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  1. ShinyUmbreon189
    September 29th, 2012 1:16 PM
    Thanks bro someone kept giving me this

    but I kept the <> lol
  2. Rodriguezjames55
    September 29th, 2012 1:13 PM
    [youtub] whatevers after watch on a youtube url like http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=IVJVCoHDAXs you would use IVJVCoHDAXs [/youtube]

    add the e on youtub
  3. ShinyUmbreon189
    September 29th, 2012 12:50 PM
    Dude how the hell do you post the video under on rate the song without clicking on the link? Someone gave me the code but it doesn't work.
  4. ShinyUmbreon189
    September 27th, 2012 6:10 PM
    I got a feeling its Toujours lol. She's given me so many infractions and warnings it's BS.
  5. Rodriguezjames55
    September 27th, 2012 5:47 PM
    shes not like alot of mod she doesnt infact people for little things i have 8 5/8my 8 infractions are BS she ok
  6. ShinyUmbreon189
    September 27th, 2012 5:43 PM
    Called her a troller. She crosses the line with things like this. You seen what happened when I corrected her number. Shes a ***** dude. She thinks shes all mighty because shes a fukin moderator. That's why I hate lots of moderators. I get along with most of them except for her and Toujours.
  7. Rodriguezjames55
    September 27th, 2012 5:40 PM
    what did i say?
  8. ShinyUmbreon189
    September 27th, 2012 5:22 PM
    Whoa dude. Watch what you say to BinayPeaches shes a moderator and one of the ones I don't get along with cos shes kind of a ya you know. She will GO OFF ON YOU. You seen her go off on me when I corrected her number.
  9. ShinyUmbreon189
    September 23rd, 2012 8:18 PM
    Lol, I actually don't roll with G's haha I just wanted to see your reaction. Why would I roll with G's? If you roll with G's your a G cos if you roll with them and do the stuff with them and you try to bail out when they're hustlin or somethin, your gonna get stabbed or somethin. That's why I don't even go to the hood. I do know people from the hood but I don't chill with them I try to stay away from them.
  10. ShinyUmbreon189
    September 23rd, 2012 6:07 PM
    I don't live in the hood lol I live like 5 miles from it tho so an Ak isn't needed. I just got a pistol it's good enough for me.
  11. Rodriguezjames55
    September 23rd, 2012 6:04 PM
    if i lived you your neighbor hood i'd have a ak-47
  12. ShinyUmbreon189
    September 23rd, 2012 5:48 PM
    After ending up in E. St. Louis about a year ago and getting chased down by gangsters im my car when they were running I decided to buy a gun lol.

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