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Conversation Between Hiroshi Sotomura and Treecko
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  1. Treecko
    August 7th, 2015 1:38 PM
  2. Hiroshi Sotomura
    August 7th, 2015 6:59 AM
    Hiroshi Sotomura
  3. Treecko
    March 19th, 2014 7:10 AM
    Well that makes sense. Have fun on your break or whatever.
  4. Hiroshi Sotomura
    March 19th, 2014 4:33 AM
    Hiroshi Sotomura
    I'm not doing staff things right now! That's all.
  5. Treecko
    March 19th, 2014 1:40 AM
    Why are you green? What. D:
  6. Treecko
    May 13th, 2013 9:21 PM
    Oh hey we have the same birthday!

    Happy birthday Hiroshi!
  7. Treecko
    May 14th, 2012 3:45 AM
    Happy birthday from the other side of the world! Hope it was a good one.

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