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  1. Gyardosamped
    January 31st, 2013 2:08 PM
    Yeah, it definitely has caused a stigma, and adding on to that, all of society has this preconceived notion that all gay guys are feminine and creepy, etc. It's seriously annoying. And I hope I didn't come down like I was discriminating gays who acted like that! After all, we all fit under one category and that'd mean I would hate myself, too. :p But, nah, I was just trying to make an example that gays who decide to act like that (very flamboyant) are the ones who end up giving us a bad reputation, I guess. I hope that makes sense. I mean, regardless, society will always have that defect of thinking that all gays are the same no matter what. But, yes, the entire controversy surrounding our "behavior" is one that will never end. We just can't change society's way of thinking. :\ Anyways, I'm currently in my third semester at a state college, and I'm a chemistry major. :] I love the sciences and I think it's the right fit for me, tbh. This semester I'm taking Precalculus, General Chemistry I, and some introduction to computers class. I'm only taking 12 units, but during the fall semester, I did 16 (I had no life) @_@, so this semester I decided to cool it down a bit. ;D How about you?

    Yes! I think we both understand the level of ridiculousness represented by that video. No need to play it again.

    I don't discuss music with anyone, tbh. People are so rash to define a person based on the music they like, and it also sparks annoyances like the one you experienced with people just making snobby and ignorant comments. The Internet also doesn't help, like you said. I still don't understand why someone would listen to the music of an artist they don't even like, and on top of that, post a mindless comment against the song/artist. It's really irritating. I don't judge people on the music they listen to even if I don't like the artist or not. Everyone has their different tastes and that's completely acceptable. Music is meant to be enjoyed, not insulted/criticized. I could go on forever, but I think I made my point xD Lol.

    I've heard a few of her songs, and they're not that bad. I can see where that "hint of pop" comes in. I might start listening to her more. I've never heard of the Nekci Menij Show, and I clicked on the video but it said that it didn't exist anymore. :3 Not sure if it's just my computer, though.

    I think all languages are pretty much the same in difficulty to learn. As with anything, it requires effort and persistence. You're probably not gonna get it right away, and if you give up, then you're never gonna learn it. And I agree with you that you must obviously learn the basics first before advancing into the more intricate part of the language. French is fricken beautiful, and it really is one of those seductive languages, if that makes sense. & yeah, we have to take two years of foreign language in high school if we want to graduate. I decided to take two years of Spanish because I, myself, come from a Spanish family and already know the language well. I want to learn a third language, though, but I didn't want the challenge in high school, I guess. xD I could potentially take French for beginners in college, but I'd have to see how that would balance with the rest of the classes I need to take.

    It's funny about The Wanted because I know a few of them have beef with members of 1D, especially Zayn. I saw them Twitter battle it out a month or so ago, and it was pretty funny to watch. One of the guys from The Wanted made fun of Zayn because of his blonde streak and also posted some picture of him that they apparently found funny on their Twitter account? I don't know how it started honestly. To tell you the truth, I think TW are jealous of 1D's fame because it's obviously something they probably will never be able to achieve. Also, 1D are so much sexier than the members of TW. Seriously, who the hell makes fun of Zayn's blonde streak. It's sexy as hellllll. He's sexy as hell, lol.

    I hear those stupid drunk stories all the time, and people actually think that bragging is going to make them seem cooler or something. They need to realize that no one frankly cares about what stupid things they did while drunk. Why would anyone be proud about getting wasted to the point where they couldn't even think, anyways? It's something I'll never understand.

    Oh, yes! The more north in the Atlantic you go (reaching the UK area to the east and Canada to the west), the more colder the waters get. They call that area the "hurricane graveyard" because the waters are too cold for the hurricane to even think about restrengthening. Instead, at that latitude, it loses a lot of strength and eventually dies out (becoming extra tropical, I believe). You'd be surprised that many people who live within the "inland" U.S. don't know much about hurricanes, but who can blame them? I don't know much about snow storms or tornadoes or anything of that nature because we don't usually get those events occurring down here in Florida. I'm glad you've researched into hurricanes more! They're seriously super interesting - I was considering majoring in meteorology but the job market isn't that great for those who have a degree in that field. :\

    Thanks for introducing me to that song! Although I couldn't understand the lyrics, I loved the beats and the video was actually pretty cool to watch. :p <3 Too bad I couldn't understand the lyrics, lol. Damn language barrier!

