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  1. Meowing Mewtwo
    December 24th, 2012 11:09 AM
    Meowing Mewtwo
    And the same back to you! The internet makes staring friendships quite easy, as you can see what people like to do in a handy list XD And people don't tend to judge others as much. And your username is really cool, too, it's got this neat ring to it.
  2. derozio
    December 24th, 2012 5:50 AM
    Hello there! First off, lemme say I love your username. :] And I'm glad you like my work. <3; Nice to hear what you think of my stuff, really, so am glad you bothered to post a VM!

    And same to you! Merry Christmas, by the way. :]
  3. Meowing Mewtwo
    December 23rd, 2012 12:57 PM
    Meowing Mewtwo
    Hey, thought I'd say hi, even though I don't know you. I love your art, I'm pretty much no good, but we've got a bit of common ground there, eh? Your bio said you were pretty sociable, so I figured, "Why not?"

    Hope you are well,

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