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Conversation Between Forever and fenyx4
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  1. fenyx4
    March 3rd, 2011 5:35 PM
    Something is stirring...
    Something is approaching.
    It's coming closer.
    It's right near! It's gusting hard!

    I bid you my Best Wishes as you and your comrade Kaori greet the masses of Trainers as the land is rendered in Black and White. :cer_boogie: I shall also weep for the cool threads that get pushed down by the inevitable influx of locked threads made in the wake of BW's release. :cer_cry:

    (Btw I think it's super-cool that you and Kaori are primarily playing the opposite versions yet are getting both - as you play White and she plays Black )

    Thanks for the autumnal Unova events!

    Well I'd love to buuuyyy the games to participate but I haven't even set foot in Sinnoh and Johto yet so the airplane ppl won't allow me to board Flight 151 for Unova. Such meanies. ;_; XD
  2. Forever
    March 3rd, 2011 7:59 AM
    if you buuuyyy the games you can participate... :3
  3. fenyx4
    February 24th, 2011 4:48 PM
    Whoa, you weren't kidding about that Seed Bby fanclub bandwagon thing. 51 members and counting... Psycho Bby shall prevail, though!

    Aww...your 21,400 post count is gone... (and in the process of you making a new BW thread and upping said count, the title of that thread happened to spoil the new BW fossils for me as well... T_T)

    WTF is a Lid Fossil...?
  4. fenyx4
    February 22nd, 2011 5:00 PM
    More like Laaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaate. ;_;
    (I shouldn't be talking, though, if anyone's going to be late/procrastinate at something, it's probably going to be me. T_T)

    It's kind of don't often have Walls of Text like I do, but you do have tons of little rapidfire funny posts. :cer_laugh:

    RSE Contests rock. I am furious that BW took out the Contest Conditions and Contests completely, and replaced it with what I've heard are called Musicals screensavers. :cer_pissed:

    Sinnoh's Pokeys do not suck moar! OK, Phione and Riolu do, but the rest do not! Everything was fine in Generation V (from my perspective) until the starters' final evos got leaked. That's when heck broke loose in the fandom.
    (On a side-note, I'm LOLing at the Pokemon entries on that page and this thread it linked to, written by a fellow PCer...Hmm...Ruined Forever seems to have occurred each time any change, major and/or minor, is brought into Pokemon).

    Still awaiting the BW event and bracing for the ungoshly amount of time it will take from me!

    Yuniran can usurp the Seed Bby title! Whether it will...idk. Maybe I should start a fanclub for it... Cell Bby? Psycho Bby? Embryo Bby? TEH Bby? Bby Bby? Pre-Bby? #1 Bby? :D

  5. Forever
    February 22nd, 2011 6:24 AM
    Laaate but...

    Yeah I got the emblem forever ago, idk by who.


    I never really played contests in Pearl, sooo. XD;

    Nah I dunno, I think people dislike Sinnoh's, if you look at polls all over PC. It's obvious they love Unovian Pokemon moar. As for terrible names, some suck but yeah Sinnoh's still suck moar.

    Naaah no Smugleaf. But other stuff instead. We just need to... do it. XD;

    Can't wait to see updated version!

    nono, the seed bby title cannot be taken :x Most people are bandwagoning on it. XD
  6. fenyx4
    February 15th, 2011 5:48 PM
    LOL I just noticed someone awarded you the Shut Up Emblem earlier as well, so it's all good. :cer_laugh:

    Hmm...I'll await your upcoming PC skin, then...

    Whoa... O_O I haven't played GSC, so I was an avid supporter of the "GSDS" movement... The plotline and post-game content looks decent, though. Much better than FireRed had. And the potentialfor 16 Gym Leader rematches...only thing it's missing is the Contests from DPPt.

