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  1. Gyardosamped
    March 7th, 2013 4:09 PM
    Dear Barrels,

    I want to let you know I didn't forget about you. And don't worry about that. :] <333 ty

    You should totally get Skype so we can chatz all day!!! Please consider it (Andy is also on there)

    Oh, and:


  2. Barrels
    March 7th, 2013 10:58 AM
    I did forget! /iz sorry

    But happy belated birthday anyway :D
  3. Gyardosamped
    February 28th, 2013 2:42 PM
    ahahaha, my motivation is so minimal right now, though. :[ I got one hour of sleep last night and my entire sleep schedule is really messed up. WHAT DO I DO WITH MY LIFE!?!?

    But I promise I'll answer you asap. Seriously. I just need to find the time, lol. & thanks for the birthday wishes. <3

  4. Barrels
    February 28th, 2013 10:19 AM
    That makes two of us, haha. /iz frazzled

    Oh, you poor thing, doing homework! *spits* I really should have been working in at least, ooh, six of the hours this week that I've ended up just hanging out with my friends. I'm jealous of your motivation. Also, double parentheses are COOL and HAPPY BIRTHDAY in case I forget on Monday! (I'll try not to. But I probably will.)

  5. Gyardosamped
    February 27th, 2013 7:20 PM
    I am going to respond to your beautiful reply tomorrow because my brain is so fried right now, lol.

    I've literally been doing homework all day. -.- Just finished writing a three-page response to a discussion on my online class and also just finished two quizzes. Now I have to study for Chemistry and Math (for a test on Tuesday (a day after my birthday -.-)). I also used a double parenthesis because I'm cool.

    School sucks. But that doesn't mean I don't LOVE YOU. x)
  6. Barrels
    February 27th, 2013 1:42 PM
    I'm feeling the need right now to link you something. Here we go... page 35 of my 47 page ongoing conversation with Andy, in which we wrote veritable NOVELS to each other on the subject of kids and whether they are Teh Evulz or not. (Spoiler: they're not. ) So if anyone shouldn't feel obligated to reply to elongated ramblings, it'd be you, haha.

    Ohhh, tell me about it. I defy anyone - *anyone* - to watch more than three minutes of live British parliamentary debate and not come away hating the souls of every single person in that room. Ugh. Just - just LISTEN to each other, okay? And don't always disagree for the sake of it! And be mature, and don't score points, and for the love of Pete, shut UP when someone else is speaking. FFS. This is elementary secondary school debate club stuff. How and why it is not implemented in the actual RUNNING of my COUNTRY... it boggles the mind.

    Also, don't worry about offending me! Ever, about anything, lol. If you're going to have opinions, you better get used to other people's, fairly sharpish... and I've got a lot of opinions, haha. This, in particular, I found really interesting:
    Gah. I don’t want to make myself sound dumb. I just become so frustrated when it comes to religion. >.< It just doesn’t make sense to me most of the time.
    You're not alone. I don't think there's anyone who can honestly say they understand every tenement of their chosen doctrine, because there are just so many ambiguities, inconsistencies and downright contradictions floating around. What matters (in my worthless opinion) is that you formulate a belief system that allows you personal freedom while not infringing on the right of others to have the same - which you appear to have done, so kudos.

    Frankly, I don’t understand religion enough to be able to get offended by it, if that makes sense. The way I look at is that the Bible has been passed down and edited so many times that, like you mentioned, it makes religion itself seem so inaccurate and incoherent. No one will ever know what Jesus’s mission truly was, or even if he had one at all.
    Excuse my nosiness, but I'm fascinated! I think I'm correct in thinking that you identify as Christian, yeah? But at the same time, you say that Christian belief is 'inaccurate and incoherent'. So - if you don't mind my asking, and please ignore me if you do! - how do you determine which bits to follow, which bits to ignore, and which bits you need to make up for yourself? Iz genuinely intriguing to me. Is it just gut feeling/trust in God?

    Although the ad wasn’t necessarily funded by Romney’s campaign, you could obviously tell how most Republicans feel about the topic of homosexuality from just watching the actual ad.
    Well, exactly. They knew their demographic, though that ad was the very *essence* of preaching to the choir. What would be interesting is to see whether Romney and his team distanced themselves from that ad and criticised it and made it absolutely clear that it was *not* a reflection of their views - then I'd despise the ad, not the candidate. Still. I highly doubt he did - though, hey, maybe I'm wrong. I know next to nothing (better make that nothing, on second thoughts) about political advertising - cos it's banned for some reason in the UK. Well, billboards aren't. Or leaflets. But anything televisual is locked away in a great big black safe, burned in an industrial furnace and then dropped into a nuclear reactor. No idea why.