    Holy crap! I wrote like two essays! I'm so sorry, and thanks for being so sweet about reading these damn long responses. lmao <3

    P.S. I just saw this on my FB timeline and thought it was super, duper, duper cute. xD
  2. François
    January 31st, 2013 12:05 PM
    Oh and I hate to feel like I'm forcing music on you but I just couldn't resist showing you this:

    I think it is perfect for you if you can get past the language barrier! One of the best songs of 2012 for sure <3
  3. François
    January 31st, 2013 11:56 AM
    It definitely has caused a stigma, and I think even a lot of internalised homophobia too (not that I'm accusing you of that). There's nothing wrong with finding overly camp gays annoying, of course (I do myself), but when it gets to the point where people obsess over how STRAIGHT they are, I think it becomes a problem. But the attitudes of the gay community are a very tiresome subject, and one for another day! Heh, as a matter of interest, what course are you doing in college?

    Well, OK! I suppose watching again would be like just barely escaping being murdered and then going back to the murderer, haha. Your philosophy is ofc 100% correct!

    Seriously! It's baffling. I have a decent amount of pop fan friends I think but outside of them, only "credible" chart stuff is allowed and it's so annoying. People are just desperate to look credible, and the internet makes music snobs so much more obvious. I have a few rock fan friends and I just can't discuss music with them. I was once discussing a really talented singer / producer with one of them and they said "So why is she wasting her talent making electropop?" without a hint of irony. That was when I gave up discussing pop with anyone that I don't know for sure is a pop fan!

    Oh, you must listen to some of her songs! She's like, indie but the sort of indie that's friendly to pop fans I think. Check out Video Games and National Anthem! And yes, I get that in my head all the time too. Random question but do you know The Nekci Menij Show? They did a parody of S&S and it was hilarious, though you might not get it if you're not a fan. French is quite a difficult language I think, especially when you're starting off. It can be kind of nonsensical in parts but it's no different to English in that respect! Really what I've found is that it's learning the basics (how the tenses work and irregular verbs etc) that's the hardest and once you do that, soaking up the vocab is a piece of cake! And yes, it's a beautiful language (not that I'm biased at all!), though oddly enough sometimes I find French accents can be hard to understand, haha. You should totally try pick it up, anyway. They don't teach foreign languages in US schools, do they?

    Yes, the funniest thing is that it doesn't even work for them really. They're beginning to fade in the UK and really they're pretty much one-hit-wonders with GYC in the US. I don't think they'll ever get another hit in your country!

    So many people I know are like that in school. "I got drunk and did [insert idiotic thing here] aren't I amazing" and it's just awful. Doing stupid things is not good! When will people learn this?!

    Oh, well if it's warm water they need then I guess I can understand - the Atlantic is quite cold by the time you reach Ireland! I must say, I find it admirable that you actually understand hurricanes (though maybe it's more common knowledge in the US?)! It's inspired me to look more into them myself, so thank you!
  4. Gyardosamped
    January 31st, 2013 4:22 AM
    The wink definitely would, lmao! Plus, I wouldn't be able to wink at someone with a straight face (no pun intended, lol!) The fact that you have to either hide friends or relationships is what sucks about being closeted, imho. & Yes! We are not all clones, lmao. I think that whole gay stereotype has created a stigma in general for gay people, but people need to get a clue because I've met very few people who actually act like that. I also don't mind people with sex change - although I think I can tell when someone has definitely undergone a sex change. This other day while I was in a restaurant, a man and a "woman" were sitting in a table eating, and I kept staring at the woman thinking in my mind, "That has to be a man.. seriously look at those facial features." She also had a deep voice, but yeah, I don't mind them, although they're not too difficult to distinguish from actual females. The guy in my class actually seems nice and outgoing, so I don't think it'd hurt if I did actually do that. I have to concentrate on my studies, though, because after all we're paying to learn and if I was there trying to do all these things to get to him just to get his attention, I wouldn't be paying actual attention to the professor. xD

    Nooooooo! There's no need to even click on that video twice! I commend you for not even sitting through it. It was seriously horrendous! It's already bad enough her English wasn't great! That tone she used was seriously creepy, as if she was underwater or something. Honestly, my philosophy is that if you do love an artist or a band or anything, just keep listening to their music and support them whenever possible. That's all that matters in the end, right?

