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  1. <Challenger>
    August 8th, 2013 4:45 AM
    Maybe a mid-western time? I would be very interested in a Western style. Perhaps a fuedal Japan. There are a lot of points in time that could work with this. Maybe we could do a Pre-Civilization thing. That would be very interesting.
  2. Quto
    August 7th, 2013 9:29 PM
    Well, I need help with the story.
    First off, the mechanic of having power while detailing a cursed life so far appeals somehow to almost everyone; When I first published the RP in '06 in gaia online, everyone almost clamoured for a spot into the RP. I have reposted the same RP board after board and time after time, people have loved it.

    I often get word I should make it into a game.

    My biggest issue with that option though is timeline. Where does the game take place? Every topic I posted, the RP changes timelines from Medival, to World War II, To Post Modern and only once to an odd extent, the future. I don't have an exact timeline.
  3. <Challenger>
    August 7th, 2013 7:45 PM
    Seems very excellent. I've always wanted a book written about my life! (Since it's kind of like that)
  4. <Challenger>
    August 7th, 2013 7:30 PM
    Alright. I'll get to work on that.
  5. Quto
    August 7th, 2013 7:26 PM
    Tower of beginings mostly.
  6. Quto
    August 7th, 2013 7:26 PM
    You will need to create an account, however;
    Its a bug I never got around to fixing.
  7. <Challenger>
    August 7th, 2013 7:25 PM
    Alright. I'll give it a go. Any particular topics I need to read?
  8. Quto
    August 7th, 2013 7:24 PM
    I need help with the story;
    I have the world mechanics down, Just no time period involved.
    Give the topics here a read.
  9. <Challenger>
    August 7th, 2013 6:20 PM
    I can't say I'm any good with game designing, but I'm willing to help
  10. Quto
    August 7th, 2013 4:46 PM
    and I could use the help, greatly.
  11. Quto
    August 7th, 2013 4:46 PM
    It is.
    Look, I'm sad enough to let the RP go and lock it off, I mean come on, A FLIPPING GREEN, WISE-CRACKING, HUMAN SPEECH TALKING PIKACHU! That's one of the things I loved playing as and into!... Well, I thought a green pikachu was kind of a great idea; My fav color is red, but it blended in with the red cheeks so I did green and loved him.

    More or less; There weren't many 'active' players and I, myself, have had time issues in posting as well, I admit, however I couldn't really post much anymore without an active crowd and said crowd giving some enthusiasm for the story.

    Long story short- It's True and I feel bad enough letting it go, since I wanted to see it to the end. (badly)

    I am working on something else though; and believe it or not, I'm turning it into a game.
  12. <Challenger>
    August 1st, 2013 6:42 PM
    Hey Quto It's been a while, I know, but I remembered that you let Earth and Sky go. I was wanting to know if it's true, and if you're working on something else? I'd gladly help out if you are
  13. <Challenger>
    March 28th, 2013 6:54 PM
    It's cool I'm in no rush, but on Sunday I leave for Nashville, seeing as we have Spring Break this week.
  14. Quto
    March 28th, 2013 12:45 AM
    Your first trainer challenge will be posted soon. Sorry I couldn't get to you, a lot has happened in life at my end while trying to keep the RP together.
  15. Quto
    February 12th, 2013 2:58 PM

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