    They’re more for “individual freedom” and are less for actual government.
    Which I'm actually totally with - up to a point. That's liberalism, though, which is the funny thing - 'everyone has a right to life, liberty and property', and the government shouldn't interfere when it doesn't need it. Yep. We all agree about that. Which makes the constant mud-throwing - the conversion of the term 'liberal' into an insult, ridiculously - all the more surreal.

    Republicans just really want people to fend for themselves.
    Or as I like to call it, the 'I'm All Right, Jack' political philosophy. I don't get the selfish perspective, to be honest - liberalism > conservatism because opening the gates for massive personal accumulation of wealth is rather less important than making sure that no one then gets trampled in the headlong stampede for it. S'not rocket science.

    It’s not even that I don’t like the Party. I just don’t like their standards and position on things.
    Haha, you're allowed to dislike them! And if you don't like their standards and political positions, it's pretty safe to say that you don't like them as a group. I mean, not *personally*. I'm sure there are lovely Republicans, just as there are hideous liberals. But you're definitely allowed to have an opinion about their beliefs. I, for example, f**king DETEST the Tories. (It's kind of invigorating just to state that. You should try it some time. )
  7. Gyardosamped
    February 26th, 2013 7:50 PM
    Btw, don't feel at all obligated to reply to all of this. I know it's a lot of writing, lol, and we're kinda going back and forth on the same topics, so really, don't feel forced to continue if you don't want. x) I already supppppppppppppppper duppppeer appreciate everything you've replied to me with, so just respond to what you feel deserves a reply if you'd like. <3 I just feel bad making you have to respond to all the nonsense I write, hahaha. :>


    Really, most politicians abuse the power given to them and end up doing nothing they claimed they would do during their campaign. They don’t work for the people, they work to better themselves. All I see them pretty much do all day is endlessly bicker between themselves, and that, in turn, leads to us, the people, being affected by the problems that they were supposed to fix. And, of course, they earn big bucks in the meantime. Nothing new to see here.

    I’m not much into religion, and I’m glad you’re educated within the subject because you really backed up what you said (and what I said) very nicely, and I appreciate that. All I know is that God loves all his children no matter what race, sex, ethnicity, whatever. I believe he put us all on this Earth for a reason, and, well, religion should not be used as an excuse to hate a certain group of people, like you said. I’m really not too familiar with the content in the Bible or with religion at all, but all I want and can say is that God loves all his children, period. That’s all that needs to be said, really. I highly respect people who are religious and admire their faith, because, well, I also cherish my faith and I believe in God and idolize him to the utmost extreme, but sometimes people are so molded by religion and allow it to govern their lives so strongly that they tend to forget the people who religion apparently says to resent and hate are just like them, human. Gah. I don’t want to make myself sound dumb. I just become so frustrated when it comes to religion. >.< It just doesn’t make sense to me most of the time.

    Don’t worry, haha, you didn’t offend me. Frankly, I don’t understand religion enough to be able to get offended by it, if that makes sense. The way I look at is that the Bible has been passed down and edited so many times that, like you mentioned, it makes religion itself seem so inaccurate and incoherent. No one will ever know what Jesus’s mission truly was, or even if he had one at all. I hope I didn’t offend you there, either, ha. Believe me, I have my faith and highly respect religion. I just don’t understand it most of the time. X<

    I didn’t even know who the boys were back when they were on the UK X-Factor. I didn’t even know what the X-Factor was, either, until the first season debuted here in the U.S. in 2011. I did see a few of the 1D performances on the show, though, and they were pretty good. None of them have really changed except that they have obviously matured and grown a bit. Liam was booted off the show the first time he was on it (during bootcamp, like you said), but then he re-auditioned and got in, and that’s when the group was made (talking about God, thank God for 1D, lol) And yeah, that’s a real tattoo. Not entirely sure what it signifies, but it’s definitely real. He’s a cutie pie.

