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  1. Patrick
    February 13th, 2013 7:44 AM
    We'll see. I may not change it at all, considering.
  2. CourageHound
    February 11th, 2013 10:06 PM
    Valentines day..what to do what to do..lol

    I'd keep it. It looks cute, even for Valentines day. I'd just switch out the avy for something valentines day related.
  3. Patrick
    February 6th, 2013 9:26 AM
    Thanks. I was building up to it, anyway. And now it might just change again because Valentine's Day is getting closer. :P I was just getting used to it, too.
  4. CourageHound
    February 5th, 2013 6:52 PM
    Thats a nice sig ya got there
  5. CourageHound
    January 16th, 2013 9:34 AM
    Depends on what i'm feeling up to at the moment. Some time ago I had a dragon theme earlier cuz I was in a dragon-ish mood. Right now, my likeness for Typhlosion/Houndoom/Arcanine was rekindled so i'm currently doing those.
  6. Patrick
    January 16th, 2013 8:57 AM
    Are your avatar changes mood dependant, or do you just like to keep things interesting, heh?
  7. CourageHound
    January 15th, 2013 4:41 PM
    Uhh, yea I was bored and kinda distraught with today's events so i decided to change to typhlosion early. Houndoom will return tho
  8. Patrick
    January 15th, 2013 2:31 PM
    Oh yeah, that's much better. I like it for not being realistic, but being dimensional while keeping a toony influence. That's always pretty cool to me.

    And I see the new avatar didn't last long. As soon as I clicked the conversation link, now you're Typhlosion.
  9. CourageHound
    January 15th, 2013 1:46 PM

    Thats if you wanna see it enlarged. I wouldnt say its irl realistic, just alot of detail and wat not
  10. Patrick
    January 15th, 2013 1:38 PM
    It's really small, but from the looks of it, it looks pretty cool. It doesnt give off an uncanny valley vibe in the way that it could. I'd be horrified if it was too realistic.
  11. CourageHound
    January 14th, 2013 8:22 PM
    How do you like the new avatar? Looks pretty cool and realistic imo
  12. CourageHound
    January 12th, 2013 1:13 PM
    Both from tumblr. I edited the background on the avatar tho, not that it's saying much. I left credits and links in my sig
  13. Patrick
    January 12th, 2013 12:20 PM
    Yo. I like your avatar, now that I think about it. It's the coloring. Where'd you get that? Also, your profile pic is pretty cool, too (though it doesn't look like a Pokemon anymore and instead it's just... something from any series).
  14. Patrick
    January 9th, 2013 6:19 PM
    1920s, and then 1950-60s, I should clarify.
  15. Patrick
    January 9th, 2013 6:18 PM
    Kind of all over the place. Some of it in school, some of it in non academic classes, most of it just by observation, some by professional illustrators and animators who take the time to teach, some of it from how to draw books.

    My own personal style is like a mash of everything I've been inspired by, and the way I eventually wanted to draw. I used to draw in a more on (official) model sort of way, especially when it came to Pokemon, but that bored me to death. I've found that by drawing them in a way that I really enjoy, I really like the way the works come out, too. I'm mostly inspired by art styles from the 1920s and some such, which is probably my biggest influence.

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