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  1. FrozenInfernoZX
    January 10th, 2013 10:02 AM
    Hey! I definitely have some tips!
    Try to start out with small simple maps. Don't have a lot of empty open spaces. And rarely ever put the same tile of decoration next to each other (to avoid that blocky look).

    Start out with PKSV, it comes with script generators! Trust me, at first scripting may seem or look hard, but after a while of using the generators to study the commands and of mixing and matching commands, I no longer need them now!
    #dyn 0x800000
    #org @offset
    'Script Tiltle
    msgbox @text ' The text the sprite will say to you.
    callstd msg_faceplayer ' The sprite will face you when speaking to you.
    applymovement (sprite number in hex) @move ' The sprite will move accordingly.
    pauseevent 0x0 ' Always needed after applymovement.

    #org @text
    = (Insert your text here)

    #org @move
    = (You would put things like look_up run_right and such).

    This will be the basis for most of your scripts! The more commands you you know, the more you can mix and match to make even more complex events!

    Also, feel free to ask for help anytime and also what helped me when I first started was by reading at least one thread of a topic each day in the tutorial section. Before you know it, things would be second nature to you.

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