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  1. DrFuji
    April 20th, 2012 8:46 PM
    Also, it seems like a pretty damn stupid rule that we can't ask for links to ROMs, even though we can use them, hack them and talk about them just fine. =/
    It is a very specific legal issue for PokeCommunity as ROMs are derived from commercial products (ie Nintendo wants you to buy the games) and are seen as a breach of their Intellectual Property. In order to avoid any complications or legal actions, PokeCommunity won't allow anybody to provide link to ROMs or direct others where to download them, despite our large hacking community. You are able to talk about how to edit ROMs/ showcase designs through a patch system, but that's as far as the Higher Staff will allow us to go.

    Here is a FAQ excerpt from Nintendo's website just for reference:
    Can Websites and/or Internet Content Providers be Held Liable for Violation of Intellectual Property Rights if they are Only Providing Links to Illegal Software and/or Other Illegal Devices?

    Yes. Personal Websites and/or Internet Content Providers sites That link to Nintendo ROMs, Nintendo emulators and/or illegal copying devices can be held liable for copyright and trademark violations, regardless of whether the illegal software and/or devices are on their site or whether they are linking to the sites where the illegal items are found.

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