    Yay! Pop music! Seriously, everyone I know irl is so negative towards pop music. I feel as if no one I know actually listens to it anymore, and when I'm listening to songs on YT, I always see comments like "I can't believe this is what music is getting to, blah, blah, blah." Like honestly, people need to stfu. Music is music. How can you compare The Beatles with One Direction? You can't. The Beatles are from a different era and so are 1D. Making a comparison between them is just stupid and unnecessary. It's just like with any other artist, too. If you don't like an artist, why would you be watching their video/listening to their music and then writing something hateful in the comments? I don't get the logic behind some people, honestly.

    Lana is actually quite famous over here, but I don't think I've ever actually heard her on the radio or anything. I always hear comments about her through friends, asking if I've listened to her, or if I've heard her song or something. Apparently, though, she's considered Indie? I wouldn't have a clue, lol. My favorite part of Scream and Shout was the whole "You are now, now rocking with and Britney, b-tch!" Lmao, you'll hear me throughout the day just saying that random line anywhere I go. xD That's cool that your family is from France. I figured you had something to do with France because of your username, but I want to learn French so bad! It's such a sexy language! Is it hard to learn? I've been wanting to learn French since I was in like grade 3, and I think I still have this learner's book in one of my drawers from years ago from when I was learning the simple/basic words. Lmao.

    That whole radio thing totally changes my viewpoint on them! That's insane! See, those are things you would never hear over here because they didn't originate from here, but that's pathetic to say the least. I mean, as it is, they're not even that famous. I don't think they'd ever reach the notoriety that 1D has, for example.

    Yeah, drunk fights happen a lot, it seems. That's crazy! I know the strangest and wackiest things happen in clubs. That's why I'm kinda tempted not to go, because I'd probably wouldn't enjoy myself and I don't wanna be involved in any chaotic event that could occur, lol. Drinking is not necessary! It's okay if you drink once or twice with friends for fun, w/e, but those people that get wasted and do the stupidest things afterwards and then brag about it... like seriously, get a life, lol.

    I guess when you have been through quite a few number of hurricanes before, it's custom just to stay in your house unless you live in low-lying areas or somewhere close to the ocean or something (where your house could be swept away). Since we live inland, though, there's really no need for that. We just wait it out without electricity and try to find a portable radio to hear any new news on the storm. And yeah, hurricanes need all the warm water they can get to strengthen. I guess they only hit the Caribbean/west Atlantic because that's where the oceans end and where land comes. Land inhibits the strength and weakens the storm the more and more it gets closer. But, in cases like mine, Florida doesn't really inhibit the strength of the storm because we aren't even wide, so hurricanes pretty much pass through us without losing any strength, which sucks.

    Btw, sorry for any spelling/making sense mistakes. It's almost time for me to leave to school and there is like no time to check for any errors. xD
  5. François
    January 31st, 2013 1:26 AM
    Hahaha, yeah I think a wink would say "I'm gay... and I want to have sex with you" more than anything else! Very much in the same about having to hide gay friends etc, so I guess I'll be living a double life during uni - that should be fun. And absolutely! She really hasn't a clue, the other gay guy did though. I guess I just don't like being expected to act a certain way, gays are not just mindless, identical clones. And yes, I wouldn't ever think about having a sex change either but I have no problem with those who would! Haha, you should sit a few seats away and gradually move nearer during the class. Then like, drop something in his direction and BOOM you're in.

    I admire you for getting through it, you're a better man than I! I don't know if she thought that was a natural way for English speakers to talk or what, though I suppose she should be commended for learning the language. Tonight I will try to get through the entire video!

