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  1. OffRoadSP
    March 22nd, 2013 1:54 PM
    Haha...no, when I write the journal, I try to "dramatize" the events so to speak. What really happened was I bought the Rose Incense on my Black 2 cartridge, caught a female Roselia, traded it to White, bred it with a Maractus for some Egg Moves, and then transferred the egg back to my White 2 main game. (I like all my OT ID's the same. ) I just tried to come up with a way to explain the sudden presence of the egg in my game. Admittedly, it wasn't my most imaginative idea...
  2. Cyclone
    March 22nd, 2013 10:44 AM
    Then I stopped in the Lostlorn Forest and left the Rose Incense near some wild Roselia I saw nearby. Later that day when I returned, I found an egg near the incense!
    *cocks eyebrow*

    Is that even possible?

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