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  1. Azu
    May 9th, 2013 6:57 AM
    ASIANSSSSSSS!! And what are you studying (of math)? o:
  2. Pinkish Purple
    May 9th, 2013 5:41 AM
    Pinkish Purple
    Studying... I can't understand all these math formulas! I fail as an Asian....
  3. Azu
    May 9th, 2013 5:01 AM
    Heyaaaa!!! Great ;D! Having a friend over atm whut whut. How about you? ;D
  4. Pinkish Purple
    May 9th, 2013 4:40 AM
    Pinkish Purple
    Heeeyy, new memberrr!!! How's it going?

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