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  1. gimmepie
    September 13th, 2012 7:11 AM
    I'm getting on now, see you there
  2. Cyclone
    September 13th, 2012 7:07 AM
    Leaving shortly, so will see you online around noonish. If I'm late, wait for me. You're first of two today.
  3. Cyclone
    September 13th, 2012 7:06 AM
    That works! When I get Togepi and Roselia I can evolve them then, I obviously have the Cinccino already (in fact, I caught Cinccino as found in the wild before I found Minccino).
  4. gimmepie
    September 13th, 2012 7:03 AM
    I'm all set for items but thanks

    I can give you two shiny stones
  5. Cyclone
    September 13th, 2012 6:54 AM
    I haven't thought about it; if anything, and if you have them, evolutionary stones (two specific cases use the Dawn Stone, and that is a hard find...but Thunderstones, Water Stones, Fire Stones, etc. are all welcome too). Otherwise, I'm not fussy. Speaking of, I can buy Moon Stones. Do you need them?
  6. gimmepie
    September 13th, 2012 6:48 AM
    Alrighty then.
    So was there any items (apart from the dragon scale I'm sending) that you need/want?
  7. Cyclone
    September 13th, 2012 6:25 AM
    I'll be online in a little over an hour and a half from this msg.
  8. gimmepie
    September 13th, 2012 5:58 AM
    Just let me know when you're ready to trade because I'm ready
  9. gimmepie
    September 13th, 2012 5:55 AM
    Already have both Volbeat and Swellow but thanks for the offer. I have lots of items so I thought I'd attach a dragon scale so you can evolve the Seadra I gave you but if there's anything else you want let me know

    Any egg moves, good natures on them? Out of curiosity.
  10. Cyclone
    September 13th, 2012 5:50 AM
    Top row in the TRADES PC Box now contains a Snivy, Litwick, and Staryu. I've thrown a Lv.44 Volbeat and a Lv.47 Swellow in case you need either of those; they've been in my boxz for a while now. I haven't planned for what to get for either, so leave it to whether there's something else you want to get rid of. If you don't want either extra, then no worries.
  11. Cyclone
    September 12th, 2012 10:35 AM
    Tried to reply earlier but left it on my page. Was saying:

    Alrighty. If you can stand by from about midnite onwards, I'll try to get in by then. If LC doesn't get back to me, ATM you're my only trade 2morrow so I can do a stop somewhere then head for lunch.
  12. gimmepie
    September 12th, 2012 7:19 AM
    That should be ok
  13. Cyclone
    September 12th, 2012 7:13 AM
    I can't do a.m. I have to travel to use Wifi, and there's no way in hell I can travel at that time of morning. Heck, there are nights I'm in bed then because I'm more tired than I should be.

    For me, it has to be during the day. Since Thursday is a hockey day, I will be in the city, but I will only be available before the game; not after. Since I don't intend to keep you up until 4 a.m. and myself plan to go out for lunch tomorrow, that would pot me in a restaurant sometime around the noon hour again. If LegendaryCelebi gets back to me I could be around earlier, but I'll definitely be on come lunchtime somewhere. This is a little over 24h from now.
  14. gimmepie
    September 12th, 2012 7:02 AM
    I'm good to trade tomorrow 12-1pm for me(so am for you)
  15. Cyclone
    September 10th, 2012 7:19 AM
    No worries, just let me know later.

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