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  1. Krazzikk
    September 26th, 2012 3:31 AM

    I don't have a gameboy anymore so unfortunately I can't play Emerald. And I don't exactly care for playing on emulators, so my Emerald days are pretty much over as far as playing them goes. I'm still a big fan

    So Reshiram, huh? I have neverused Reshiram but I have heard he is good, and a lot better than Zekrom (I only bought Pokemon White ;_
    Maybe I can trade you something for a Reshiram, if you have one xD and if I can find something worthy enough, because I recently restarted my game.

    Maybe you should join the Hoenn club! I don't know if it's still open, or how well it is doing, but PC(pokecommunity) had a Hoenn club when I joined.

    I think I saw you join the Fire type club, at least I saw you posted there when I was browsing through clubs, so I hope you enjoy that.
    Beware though, I own the Water Type club, and I'm not afraid to use Surf! n_n;
    (my jokes suck ;_

    Did you check out Pokemon Club's IRC chat room yet? It's ton of fun in there, that is if people are actively chatting. It is occasionally dead, but when people do start chatting, they talk A LOT, it gets crazy in there xD tons of fun...
    I'll probably be on there later when I have access to a computer. I am on my Wii right now which can't handle mibbit apparently ;_

  2. Mochaccino
    September 26th, 2012 3:21 AM

    oh and I'm getting W2/B2 for sure! I'll start with W2 and might consider getting B2 later so I get to try the Challenge mode thingy, please get the games Josh! T^T I'd love to battle with you and keep each other on track with the game, you can't resist buying a new pokemon game haha

    sadly we don't have GameStop in Dubai... I can only get the Event pokes that are spread through WiFi, sad life =<
    haha and I can totally relate as no one likes pokemon here except for me, thankfully my friends think it's cute to like pokemon~

    thanks for the info! and what time is it there btw? it's 3:20 pm here and I'm in college right now lol

  3. Mochaccino
    September 26th, 2012 3:17 AM

    omg I think I love you <3 well I believe you meant Rayquaza? and let me tell you, it's one of my favorite legendaries! (2nd after Reshiram) and I also love Hoenn because May was and will always be my favorite charachter from pokemon games & anime! she's just lovely <3

    the ability to farm berries was so much fun!! also moving from an island to another with the boat was awesome! and the introducton of Pokemon Frontier in Emerald, and the move "Dive", all of that makes Hoenn so special to me =') I don't want a remake just 'cuz I'm being nostalgic.. but the games were actually different and exceptionally enjoyable!

  4. Krazzikk
    September 26th, 2012 2:31 AM

    Oh and btw, when you're visiting someone's profile, a little below where it has their username, it says current activity, and it tells you what they are doing, or at least what they were doing when you loaded the page. That's how I knew you were looking at my profile :3

  5. Krazzikk
    September 26th, 2012 2:28 AM

    Haha, glad to meet you too! What makes you say that Hoenn is your favorite? I like the starters for one thing (I love starter Pokemon) I like most of the other pokemon including the mascot, Ryczasdausidjgkiduhfujfhkjh

    RAWR.... can't spell his name, another awesome thing Hoenn has is the ability to be able to berry farm. I used to love to farm berries a lot, and I would end up with 50 or so and be set for the Majority of the game. It's very disappointing that they took that out :<
    Are you planning on buying Black/White 2? I was thinking about it, but I don't know yet. I think I need some convincing, maybe MidnightShine will play through it with me, that would be fun. Unless you want to :3. I'm also excited because I got my free Keldeo at GameStop last night and I need to train him! (do they have gamestop in dubno? o3o) Apparently you just have to walk into a participating gamestop and go to MysteryGift>Wireless. I walked in there and waited in line for like 15 mins just to ask them for my Keldeo and then find out I could have done it in a few seconds and left. Not to mention, just talking about Pokemon in general is naturally embarrasing in public because of our society, unfortunately ;_;

    Anyways, hope I don't scare you off with my walls of text, if you're still reading lol xP

  6. Mochaccino
    September 26th, 2012 2:18 AM

    haha I had no clue you were on my profile! Thank you so much, I got the icon from deviant art by searching Torchic icons, there are many cute ones on there x3

  7. Mochaccino
    September 26th, 2012 2:16 AM

    Hello Josh, thanks for your warm welcoming! yaay another Hoenn & torchic fan <3 we have lots in common hehe, glad to meet you~

  8. Krazzikk
    September 26th, 2012 2:15 AM

    Oh, I think I forgot to mention in my comment on your welcome thread, that your signature and avatar are awesome! Where did you get the torchic from?

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