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  1. Kaxxy
    December 31st, 2012 2:40 PM
    Yeah, I can get a Luxray, what level do you want it to be at?
    And what do you want it's move-set to be?(only skills it can learn by leveling up)
  2. Captain Gizmo
    December 30th, 2012 5:30 PM
    Captain Gizmo
    Can you get a Luxray?
  3. Kaxxy
    December 30th, 2012 5:13 PM
    I can get anything before the 8th gym. List a few.
  4. Captain Gizmo
    December 30th, 2012 11:33 AM
    Captain Gizmo
    Hey, I saw your post about exp share/elemental stones.

    Which Pokemon are you willing to give for them?

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