    Oh another pop fan, yay! Very few of them around here, I find. Good choices of artists to love! I find the fact that you only heard Lana is good to be so funny. It's funny how over here she's massive and everyone knows her but in the US she's "indie"! And yes, I love Scream And Shout. Wasn't expecting much but Britney killed it, her accent is just <3 I'm semi-fluent in French! Not perfect but I'll get there, hopefully. And yep most of my relations live in France but I rarely see them

    And even funnier is that they apparently managed to get a lot of radio stations to play them by threatening to stop playing American acts on UK radio, but their last two singles still did very little. It's always satisfying to see them flop for me, I don't think their relationship with radio should be allowed.

    Oh, drunk fights happen, yes! There could be worse though, I know one guy got stabbed to death in a club before. But yes you're so right about drink! I wish more people saw that it's not a necessity for fun.
    Oh that is brave! I think I would always head straight for a shelter just to be safe, I would not trust my house haha. I know hurricanes only affect coasts because they need moisture for strength but I have no idea why they only hit the west of the Atlantic?
  6. Gyardosamped
    January 30th, 2013 4:00 PM
    Don't worry. :D

    A secret signal would be awesome! As for types of signals, I'm kinda on the same boat as you. I mean, possibly a wink or something? I don't know, LOL. That actually sounds kinda sexual if every gay started winking at each other as means of saying hello or something. It's weird for me because I definitely want friends who are like me, but I also don't think I'm ready to come out to my parents just yet, and if they see me or hear me talking about my "gay" friends, what are they gonna think? But they're gonna have to find out eventually. I'm definitely not going to be closeted my entire life. I honestly don't think gay girls can relate to gay guys as much as guys would to guys and girls to girls. & yeah, that stereotype is wayyyyy too annoying. Seriously, I've only actually seen/heard a few select gay people who act like that, and those are usually the extremely flamboyant ones who would have rather been born a girl/are making that transition, lol. I personally like who I am and what I was born with so I'd never think about getting a sex change or anything like that. @_@ But to each their own. I might just start sitting near him these next few classes. He's been talking to like everyone around him, so maybe I'll be able to pitch in a hello or something. You're right.. it doesn't really hurt to say hi to spark a convo. My parents do that same crap to me, too! Seriously, they jump to the most extreme conclusions whenever I do something nice for a girl or something. They need to get with the times, lol.

    I saw the video! That was suuuuuper creepy! The way she spoke throughout it seriously made me cringe. I know she may have a slight difficulty speaking English, but she seriously did not have to speak in that creepy, low tone of voice she was using. It was almost as if she was just screaming for attention posting that video. Like if she's been rejected irl and doesn't have anywhere to resort to except to her "Directioner" family, lol. That was just a weird video overall, and I actually sat through that whole thing dying for it to end! Haha.

    I'm also a huge fan of pop! I would say I'm very mainstream when it comes to the music I hear. Anything on most of the major radio stations (that play pop, RnB, etc.), I pretty much know by memory. Did you like's collab with Brittney on Scream and Shout? I kinda liked the song but I felt it could have been better. Too clubby for me. xD Anyways, to name a few artists I like, probably One Direction (obviously), Rihanna, Brittney Spears, Taylor Swift, the Biebz, Pink, Kesha, David Guetta, some Drake, etc. I've never really been interested in Indie music, but I heard Lana Del Rey is pretty good? My taste is also very messy. Seriously, I'll listen to practically anything that's out for the exception of like hardcore rap or country. Btw, do you know French/have relatives from France? x)

    I didn't know all that about The Wanted. I'm surprised I've never searched up how they actually got started. That's pretty insane that they pretty much got famous because they were given lots of time on the radio. I mean, they're okay, but kinda overrated now. The funny thing is that they're not even that famous now anyways. Most people don't even know who they are, especially here in the States.