    Although the ad wasn’t necessarily funded by Romney’s campaign, you could obviously tell how most Republicans feel about the topic of homosexuality from just watching the actual ad. To say the least, the acting was extremely bad and the actors pretty much looked like they were forcing themselves to say those things. It’s disgusting. But that was just one of the ads I found. There was one that was actually aired on TV (which I saw with my own two eyes and actually had Romney making an appearance and speaking in it) that explicitly made a mention about homosexuality and how it was pretty much an abomination. Obviously Romney didn’t use those words but that’s what he was hinting towards. I forgot the exact line he used but it was extremely offensive and just straight up stupid. Ahhhh, I'm sooooooooooo glad again that he didn’t win the election. You know what’s funny? Obama won more votes in Romney's home state than Romney did. Just goes to show...

    Ahahaha, well, I’m not exactly sure what the Republican Party British equivalent would be, but I do know that most Republicans are just like those politicians in that party you mentioned. They are EXTREMELY conservative, radical, and they really do believe that they have a higher moral standard than anyone else. They’re more for “individual freedom” and are less for actual government. Most are also very religious and you know the only place where that could lead to. I mean, obviously each Party has their pros and cons, their perfections and faults, but Republicans just really want people to fend for themselves. They are the Party which you can’t really relate to because it almost feels as if they are not even a part of the government at all. I could go on and on but I think you get the point, lol, and it’s not even that I don’t like the Party. I just don’t like their standards and position on things.
  8. Barrels
    February 26th, 2013 9:57 AM
    Controversial issue = not too many want to get involved when it comes to supporting the issue = not enough support = leave the issue up to politicians = get nowhere.
    You have a real talent for summarising my ramblings into succinct one-liners. I should hire you full-time. You're right, of course - the irony being that the reason politicians, grubby little vote-hounds that they are, don't scramble around to implement equal rights is that they don't think people support the idea. But they do.

    People are always like, "don't do to others what you wouldn't want done to you"
    Well, that's the ultimate irony, isn't it? 'If you were gay, how would you like to be treated?' 'Oh. Oh yeah.' The extremist wingnut bigots are so deluded, though, that they'd probably self-loathe even if they were born gay. You mentioned religion; the funny thing is, I reckon Jesus would totally have been down with the gay kids. He made a point of not hanging around with the rich, the established, the priests... he made friends with the prostitutes adn the outcasts. Shame he didn't specifically tear up that rotten little Leviticus verse, although he does allude to it indirectly - 'Sabbath was made for man, not man for the Sabbath' etc. Paraphrased: 'Old Testament laws don't always have to be followed, y'know, and you should probably use your common sense about which ones should and shouldn't.' Stoning your children? Yeah, no. Stoning people for working on Sundays? Yeah, no. Discriminating against gay people? Yeah, NO.

    Hey, maybe he did mention it one day, and they just failed to write it down. Or the Church quietly excised that verse a couple of hundred years ago. Who knows? I've got my own little theory about Jesus (though I'm sure I'm not the first to come up with this) - he was just an amazingly intelligent and compassionate guy who realised that the world wasn't ready for humanism yet. So he formulated a (mostly) decent doctrine based on 'don't be a dick' and presented it as a continuation of a religion that actually had nothing to do with his ideas, in order to get people to buy this new philosophy. Hence all the many, many contradictions and inconsistencies - they're the result of trying to cram a square Jesus into a round Jehovah. Or something along those lines. (Hopefully I've not offended you massively just there! I always forget to ask people's religious views before I launch into my opinions. Feel free to ignore, obviously! ;)

    Goodness me, look at Liam! Hasn't he grown. I remember watching him on the X Factor way back when, back when he was just another soloist in the Boys category. Didn't make it past bootcamp, as I recall. Bless him. Are those real tattoos on his arms? They look painful.

    HAHAHAHAHA OH MY GOD that Romney ad is too f**king funny. It's like a parody. It is genuinely like a parody. 'Darling, is that a gay man walking up the drive?' 'I think it might be, Cindy. Fetch the net.' It doesn't look like it was actually paid for by Romney, though, which is a small mercy. 'Not endorsed by any candidate or committee.' Still. We all know exactly where gay rights would have been on Romney's priority list had he been elected.

    I just don't like the Republican party, but that discussion can be left for another day, haha.
    Oh, do tell! :D I know very little about American politics, as I think I've amply demonstrated, but the Republicans are like the Tories in the UK, right? Namely, conservative, rich and... Toryish. I dunno.
  9. Gyardosamped
    February 25th, 2013 4:05 PM
    Lmao! Beyoncé is definitely super sexy, and that's coming from me!


