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  1. Sheraku
    August 3rd, 2013 8:38 PM
    No it's fine, I more so just put Dende there cause I couldn't think of anyone else at the time, good job, with the replacement. Also sorry it took so long, but got most my character posted up, I'll be editing the rest in, my comp is going really slow right now.
  2. <Challenger>
    August 3rd, 2013 6:42 PM
    Sorry if it matters, but I switched the holder of the 1 Starred ball to Yajirobe because he had a good deal of combat experience compared to Dende.
  3. <Challenger>
    August 1st, 2013 8:40 PM
    I think that destroying mountains is generally implied all throughout DB. There's a mountain destroyed like everywhere they go. Lol. But yeah, planet busting is definitely OUT of the picture. We don't want anyone going OP.

    And sure. That sounds good.
  4. Sheraku
    August 1st, 2013 8:37 PM
    Sounds good, actually I think all of us should be considerably weaker than the original Z-fighters, if not just to make it more even, and slightly more realistic. Such as none of us should have the power to single-handedly destroy the planet. We'd still probably be able to show a mountain or two what's up, though. What you think?

    Also I've got a really rough draft written out that I could PM you to modify, look over, cretique, if you want?
  5. <Challenger>
    August 1st, 2013 8:23 PM
    Sweet! I'd like to post it in that case

    I can't say I've thought it out, but I think we need to have the captain's crew be significantly weaker, seeing as even Krillin and Tien and those guys (Not Yamcha. Yamcha sucks.) could easily take out a lot of the henchmen.
  6. Sheraku
    August 1st, 2013 8:19 PM
    It doesn't matter to me if you want to post it up, if you want to feel free. Haha, Unless that question was in massive sarcasim quotes? (GLaDOS Reference)

    And yeah, if you already got the details all figured out on the villian(s), fire away! I'm all ears...eyes, whatever. Lol.
  7. <Challenger>
    August 1st, 2013 8:10 PM
    I guess whoever posts the RP will be in charge of editing the first page and what-not, and I've always been a bit of a stickler for not getting that done quickly. Lol. Would it be alright if I posted it?

    Alrighty. Do you need any help with like, details of the villain and what-not?
  8. Sheraku
    August 1st, 2013 8:08 PM
    Yeah, you character will probably be the main of mains, and end up being a lot stronger than mine down the road. Then again Vegeta and Goku were pretty much even at the end, Goku was always just one step ahead of Vegeta.

    So are you going to be posting the RP, or am I?
  9. <Challenger>
    August 1st, 2013 7:44 PM
    Nah. I'll take Goku. Would that make my character the main, a bit more powerful, or would it not make a difference, seeing as Goku was pretty much the ultimate warrior.
  10. Sheraku
    August 1st, 2013 7:43 PM
    I'm thinking about being a decendant of Vegeta, since I've put the Capsule Corp. Emblem on my character. That is unless you wanted to be the decendent of Veg'?
  11. <Challenger>
    August 1st, 2013 7:37 PM
    I see. Maybe we can do something, like have faint rumors of the pirates coming towards Earth, and we have to train, perhaps have some character development. It would be very interesting to have a sparring match or two with Mr. Popo Maybe we just drive cars insanely.

    Do you want your character to be the descendent of Goku or Vegeta?
  12. Sheraku
    August 1st, 2013 7:17 PM
    I know my character is going to be Saiyan, I know the percentage is going to be low, but my character is going to hit the 1/10,000 chance or whatever it would be, and have a tail anyway.

    And yeah, as in how to write it out, without jumping straight into battle, yet also let the potential RPers know what's going to be going down.
  13. <Challenger>
    August 1st, 2013 7:07 PM
    Dende should be a little younger than Kame. Not ancient, but like old. And Mister Popo? Pecking order.

    So I'm assuming we'll be the two Saiyan characters, with whatever percentage of Saiyan-ness we might have. I'll start working on mine soon.

    In terms of putting it together, what do you mean by that? Like the whole reason they're coming and what-not?
  14. Sheraku
    August 1st, 2013 7:02 PM
    I was kinda thinking Dende would be around too, being that without him, there's no Dragonballs anyway. So is he going to be younger-ish, or like Kami's age now, or even The Elder Namik? Depending just how far into the future this'll be taking place. Of course, Mister Popo will still be kickin' it too, haha.

    Good logic having everyone knowing eachother from the start, can also skip all the introduction phases that way, too. And as for the bad guys, I like the idea of Space Pirates, being what better to plunder than wish fulfilling orbs...? Now the real challenge, to put it all together, in an interesting capitivating way.

    On a side note I've got my character all drawn out already
  15. <Challenger>
    August 1st, 2013 6:23 PM
    Well, Frieza's entire family was pretty much slaughtered, so we can't do an ancestor of Frieza. The Z-Fighters should know each other. We should have a group that has known each other for at least a little bit. That way they don't have to do the whole "Is this guy powerful enough" thing and just stick with the fact that they're strong enough to defend Earth and the Dragon Balls. I think the passed-down Dragonball idea would be great, just to avoid any confusion of having to gather them or something. I think Mr. Popo and Dende should be there. Dende is pretty much God now, and Mr. Popo...He's Mister f**king Popo. As for villains...Maybe we could do something like Space Pirates, kind of like Bo Jack.

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