    The actual only real story I've heard was from an Irish friend I had and apparently he was in some pub and everyone was drunk as hell, and he got into a fight with another drunk guy over something (I forgot what it was), and they pretty much got kicked out. The story exemplified pretty much a typical night in a bar/pub around the world, lol. I hope I didn't generalize too much! I never saw the pic of your drunk Prime Minister. I'll search it up! The media is terribleeee here, too. They sensationalize everything and turn small events into huge ones. They're pretty much ruining society and like brainwashing everyone. I like it sometimes, but I also hate it. I don't drink at all. I'm not even the legal age (which is 21 here and I'm almost 19), but I know people my age drink a ton here. I think people believe that drinking is the only way you can have fun with friends or just on a night out. It's not. There are soooo many other things you could do to have fun while staying sober.

    Well, depending on the category, severity and strength of the hurricane, we usually stay in our house or just go to a shelter if it's bad. We've never gone to a shelter before, and I can't imagine staying in a shelter during a hurricane, but a lot of people do because it could get dangerous if you're staying in your actual house and don't have adequate protection. Luckily, our house/cars/property didn't face significant damage during both Katrina and Wilma, but we did have a screen in the backyard break out and a window break, but that's typical. Now we have shutters so all of our windows and doors are protected. It's actually kinda boring during a hurricane because all you'll hear is intense wind and rain and you just gotta stick it out till it's over. A typical hurricane can last from like 6 - 24 hours depending on its speed. I think Katrina lasted about 10 hours and Wilma left quickly, lasting maybe like 5 hours? Hurricanes don't occur in all of the U.S., though. It usually only happens to the states that border the coast, so pretty much all of the outer states could get a hurricane. There are a lot of factors, though, that determine where hurricanes go.

    Thanks for being such a kind spirit about the long replies. X)
  7. François
    January 30th, 2013 3:08 PM
    Oh don't be sorry, I felt bad earlier when I took a while responding!

    Oh the sign thing would be amazing, some sort of secret signal would be great. To be honest I doubt it'd even be that hard to think of one - surely there are loads of things gays would get that other people wouldn't?! Nothing comes to mind, but I imagine there is. And yes, even I'd just like to have a more relatable friend group right now. Really I barely see the one gay I know and there's a bisexual girl who thinks she "gets" me but she really doesn't. She's always going on about really stereotypical gay guy things like "fat black woman talk" (you know, "guuuuuuuurl" etc) and I just... don't care for that sort of thing at all. It's really awkward. But about that guy at uni, I would still totes approach him! Even if you have to hid outside your lecture hall and follow him inside, saying hi can't hurt! :) And yes, totally. The funny thing for me is that my parents are so old fashioned that they sometimes wonder if I'm dating female friends. Like, I was getting a Christmas present for a girl one year and they assumed we were going out. I just... let them think that, haha!

    Directionism video is this, I think! And yep, I thought the sitch might be like that tbh. Their songs are popular but I don't think the boys themselves are really. And their EP/album/whatever totally flopped in the US, too. Hmm, other music! Well my taste is very pop for the most part, I think my fave of all time is Britney Spears. I listen to lots of pure pop, a bit of dance, a bit of RnB, some "adult contemporary" stuff, "alternative" (aka Lana Del Rey and Florence & The Machine), a tiny bit of rap, and I gues some stuff that could be described as "quirky pop". My taste is very messy! Also I listen to a fair amount of French + Asian music. How about yourself?

    Yep, that's it! The Wanted are like the only relevant UK band who weren't on X Factor, but their career beginnings are actually very shady. They were signed by a label that has links to one of the biggest radio stations in the UK, so they were given massive airplay from the off and also they were given X Factor performance slots because the radio station threatened to stop playing X Factor-related acts if they weren't! It's crazy.

    Well if you have any good examples, feel free to share! I would like a laugh. Omg drinking is a "tradition" of ours now hahaha. The media in Ireland is actually very negative about our image - there was one time when our Prime Minister got a picture taken of him drunk and it was shown on some US TV show and everyone was saying we were a laughing stock etc. But, we're not all bad! I barely drink at all to be honest, I don't like the thought of being dependent on it to have a good time.