    Controversial issue = not too many want to get involved when it comes to supporting the issue = not enough support = leave the issue up to politicians = get nowhere. This is, unfortunately, that deadly cycle we see too often happen. You know why else people don't get involved? Because we've also seen far too often that people who either support or oppose an issue and feel strongly enough about it to actually go and voice their choice on the streets in protest end up getting arrested and very misrepresented by the media. People would just rather not further complicate their lives with issues that they think won't really affect them, although, like you said, the matter being debated eventually does affect them in some way, whether directly or indirectly. Essentially, yeah, we are very selfish creatures, and you know that's not changing anytime soon, LOL. Gosh, why am I human again? >.<

    What people don't realize is that the many things happening around us will eventually impact us in some way, whether in a small or large way. People would just not rather get involved until they realize that their lives are being impinged upon, which by then, it's a little too late to "fix" the problem. Society, why are you so dumb?

    Your thoughts on the LGBT issue is, as always, fricken right and amazing! x) Most people who are already accepting of gay rights/marriage won't be in any way bothered by any type of legislation that passes, but those radical bastards who are still possessed by their irrational thinking (and probably religious ones, too) and are not accepting, will really be in for a slap to the face, and by then, they won't be able to do anything and will just have to life with it. People are always like, "don't do to others what you wouldn't want done to you", yet we still have, like you said, society being plagued by millions of hate crimes each and every year.

    We're all human no matter who we love. It's an easy statement to make but somehow so poorly understood by many.

    That's Liam Payne in my avatar and signature and he's the most gorgeous, perfect, caring, loving, sexy, attractive, and affectionate creature living on this Earth. Did I forget to say sexy? LOL, no, but really, I wish I could make avatars and signatures! I just grab these icons and signatures off of Tumblr. :p I'm glad you thought I made them, though! xD

    A friendly reminder (this is my baby playing with my other baby's (the blonde leprechaun) hair Dear Lord, I cannot.):

    Romney is a scumbag, and yeah, when he lost I also laughed at him. Here is just one of the anti-gay ads he put out. Don't even get me started about these (skip to 0:33 for the actual ad):

    And, yes, it's always really satisfying to see the candidate you voted for win an election. :D I voted for Obama and I'm proud I did. No regrets here. He always had my vote, anyways, regardless of whether Romney was anti-gay or not. I just don't like the Republican party, but that discussion can be left for another day, haha.
  10. Barrels
    February 25th, 2013 11:12 AM
    *hyperventilates* Don't do that! I can only take so much Beyonce before I pass out, I'll have you know. (But in answer to her curiously repetitive question, I'm doin' jus' fine, ta very much. I'm so chill that I'm even leavin' off m'apostrophes. )

    I think you're absolutely right, by the way, about the whole Opinions on Sexuality thing (though the times, they are a-changin'... hopefully). It's always the way with controversial issues - the silent majority actually tend not to give that much of a f**k, and usually they're not opposed to people doing whatever they like so long as they don't hurt anyone else. But what the silent majority would also rather do is not show anything more than passive support, if that, to avoid getting any hassle from the crowd who violently oppose it. So what we end up getting, especially in the mass media, is the impression that most people - or many, at least - are against whatever issue it might be. Of course, that's b*llocks - they've got the loudest voices, sure, but not the numbers.

    It's always been this way, unfortunately... and I don't see it changing any time soon, for the simple reason that most (all?) people are inherently selfish. Well, selfish is a loaded word - we all work towards our self-interest, anyway, which is a perfectly natural thing to do. We want to do what benefits us, and steer clear of what might harm us. So if an issue won't affect us unless we choose to get involved, a lot of people just take the non-confrontational path - 'nothing to do with me, I'm not one of them, not my business'. Etcetera.

    ...The problem with that is of course that we then get this sorta stuff:
    First they came for the communists,
    and I didn't speak out because I wasn't a communist.

    Then they came for the socialists,
    and I didn't speak out because I wasn't a socialist.

    Then they came for the trade unionists,
    and I didn't speak out because I wasn't a trade unionist.

    Then they came for me,
    and there was no one left to speak for me.

