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  1. Barrels
    May 7th, 2012 1:39 PM
    Then we will target the hospitals! Despotic healthcare is no healthcare at all, and we shall dance in the flames of those who would deny it! THEN WE'LL SEE WHO HAS THE MORAL HIGH GROUND, WON'T WE. YES WE WILL.

    Oh, dude, I'm right there with you. Never eat prawns two days out of date. Just don't. Ugh. *wills self not to projectile vomit*
  2. Whimsyful
    May 7th, 2012 11:15 AM
    Your rebellion has already fallen, before it began. I bribed everyone with added health care benefits.

    I just made a sandwich with a stale hotdog bun, mustard, some sort of basil - Tomato heb cheese, and ham. My body doesn't seem to know what to think right now.
  3. Barrels
    May 7th, 2012 5:34 AM
    Then we will incite a rebellion! Vivé la resistance!

  4. Whimsyful
    May 6th, 2012 11:33 AM
    But it's too late. I've already won!

    And neh. That fruit is pit(aya)iful.
  5. Barrels
    May 6th, 2012 4:11 AM
    *shrinks back* We will fight you, sir! Defend against your forces of deceit and evil! OH YES WE WILL DON'T THINK WE WON'T.

    And I thought as much. xD personally, I prefer dragon fruit, but each to their own, I suppose.
  6. Whimsyful
    May 6th, 2012 3:49 AM
    There's a whole world, waiting, covered by the thin webs of my great lie. Heh he he hee Bwa HA ha ha ha ho!

    True, but it would help!

    And usually it's pineapples. A pumpkin was just conveniently nearby this time around.
  7. Barrels
    May 6th, 2012 2:50 AM
    Ah, I should have anticipated something along these lines. That is a spectacularly evil plan, I must admit. I imagine there are many more subtler facets, too...

    And... ach, I'm not sure that's true. Doesn't take a Michelin chef to review a meal, after all. (Your pumpkin metaphor was utterly succulent, however. ;D I must ask, which fruit do you find yourself most often ramming into the ground with considerable vigour?)
  8. Whimsyful
    May 5th, 2012 10:17 AM
    Actually, I'm an extreme egomaniacal sadist who can't find solace in my own work, so Infinds fault in others and rip at it until they have just as little self appreciation as I do.

    I'd take any criticism I give with a grain of salt regardless. After all, the things I find important in writing and art will vary from others. For example, I'm very character focused, though I slack off on plot. So I might give a good (or decent) opinion on an archtypical character that could point it towards a more unique, fresh, and adoration winnin direcion.

    And then ram your plot into the ground like it were the seeds of a pumpkin. Except you wouldn't grow new pumpkins, you'd grow much sadness.
  9. Barrels
    May 5th, 2012 5:17 AM
    I was kidding... sort of, xD. No, but in all seriousness it's good if you're a tough critic! They're the ones that actually give useful criticism, most of the time.
  10. Whimsyful
    May 4th, 2012 12:38 PM
    I'm a tough critic then, I guess :3
    Don't worry. My own stuff is only fairly okay. I discriminate equally against EVERYONE! Yeah!
  11. Barrels
    May 4th, 2012 12:05 PM
    'Fairly' good? FAIRLY GOOD? I'LL HAVE YOU KNOW IT'S A WORK OF EFFING GENIUS. xD Picasso himself would be blown backwards by the sheer awesomity I have created.
  12. Whimsyful
    May 4th, 2012 11:56 AM
    I checked out the Dystopia~ It looks like a fairly good idea, even if it seems highly dramatic. But a game with psychological terror where you could be betrayed by anyone?
    Good stuff there. Good stuff :3

    And hey, a guy can't dissapoint now can he? It would be terrible :O
  13. Barrels
    May 4th, 2012 11:22 AM
    xD oh, I felt the naughtiness as I typed it. *bows head in shame* Apparently rinsing your brain under a hot tap works wonders where cleaning's concerned. If you're me and it fits through your ear easily anyway. So you could try that


    Oh, I see! You're a spatula. (No, wait, you have to peel the ladies off with a spatula. Forgive me.) And a potential polygamist, by the sound of things. xD
  14. Whimsyful
    May 4th, 2012 11:16 AM
    I don't know if there is a way to make that sound less... Well, naughty xD
    My goodnesss, my head is full of pig swill today. I need to get that thing cleaned out again.

    Oh goodness shameless advertising. Shameless advertising everywhere! I'll read through that for certain anyways though. You cannot hide your shame from me. My eyes have a shame piercing glare.

    All right. I concede to you. I cannot top Grovyle. He is simply the best there is.

    It's not non-conformist. It's clearly my good looks and massive charisma. I have to peel the ladies off with a spatuoa c:
  15. Barrels
    May 4th, 2012 3:31 AM
    thank you, sir. My fingers have been suitably punished, I assure you.

    xD and I would completely, 100% watch that movie. Oh yes. (Also I haven't linked you to MY idea for a fangame yet so here you go shameless advertising.)

    I'd go with the 'high metabolism' explanation, if only because I can see it sounding more scientifically inclined in-game.

    I have been considering my favourite character very hard and come to this conclusion. DO YOU DISAGREE?! xD

    'Almost all of my real life friends are girls'. Yay fellow non-conformist! That's great, means you don't have to worry about writing an uneven gender split - I'm fairly sure you can find all the guys you need on this forum.

    N-no falsetto? D: But that's my favourite part of every game! xD

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