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  1. DoesntKnowHowToPlay
    April 7th, 2013 4:29 PM
    Why do you think I of all people would want to play another Dark Rising game? Especially when it's almost certainly going to be terrible now that she's fired all of the competent people who were the only reason it could be half-decent. The fact that she's trying to not be "serious" with this project and shooting for mediocrity doesn't help.

    I also think your friend should realize that the posts on that thread came more from her vitriolic attitude than the hack's lack of quality. Had she humbly admitted that her hack was fundamentally broken, it would have been left alone, but instead she insulted the forum I posted the LP on, outright rejected legit and extensive criticism, accused me of lying about one of my other works, alleged that I and many others had done nothing of merit, mocked my name, directly attacked SK3, attempted to silence the people disparaging her hack, held others in contempt because they didn't have blatantly undeserved awards, and generally made an ass of herself. Furthermore, if she's petty enough to leave simply because a handful of people didn't grovel to her awards, that's pretty low, and I hardly think PC is any worse for her departure.

    I doubt much of this will get through to you or her, though. If you aren't one and the same, which might be the case. If it is, I regret to inform you that I only accept criticism from people who have completed hacks.

  2. Clothninja
    April 7th, 2013 3:25 PM
    Dang bro the whole community should be mad at u. I know i would be.
    Darkrisinggirl said she aint posting dark rising 2 on here no more when she finish it cause she going back to hacking for fun instead of tryin to make it perfect on here like everybody wants it to be. said yall take hacking too serious on this website like its a life money making goal lol. Im glad i know her personally cause i feel sorry for yall. u saw them screenshots of it? game gonna be amaing. we gonna be over here playin the heck of it while Yall aint gonna know wat happens next in the story lol. if i feel nice tho bro imma post a youtube lets play of it cause yall aint gonna be able to play it. dang yall losing out...she aint signing on the community no more. guess the ppl who loved the first one wont get to play the next one like we are over here. now all of the ppl who loved the hack on the community gonna miss out. not me tho!

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