    Funny thing about that poem... at its heart, it's not actually appealing to empathy, or decency, or unity. It's just going, 'oi. Look. If you sit passively by and watch injustice, sooner or later, it's going to target you. And you won't be able to expect anyone to help. So HELP OTHER PEOPLE, KAY?' It's all about self-interest.

    Maybe the solution, then, is just to realise that, actually, LGBT rights *do* have something to do with you. Because your experience of a world where LGBT people are accepted and integrated is going to be very, very different to one where they are not. And, besides, you *are* 'one of them' - in that they are human, and if you can feel even basic empathy, you should want them to be happy. That's the thought behind my support, anyway - well, that and the obvious, 'there is absolutely jacksquat wrong with being gay/lesbian/bisexual/transgender. It harms no one - hell, it increases the amount of love going round, which is something the world desperately needs. So why the hell would anyone discriminate? Why would you pour that kind of needless hatred into society?' It baffles me.

    Haha, and I'm glad you like the graphical idea! :D Your avatars/sigs are gorgeous, so maybe we can collaborate on something? :D I haven't done that in aaaages, lol.

    Was Romney actually anti-gay? :O I knew he backed the whole 'marriage is between a man and a woman' thing, but, Jesus. Ugh. But HAR HAR HAR, he didn't WIN, he spent however many millions on a campaign that came to nothing, so I can find it in my heart to feel sorry for him.

    Well, that's a lie. But still, he's not in office and Obama is. And that's put a smile on my face.

  11. Gyardosamped
    February 23rd, 2013 1:56 PM
    Awwwwwwww. <3 When's the wedding? hahaha. & the question is whether or not you're okay with Andy beating you with a stick? x) & I hope it's a tree stick and, well, not another type of stick. WHY AM I BEING SO NAUGHTY TODAY!?

    Okay, I'm done. Bahahaa.

    Your input has been great and we all really appreciate it. I hate to categorize people, but I believe people can be sorted into three different types of groups when it comes to how they view non-heterosexual sexuality:

    Those who are opposed to homosexuality, lesbianism, etc.
    Those who are for gay rights but don't necessarily want to get involved.
    And, of course, you have those who lie neutral on the spectrum.

    The problem really isn't that people are opposed to homosexuality (let's just use homosexuality for this example), it's that they don't want to get involved. This happens with everything. Once a "controversial" topic gets into the hands of the public, people either choose to get involved, mostly in negative ways, and many opt not to get involved, so we're left with a bunch of people who are opposed to the entire situation/topic at hand. And then you have people who don't want to get involved for the mere reason of not wanting to be criticized by their peers. It's a crazy cycle, and it's especially true when it comes to the discussion of homosexuality, gay marriage, etc.. I hope that all made sense, haha. x)

    Hmm, we should definitely have someone make banners, signatures, avatars, emblems, anything graphical for the LGBT club! I'm surprised we haven't yet. I do believe, though, that the universal symbol which represents the LGBT community is the rainbow flag, no? But yes, PC LGBTS Visibility Week needs to happen, and soon! xD We'll have to talk to Andy to see if he can maybe arrange something. I know there's like an LGBT pride day in the year, so maybe we can organize something for around that time.

    I've never been much into American politics before, but when I saw Mitt Romney's "anti-gay, pro Mormon crap" commercial/advertisement, I totally became involved within the race. Obama is one of the first President's to openly support/endorse gays, which is really awesome to hear. I just hope he sticks to his words and gets some legislation running. How many times have we heard our country's leaders/politicians talk about the change they're going to be implementing, but they never actually do anything about it when they're in office? I know it's not a one man effort, either, but he is definitely one of the people who is able to introduce measures and bills in the House of Reps. and the Senate. & you're right! U.S. presidents only get a maximum of two terms (8 years) in office, and this is his last term, so LET'S GO OBAMA! xD


    Haha, hope you're having an awesome weekend! As always, thanks for the kind replies and comments.
  12. Barrels
    February 23rd, 2013 6:12 AM
    OH MY GOD THOSE COOKIES. AND DAT TOAST! *dies of hunger/awesome*


    Haha, Darren's reaction up there is pretty much exactly what I felt after reading your message. D'awwww! Thank you ever so. And of course I will marry you - that is, if you're okay with Andy beating me to death with a stick afterwards. I'm already promised to someone, you see. but i'll totally cheat with you

    And actually, yeah, I hadn't really thought about what I *might* be able to contribute as a heterosexual. Namely, support, encouragement and reassurance that a great big chunk of the world - maybe more than ya think! - doesn't just see absolutely no problem with LGBT people, but sees absolutely no reason why they should not be given equal rights effective immediately and someone's orientation should just cease to be an issue. And will vocalise this. >:3 Loudly and frequently in the bigots' FACES.

