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  1. Ephemeral Euphoria
    December 30th, 2011 5:26 PM
    Ephemeral Euphoria
    Mr. X - "The closer the primaries get, the more of a dick waving contest the race becomes. Which explains Bachmans low numbers."

    I gotta be honest when I say that I laughed so hard at that bit. Ah kudos to you good sir
  2. Ephemeral Euphoria
    December 16th, 2011 2:00 PM
    Ephemeral Euphoria
    Oh okay, I knew that looked familiar lol.

    TBH though I thought it looked like the moon from Majora's Mask at first glance haha.
  3. Mr. X
    December 16th, 2011 1:44 PM
    Mr. X
    Nope. Yugioh.

    Its the face of Morphing Jar #2 (I think)
  4. Ephemeral Euphoria
    December 16th, 2011 1:39 PM
    Ephemeral Euphoria
    Just out of curiosity, is your current avatar from The Legend Of Zelda at all?

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