    That sounds so scary! Where did you stay during the hurricane? When our winds are at their very worst they are pretty terrifying but they're still barely a fraction of what hits you lot sometimes, I couldn't imagine being in a hurricane! I guess that's one advantage of not living in a glamorous US state, haha.

    I'm used to long replies already, haha!
  8. Gyardosamped
    January 30th, 2013 1:45 PM
    Hey! Sorry for the late response. I went to take a well-needed nap. @_@

    I really, really, really want to be approachable, but I know it's impossible if nobody knows I'm gay or if I'm not "out there" about it yet. It sucks, actually. I wish we had like signs above our heads that say we're gay, but only other gay people can see them. >.< I'm not into clubbing, either, which is why I haven't met people like me, I guess. If anything, I'd have to meet people at my college, which I know there are a TON there. There's actually this one guy in one of my classes which I know he's gay, but he sits on the other side of the room. And I don't want a relationship or anything like that for now, I just want to have some friends who are like me and that can relate to who I am. It's kinda too late to approach him because it's what, like the 4th week of classes? I can't just start magically sitting on the other side of the room (although I could if I chose to) and just start talking to him, lol. Gahhhh! I think my mom does say those things to see how I react to them. I mean, you can tell when a person is lying straight through their teeth. Usually they get red, they stutter, you can tell they're nervous, and seriously, whenever she asks me questions about a girlfriend or my wife or my kids or something of that ridiculous nature, I change the subject immediately. I'm just glad she's never noticed that I've changed the subject on her so fast. It really makes me feel uncomfortable, which is why I want to come out to her soon. >.>

    I'm tempted to actually go watch this "Directionism" video and might actually do that later. xD & yes, Lightning was actually a nice song! I was listening to it a lot yesterday night. You know, you'll hear a few The Wanted songs on the radio here and there in the States (or at least where I live), but you'll never actually hear anything about them or their concerts or anything. It's always, "There's a One Direction concert coming up, if you're the 60th caller, you get two free tickets and a meet and greet pass!" Nothing about The Wanted, though. (And I was only mentioning 1D again because they're another boyband!) Btw, what other music do you like? x)

    I was searching and I guess JLS got their fame from the X Factor UK? Which I guess is typical for all boy bands in the UK apparently, or Europe for that matter. Lol. It's kinda the same here, except we've never had a true boy band on any of the seasons, yet. We've only recently got done with season 2!

    I swear I've heard some crazy stories, but I can imagine it only happens to select people who are in the wrong place at the wrong time. It's just like anywhere you go. I know people there like to drink, drink, drink, but hey, that's the country's tradition, so why go against it? You know, it's funny. St. Patrick's Day is celebrated over here, too, and it's obviously not as intense here because it's not one of those holidays we consider to be big, but everyone still gets a kick out of it and we do celebrate it in a large manner, especially in pubs and stuff.

    Florida is okay. As with everything, it gets boring pretty fast if you're not a tourist. >.> I live like thirty minutes from the coastline, but we all get the same weather conditions across the peninsula since the peninsula isn't that wide. And yeah, just recently we were brushed by Hurricane Sandy and a few others, but we were completely whipped around by Hurricane Katrina and Wilma in 2005. Those were the last two hurricanes that really beat us up here and I actually experienced myself. I'm ngl, though, I love hurricanes and the feeling of working together to accomplish things, cuz seriously, during those two hurricanes we didn't have power for like two weeks straight, so all the neighbors got together and we helped each other with food and other crap. It was kinda fun, but the destruction and deaths and stuff obviously isn't.

    That picture was actually insanely sexy and did really resemble them. If one didn't actually inspect it, you could argue it was actually them.

    Sorry for the super, super, super, super long reply. Don't hurt me. <3
  9. François
    January 30th, 2013 11:10 AM
    Well, lucky you in that case! Although tbh I think it can be something of a handicap to not be somewhat obvious too. Makes it much harder for other guys to approach you, if you get me. I need to find some sort of "I'M GAY" sign, or something. I'm not one for clubbing, really, and I don't want to end up FOREVERALONE or whatever. Haha. But you're fairly lucky with your parents. I wonder if your mum says those things to see how you'll react, more than anything else?

