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  1. jnmidlam
    February 3rd, 2012 7:43 PM
    Thanks man! Yeah, I've been looking for one for months. I almost gave up, until I found someone on Pokecommunity that said he has a few extra pichus. Hoping he has a male, but at this point, I don't really care anymore. Just want a pika :3

    and yeah, I've had this tattoo since 3 days after my 18th birthday :D desperately needs a touchup.
  2. Forever
    February 2nd, 2012 5:37 AM
    :( Well I don't have a Pikachu to help out sadly. XD; Mainly because yeaaah only one DS. ;x

    But hey the tattoo looks awesome tbh!
  3. jnmidlam
    February 1st, 2012 3:43 PM
    heey :D I uploaded the pikachu tattoo picture you asked for. I tried to quote you a link, but the site wouldn't let me. I also can't find my post anymore, so I'll just post it on here.

    Also, I tried posting on multiple sites. This one,, yahoo, my FB, and a few others.. It's kind of sad that I haven't gotten one reply with someone who can trade the pikachu. One of my friends is holding my pikachu from SS, but as soon as I got internet access, he lost his. And he's had my pika for over a year and a half.

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