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  1. Claire*
    January 4th, 2013 8:53 AM
    Haha *smiles* Still got it. :D

    Yes, cuddles! He needs the cuddles!

    That sounds terrifying and I haven't even seen it! :O Oh god...
  2. Lilizuki
    January 4th, 2013 8:46 AM
    *swoons dramatically*

    Well, he does get a lot of one-night-stands. I can recall about four from the top of my head, but he does need some cuddles. D:

    I'm the same, but at the mercy of my imagination instead of movies/videogames. Or images, because those stay with me for a while... There was this one of H.P. Lovecraft getting the inspiration for Cthulhu, eating spaghetti and meatballs, with journals scattered about him, etc. Then, if you look closely at the curtains, you see these huge black eyes looking out between the gaps. I screamed. ;_;
  3. Claire*
    January 4th, 2013 8:41 AM
    It is a skill of mine.

    Haha, poor Raj. He needs to find somebody. I feel like the show never gives him any love.

    Exactly! I get scared really easily by stuff that probably shouldn't freak me out. I'm the one who jumps at scary movies, even if the music lets me know something bad is going to happen. It usually ends with me burying my face into whoever is next to me. lol xD
  4. Lilizuki
    January 4th, 2013 8:38 AM
    Oh my~ I find myself quite flustered by your rapid-fire winking. xD

    Haha; Raj is pretty much the buttmonkey of the group. :3 Like the episode when he took those confidence pills...oh loard.

    Haha; fear of alien abduction? d: I shouldn't be teasing, because I get quite easily freaked out, especially about deep water. It's like...when you know something isn't real, but the thought of it still puts you on edge?
  5. Claire*
    January 4th, 2013 8:29 AM

    I love that one! I was like crying laughing. I also like the one where they had to go as the justice league. "Aquaman sucks!"

    That one freaked me out... I don't like scary things. I shriek like a baby. Don't tell anyone.... Anyway, I like that blue one too. Something "directions". Very pretty.
  6. Lilizuki
    January 4th, 2013 8:19 AM
    Let's say it's a request. ;P

    'Xactly. The show does have issues (Though they only bother me because I'm way too critical about stories), but I enjoy it immensely. :3 Especially the episode where they got high during a meteor shower. xD

    Well, when I first came on the site, I got Hypno's Lullaby. :s I keep it because I like the black and gold color scheme, but it's weird having that poem constantly in the background. D:
  7. Claire*
    January 4th, 2013 8:12 AM
    Not too hard. :3

    I think it's funny because it's funny. I don't need a laugh track to make me think something is silly.

    I use Chromatic. You?
  8. Lilizuki
    January 4th, 2013 8:09 AM
    Depends on how hard you bite! xD

    There are people who say that it's only funny because the laugh tracks make us think it is, and give Youtube videos where it's edited out. But the problem there, is that they leave huge gaps of silence between the dialogue.

    I'm curious; what do you have as your PokeCommunity theme?
  9. Claire*
    January 4th, 2013 6:50 AM
    Is that a question, or a request? lol :D

    I love Big Bang too. Very funny. :3
  10. Lilizuki
    January 4th, 2013 6:44 AM
    I don't know...would you bite me if I did? ;P

    The last one, yep! I love that show. <3 'Tis one of the few I actually watch.
  11. Claire*
    January 4th, 2013 6:32 AM
    You wouldn't tease little old me, would you? *bats eyelashes*

    Big bang theory reference?
  12. Lilizuki
    January 4th, 2013 6:25 AM
    Oy vey iz mir... As soon as I figure out something you like, I shall tease you with it mercilessly! xD

    I can think of some articles right now! "How to heat up YOUR forge!" "Can your man handle his warhammer?" and photoshoots too! "Shale and 'Ores, featuring the burliest miners and sauciest barmaids" and there can be a guest page each month, with different races. "Pointy ears and shapely rears", for example.
  13. Claire*
    January 4th, 2013 6:19 AM
    How true. :v

    I was going to think of something witty to say. But then I was just like, nah I'll just use a "winking" emoticon.

    Lol, I don't think it would be very well received. xD
  14. Lilizuki
    January 4th, 2013 6:09 AM
    d: Nothing wrong with something good to eat, I say. :v

    What need'st thou wound with cunning when thy might is more than my o'er-press'd defense can bide? :v

    Clearly; they are Paragons of Manliness. We should make a Kickstarter for a Dwarf Erotica magazine.
  15. Claire*
    January 4th, 2013 6:02 AM
    *rimshot* I have to be in the mood for them.

    Herpaderp! I guess that rules me out...

    What is it with these elves and being sexy?! Everyone knows the Dwarf is the epitome of sex appeal! :D

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