    I KNOW. But at least they can be kind of fun to laugh at! Though I actually had to turn off that "Directionism" video after like 10 seconds 'cause it was so disturbing :( Hurrah for you liking Lightning! I wish they'd pushed it in the US instead of the last two singles which kinda flopped.

    You don't want to hear their songs, believe me! Even in the UK they're basically irrelevant now. WELL, Ireland does have a lot of pubs and crazy drunken people BUT I don't think they're too bad! There's a lot that puts me off Ireland but the attitude to drink isn't one. Just... watch out for St. Paddy's Day or a big sporting event!

    Oh lucky you! Florida always sounds like such a great place. Wet summers surprises me a bit but I suppose when you're on a coastline. But I suspect your definition of a wet summer is my definition of a dry one ;) And nope, we call them hurricanes too! Typhoon is what they call them around North-East Asia (never understood the need for different names). Have you ever been affected by a hurricane?

    I swear, if someone had shown that to me I'd think it 100% real. It's insane they got people who look so similar to them in the same video!
  10. Gyardosamped
    January 29th, 2013 6:01 PM
    Btw, I just heard Lightning and it's quite good! Thanks for recommending it. x)
  11. Gyardosamped
    January 29th, 2013 5:47 PM
    Haha, I wouldn't necessarily say you could tell I'm gay, but after you know me for a while, one could argue I was, and not because of the way I act or anything, but just because I don't necessarily bring up talks about relationships or obsess about girls and crap like most males do these days. @_@ And yes, my mom gets super annoying when it comes to asking so many unnecessary questions! "When you and your wife... and your kids..." For God's sake, lol, she puts me in the most uncomfortable situations. Luckily, my dad is the opposite and has never questioned me before, nor do I think he cares about my love life.

    I'd count myself as a 1D fanboy, but I'm not like some of those hardcore fans, tbh. Yeah, I like their looks, music, etc., but I'm not a stalker and die hard fan, either. When people start really "obsessing" and start doing things out of the ordinary, that's where the problems begin mentally, lol. That's crazy that someone made a video about "Directionism". Seriously, when did enjoying the music and the band itself come to that? Anyways, once I'm done typing this message I'm gonna listen to Lightning. I agree with you that Chasing the Sun got kinda boring after a while. I Found You was kinda the same, but I liked their high-pitched voices in the song.

    I think I've heard of JLS before, actually. But, yeah, you don't hear about them here in the U.S.. I searched them up on Google and they are quite unattractive, ngl. Lol. Never heard any of their songs, either. I've always wanted to visit Ireland, but I've heard so many crazy stories involving pubs and alcohol and stuff, that it kinda scares me!

    The economy here is not great, either. I live in Florida, so it's pretty much warm here all year long. We don't really have seasons. It usually rains in the summer and is dry in the winter, but we never get any type of adverse weather conditions except for hurricanes, which I guess you guys call typhoons? :p

    That GIF was hawt, ngl, and boy does that look a lot like Liam on top and Zayn on bottom. I can't handle these sexy pics anymore! x)
  12. François
    January 29th, 2013 5:30 PM
    Yes, I'm really similar with the people I haven't told! I feel like at this point it's practically an unsaid truth, if that makes sense. Everyone knows but doesn't bother to bring it up (which is quite nice of them!). And I am the same. I remember when I was younger everyone used to be obsessed with who everyone "liked" and it was so awkward. But there are plenty of people in my year who've yet to go out with anyone so it's not a super big deal really. There's no presh to be dating, thankfully.

    Oh I know multiple other 1D stans, haha! I'd half count myself as one these days. I like to think Zayn is the one the others go when they've had a fight or whatever and need "cheering up", hahaha. So many crazy fans thinking they're all 100% real though I once saw the creepiest YouTube video in which some girl was going on about how "Directionism" was a religion! Good choice of songs for TW, though Chasing The Sun got boring after a while for me and I Found You was a bit too high pitched for me! You should really listen to Lightning though, it's brilliant.

