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  1. Satoshi Ookami
    February 18th, 2010 5:26 AM
    Satoshi Ookami
    I see... if you'd do it please let me know
  2. El Diabeetus
    February 17th, 2010 12:05 PM
    El Diabeetus
    I don't know. I might, I'm not sure if I'm all that good at Overworld spriting.
  3. Satoshi Ookami
    February 17th, 2010 6:10 AM
    Satoshi Ookami
    Hello there
    I'd like to ask if you'll be doing OW for Zorua since you made sprites for it
  4. Satoshi Ookami
    July 30th, 2009 10:48 PM
    Satoshi Ookami
    Of course
    I'll give credit to both of you
  5. El Diabeetus
    July 30th, 2009 10:46 PM
    El Diabeetus
    Sure. But, you should probably credit them. Just saying.
  6. Satoshi Ookami
    July 30th, 2009 10:44 PM
    Satoshi Ookami
    I see someone's finished L's OW so could you send it?
  7. Satoshi Ookami
    July 24th, 2009 11:36 PM
    Satoshi Ookami
    Okay thank you very much
  8. El Diabeetus
    July 24th, 2009 11:34 PM
    El Diabeetus
    I'll send them when I'm on my actual computer, I'm on my PSP.
  9. Satoshi Ookami
    July 24th, 2009 11:24 PM
    Satoshi Ookami
    Both if it's possible
    And if ya could send me 'em (since your hack doesn't have beta 'till now)
    I'll be grateful
  10. El Diabeetus
    July 24th, 2009 11:22 PM
    El Diabeetus
    You can use them, but what do you mean? Actual Trainer Sprite or overworld or both?
  11. Satoshi Ookami
    July 24th, 2009 10:47 PM
    Satoshi Ookami
    Hi Furatman First I'd like to say that I totally like your hack
    By the way I wrote a post to your thread but you didn't response
    Originally Posted by Ash493 View Post
    Btw may I have L's sprites and use them? I'll give ya credit for sure
    But if that means you won't allow me to use his sprites then it's okay

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