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  1. Cyclone
    November 15th, 2012 10:30 PM
    You just started playing White? I will pass on a suggestion; unlike in other games, Ditto is not part of the local Pokédex and thus is not actually available in-game until after you defeat the E4 (which gives you access to Giant Chasm, where it can be located as high as Lv.65). While I do have a Lv.100 specimen, that would actually be of no use to you; it would disobey you in battle right through the final Gym, and only start to obey you at that point; by this time, the E4 would not be a challenge. So for obvious reasons I don't send that now, and suggest playing the game as designed.

    I may do the opposite with White 2 as I have a fully completed Unova Dex on Black, so I can breed to my liking and import at will from there, I will still only import Eggs and train anything I bring in on my own, and typically will try not to import anything outside of the new Unova Dex until I'm done the eight Gyms and at least Victory Road. I may start importing other Pokémon by that time, but I will not use them in the first E4 run. And don't blame me if I send a Pokémon that's hard to train over to Black and have it watch a few battles with a Lv.50 Audino while holding an Exp. Share in that game; it's like having someone you don't know help you train, which works anywhere except where evolution is based upon friendship. (Besides, I have to trade to evolve a few specimens, which I might ignore in my policy since they're getting traded back.)

    Seeing you play White, I will kindly offer you an Egg Move Gothita; my Lv.1 specimen knows Miracle Eye. I'll also offer a Vullaby knowing Roost (Egg Move) and Air Slash (normally learned at Lv.41). Because my Unova Dex is complete, consider them freebies; just get a Lillipup or something that you want to get rid of (or a random Lv.2 catch at the cost of a cheap Pokéball) and I'll accept it for each of those two. Cottonee, while only catchable in Black, can be traded for a Petilil in Nacrene City and thus I won't worry about that.

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