    Ooh! I was about to talk to you about JLS but they're complete flops everywhere outside the UK so nevermind. I was only going to say how unattractive they are, anyway! And yes, from Ireland. Things are... OK here! Economy is still not the best and the weather is rather awful right now but aside from that, no complaints! How about the US?

    I did a bit of searching too and I found an... interesting image (NSFW). The resemblance is actually uncanny!
  13. Gyardosamped
    January 29th, 2013 4:31 PM
    I'm not out to anyone, but I suspect my parents and the tight-knit group of friends I have already think I am. It doesn't help the situation that I've never had a girlfriend or ever discuss any type of relationship stuff with them. Seriously, whenever someone brings up relationships with me I get so red in the face that it's so obvious I don't even want to talk about it. But anyways, I can't help who I am and what I like. @_@ I also want to take in those who are kicked out, too! That's just terrible. I hate when people discriminate over something so silly.

    You probably think I'm 1D obsessed, but seriously all I do is stalk their Twitter's and listen to their songs all the time. xD People are way more interested in the Larry bromance than the others, tbh. I think Harry and Louis have something just like Liam and Niall do. Both their bromances seems authentic. Poor Zayn, lol, with that super sexy blonde streak. >.> Anyways, yeah, these "bromances" are all made up by the fans, lmao, although I did find a picture of Liam with a #NIAM hat on once. My favorite The Wanted songs are Glad You Came, Chasing the Sun, and I Found You. Other than those songs, I haven't really listened to their other songs.

    & nope, I'm American. You're from Ireland, right? How is it there?

    You have me searching on Tumblr now, and I can't.. I really cannot. I think he's growing out his hair again!
  14. François
    January 29th, 2013 4:16 PM
    Are you out to any of your friends? I came out to a few (can't quite remember how many, I think it was like 6!) but then just kind of stopped because I didn't want it to get too known in case it got back to my parents somehow. Unfortunately I ended up dating the one gay I knew (for a week!) and he told like twenty people, but I've never heard anything about that so I assume they somehow didn't spread it (I guess I'm not exciting enough to talk about)! I wouldn't say I fit the extreme gay stereotype that is really annoying but I think I'm just camp enough to be recognisably gay. That said my best friend of three years had no idea I was gay until I told him, which was quite shocking. When I hear about people being kicked out I just wish I could take them in! Someday I will run some sort of gay teen B&B, or something.

    Yes! I can't quite remember how I came to know them but I check the Larry tag on Tumblr too much. There is always SUCH a mountain of stuff in there, I feel bad when the other bromances get so neglected! I remember looking for Ziam and there was just... barely anything. Niam I'm not quite as interested in as I said but I find they're a much more believable pair than any other one involving Liam (although still of course, entirely unrealistic *must not look insane*). I really couldn't tell you why I like Harry to be honest, I think it's the hair? And probably the Louis association more than anything else! For me The Wanted have two good songs (Glad You Came + Lightning - they were good for all of six months!) and that's about it, while 1D have two fairly solid albums. Are you British?
  15. Gyardosamped
    January 29th, 2013 3:46 PM
    I don't know anyone gay IRL, but I also haven't come out, either. I don't think you can tell I'm gay IRL right off the bat, anyways. I don't really act or dress to fit within the super annoying "gay stereotype". I'm kinda starting to open more now, though, and have been more tempted to actually go up to people and say hello. I'm really introverted/shy! It's bad! Seriously, like I can't seem to spark a conversation because I feel like I'll make myself look like a complete idiot. Haha. But, anyways, thanks for approaching me though VM. You're super cool! xD But yeah, that'd be my worst nightmare. Being rejected by my family both emotionally and financially would be devastating. I can't even begin imagining how many others have met that fate. & thanks for the support.

    OMG, you actually know their bromance names? We're going to get along quite well. xD Niam is adorable. Seriously, I cannot get over them. You know, I don't know what people see in Harry. I mean, he's cute and stuff, but I prefer the other boys over him. I guess it's personal preference. I like The Wanted, don't get me wrong, but they are deffo not on 1D's level. I listen to their songs here and there, and yeah they're a cute boyband, too, but 1D surpasses them any day. x)

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