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Conversation Between Brickbusterx and Kitori

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Conversation Between Brickbusterx and Kitori
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  1. Brickbusterx
    May 30th, 2013 6:46 AM
    I knew it!!! Haha I knew it was him.
    It made perfect sense.
    What's next then!?
  2. Kitori
    May 30th, 2013 6:35 AM
  3. Brickbusterx
    May 30th, 2013 6:32 AM
    0.0 YAY!!!!
    You finally managed to get one! Good for you.
    Why's it named Abu? I got some ideas but I want to make sure haha
  4. Kitori
    May 30th, 2013 6:27 AM

  5. Brickbusterx
    May 28th, 2013 7:54 PM
    Sorry I was just trying to be nice. :/ I missed seeing you.
    But regardless nighty night. Hope to see you tomorrow!
  6. Kitori
    May 28th, 2013 7:47 PM
    Ok... well I was already in it, but I guess I'll just go to bed then.

    Talk to you later.
  7. Brickbusterx
    May 28th, 2013 7:39 PM
    No don't worry about it it's a hassle, plus you don't really like it.
    Just go chat in there I don't mind. I can always see you another time I suppose
  8. Kitori
    May 28th, 2013 7:35 PM
    I went back in the shiny hunter chat ; I just don't like the program as much.
  9. Brickbusterx
    May 28th, 2013 7:32 PM
    Yah it won't let me connect to it at all.. tried quite a few times..
    I'll see you later then
  10. Brickbusterx
    May 28th, 2013 7:19 PM
    :/ alright
  11. Kitori
    May 28th, 2013 7:19 PM
    Go to the trade corner chat instead~
  12. Brickbusterx
    May 28th, 2013 7:10 PM
    OMG that was amazing!
    I so wish I went I'm so jealous of that stuff haha.
    Awh I missed you in the chat! I'm back in it so if you want to chat i'm in there waiting.
  13. Kitori
    May 28th, 2013 7:01 PM
    Lame :[

    Well... go look at the stuff I got from the con! xD
  14. Brickbusterx
    May 28th, 2013 5:59 PM
    Nope... just work. I don't have much to do here since I'm all by myself. :/
  15. Kitori
    May 28th, 2013 5:44 PM
    So, did you do anything exciting while I was gone?

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