    And YES YES YES :D we need a PC LGBTS Visibility Week! With banners! And emblems! (Why isn't there an LGBT emblem, anyway? 'I support LGBT rights - do you?' That's something worth celebrating, innit?) I think you're probably right - all those people who lurk just need to be lured out with cookies. And love.

    Obama ftw. :D I was seriously So Relieved when he was re-elected. Even if he does just need to pull his bloody finger out and sign some legislation into practice. Hopefully he'll stop trying to please absolutely everyone towards the end of his second stretch and powerwalk the rest of the road to equal rights - although I dunno, I'm basing that on the assumption that most Presidents don't get a third go at things and he won't have to be so worried about vote-winning. Amirite? Or amiwrong? xD

    Ooh, and finally...
    I wish everyone in the world was like you, so unbiased and liberal. Please teach some politicians your ways? No, but really, your awesome! Don't ever change! Thanks for being so kind and caring. :>
  13. Gyardosamped
    February 22nd, 2013 11:12 AM
    Okay, I'm going to fit the gay stereotype for just this one time. No, not all guys we see we like, BUT WILL YOU MARRY ME? xD Haha, jk, but you're seriously awesome!

    It's funny, that topic goes like dead for a few days and then it comes back to life with a few replies in one day. I'm glad we're making you feel welcomed! It's not everyday we see someone like you joining, and one who is so open-minded as a heterosexual. Your advice is definitely appreciated, and everyone seems to enjoy your posts, so I'm glad you did decide to join. :]

    We definitely need to advertise! From what I have deduced, there seems to be a lot of people who lurk the thread on a daily basis but don't join/post for reasons that are beyond me. I guess they don't want others thinking they are non-heterosexual? Who knows. That's a brilliant idea, though!

    Rainbow cookies for everyone! .... and toast... rainbow toast!

    Ahhh, I'm glad to hear that story! Seriously, we're living in 2013! Why are there still even discussions about legalizing gay marriage? Nevertheless, that's so fantastic to hear. :D The entire topic surrounding gay marriage is definitely one that carries a lot of criticism and controversy for all unnecessary reasons. No one has lost hope! Luckily, here in the States, Obama is all for gay rights, apparently, so let's see if we can also follow in the UK's footsteps and get this party started. x)

    Oh my gosh, that song is so old! Haha, but it still rocks the house. xD I don't want to gloat, but you're right! We're just like you! We're people! >.< I wish everyone in the world was like you, so unbiased and liberal. Please teach some politicians your ways? No, but really, your awesome! Don't ever change! Thanks for being so kind and caring. :>
  14. Barrels
    February 22nd, 2013 10:26 AM
    Indeedy. I must also reply to the topic! But I'll probably wait until Ms Buzz posts before I do that. Also, y'all are making me feel very welcome I was a little bit terrified I'd plonk my foot in it straight away by virtue of knowing Precisely Jacksquat about your lives and interests and issues. But even if I have done, you're being very nice about it and not letting on.

    Also, I agree, Moar Supportahs Needed! We should run a recruitment drive! With rainbow cookies and hot air balloons and toast. Everybody likes toast. *wanders off to the kitchen*

    Ooh, actually! Reminds me, because I was talking about some LGBT-related stuff today with my friends... I was genuinely surprised and delighted at how there was no one at all in the room who wasn't enthusiastic and happy and supportive about the gay marriage law going through. And then I'd hear other people talking about it during the rest of the day and I swear to Pikachu, there was not a prejudiced or nasty soul in sight. (Or earshot, rather.)

    BOTTOM LINE: we're the young generation, and we've got something to say. That being: LGBT people are AWESOME! And we're not just gonna passively 'support' you. We're gonna take the bigots to task whenever we hear them espousing their regurgitated ridiculousness. Oh yes we are. >:3
  15. Gyardosamped
    February 18th, 2013 2:51 PM

    We need all the funny posts we can get with the type of stuff we discuss. :p

    I'll reply to the topic later. It's really nice to have a platform to meet other people with the same interests and to be able to discuss common issues.

    & it's always nice to get people who support us (like you!) to join in and give input. xD

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