inventory on his corners. He is obsessed with the corners of his tank. How'd your cat go from Wilde to Minnie? I'm... not seeing the connection, haha.

    Yup, just 8. The hardest one is gonna be the Arceus one since there are only like... 5 of them in existence on the site? x_X; The millionaire one takes a while so if you stick with the site, you'll get it eventually. It's not hard, just super time consuming... like most of the achievements I have left lol. u_u; Ho snap, a shiny in the shelter?! That's crazy. I've never found a shiny in there. Either someone got banned or released something they did not mean to release. xD;
  13. Jellicent♀
    July 3rd, 2012 5:41 PM
    Omg today I almost hate a heat stroke. Today was an ugh heat. This morning was around 109 F. Dx But luckily it was outside my house, and my house was super cold on the inside. <3 but yeah, taking off so many clothes can only help for so long, until you get sunburn, which i did. DX

    See, I can't stand stuff in my spam box, but i don't gaf about my inbox. xD It's the oddest thing in the world, but I just can't. xD

    It's all interesting, really. and omg i woulda been so mad. D: See, here in Louisiana, the only theology classes they have is Christianity, as if that's THE ONLY RELIGION IN THE WORLD. So I have no choice but to learn about Christianity. I have learned that a lot of them are some of the most religiously intolerant people, even to other Christians. It's insane. (that suuuuucks. I wish they had those classes here. :c you so lucky to have that)

    They so cute and pretty! I had a small little toy in mine that he liked to toss around. It was like a ball specifically made for fish. xD Yeah it takes a lot of care an attention. His name is Wilde, with an "e" at the end. Idk why I put the "e" there, but i did. We call him Minnie, but his papers say Wilde. So we just roll with it. lol

    Bahaha. Is ok. But daaaaang only 8 more achievements? LORD. xD I don't think I'm ever gonna get the millionaire one, but I did JUST find a Shiny Klink in the Shelter, so I got that achievement, too. xD
    ALSO, I pm'd you there again. idk if it got sent though, cuz my comp is on the fritz. ;;
  14. Cherrim
    July 3rd, 2012 5:26 PM
    I can deal with warmth, but ugggh heat is awful. T_T; I prefer cold where you can bundle up to get warm compared to heat where... I mean, you can only take off so many clothes before there's nothing you can do to make it better. :P

    I check my email obsessively. :( I can't stand bolded messages in my inbox and I always keep my email open in a tab so I always see new ones.

    I haven't actually learnt much about Christianity. I know the overall basics, I guess, but I only learnt stuff about the faith rather than its history. That's one I've always been interested in. (We only spent a week on it when I took World Religions in grade 11 and I was sick the entire week fml. xD)

    Betta fish are my favourites. :> I've pretty much had one all the time for the last few years. They're always pretty. Still want a cat instead but I don't think I have the time/attention span/energy to dedicate to one. T_T; What's your kitty's name? :>

    Ohhh right. I... I've been on the site so long that I don't even remember what it was like before owning those kinds of items. Once you get the millionaire achievement or whatever, things get really easy but until then it's a total pain. @[email protected]
  15. Jellicent♀
    July 3rd, 2012 4:57 PM
    I'm more of a summer. I like it warmer and sunny, I DON'T LIKE HEAT STROKE, but I'd rather sweat to death than freeze to death. ;;
    Summer colors is so pretty. Nice fresh greens, bright yellow, neon pinks, royal blues, stop sign reds. <3

    I used to do that, but then I'd even forget to check my email! xD i'M HORRIBLE WITH REMINDERS. Just like, BAD.

    I haven't learned about anything other than Christianity, and I've only dipped a little bit into other religions, but omg the history in ALL of them is epic. <3

    Fish are cute, though! I used to have a beta fish named Killer. xD He was so pretty. ;;
    My kitty is cute and all, but can be annoying at times. Like omfg he's so needy. DX But cats are great lapdogs once spayed or neutered.

    I do the same exact thing. I haven't tried out the beta yet, but I've seen the look, and it's pretty neat! A LOT of the achievements are decently hard to do without the bike or Lucky Egg omfg. ;;
    You like, need points galore in order to do most of the things on the site. xD

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