    I'll admit Gen 5 has some awesome Pokemon, but from my experience fans were way more divided to the Gen 5 designs as opposed to the Gen 4 ones. The Kami trio, Dasutodasu, the leaked final starter evos, Maggyo, Crimgan are just some of the examples people have detested in heated manners, IMO. A lot of the English names made it worse, apparently (especially Sawk and Throh).
    Personally, Gen 5 is the only Generation I've had a problem with the names, but it's partially due to pre-exposure to the Japanese names... I don't have a problem with any of the ones from Gen 1 to Gen 3, and in Gen 4 the only one that really comes to mind is Bidoof and Uxie, where with Uxie I thought the "I" was an "L" before getting acquainted with it. IMO, UXLE sounds much cooler (I pronounce it Ooks-Lay). I've gotten used to Bidoof over time, though.

    I heard about the Pokemon Gray rumor that said it might not be coming out! I'll yell about it more in one of the BW threads dedicated to it later on, but that just defies tradition right there. I was hoping to get all of the Tao Dragons in one game to avoid hassles...

    LOL...of course I wouldn't leave PC forever! I've invested too much time in it anyway, so I'll be here until Pokemon ends.

    Yay! Can't wait for the BW event...though that means PC will suck more time from me. But whatevs; NEW BW EVENT!!!11!! :cer_laugh: (I hope it doesn't involve Smugleaf because she frustrated me so much on the 1st hunt... :cer_cry

    Cool...I love the DS Phat's supposed durability, but the main problem is that the devs put the Power Button right above the Up button on the D-Pad! I was playing a classmate's copy of Metroid Prime Hunters on their DS, and I got so engaged in the action that while in combat, I inadvertently hit the Power Button instead of the Up one. And I didn't save, so I had to playthrough the entire section again. T_T :cer_pissed:

    Thank you very much for the comments on my CIU story! Expect the "updated" version near the end of next year, I think, when it's more in-season again; LOL.

    Yeah; your profile looks fine on the current comp I'm using. (so Macs are good for something... )

    So that's who Seed Bby is! :cer_laugh: It's a cute nickname, though... But that thing looks like it has rice grains for eyes... I love Rankurusu's design though, and Rankurusu's Japanese and English names add to the awesomeness. Oddish look cuter, though. And IMO, Yuniran looks even more cuter - possibly to the point of assuming the Seed Bby title!

    Hope I can hold off from the Seed Bby craze though... *stares at Churine...stares at Churine...stares at Churine-SNAP OUT OF IT!*
  7. Forever
    February 15th, 2011 2:21 AM
    It...was causee of your mass vm that is taking forever to reply to! XD

    Anyway, vms response!

    Well my profile now is based on my upcoming skin. When I work on it. As for Reshiram. It is loved. :D Well, came second in one but yeah.

    I just had nothing to follow on after the main game. ;___; And Gen 4 are most hated Pokemon tbh. Gen 5's > gen 4. Well, Gray may not even comme out. D; But yeah just get Black if you reallyyyy can, then go back to playing whatever. lol. Ohhh I thought you were gunna leave PC forever or something, but yay that it's only due to Calculus. XD But yeah just stick around the section, especially around the release date, since we have an event planned. :DD

    And yees I do have an original DS. XD; Soo many people don't have it. Happy new year to you too...but very late. XD;; And well, your story was amazing and touching, even if you based it on a movie, it's still awesome. Can't wait til you're fully actiiiive! And um, get a larger computer, it looks weird on different resolutions. XD; Seed bby = Churine, a B/W Pokemon that Sydian got obsessed with and everyone else did soooo yeah. And... my vm response is sooo small omg. :(
  8. fenyx4
    February 14th, 2011 10:26 PM
    Says (gives? awards?) the member with 21, 304 posts and counting (and 95 blog entries), not to mention one of the winners of Most Talkative MOTY 2010. But hey, an emblem's an emblem, so thanks! :D

    (if I got that emblem IRL, many people would be surprised. Well, they would if you meant the word "talkative" literally. I hardly utter a word vocally, yet I'm sorta infamous among my peers for long pieces of writing... :cer_laugh
  9. fenyx4
    February 13th, 2011 5:15 PM

    Sorry for the absence. Um...get ready for a tl;dr in response to your last VM. *hides* I think I'm going to spoiler this to protect your profile from the possible harm my wall of text might produce..

    Well, your profile does look more professional-ish and easier on the eyes, now, with a cute Minccino CHILLARMY!!!! to boot in the profile pic. Reshy still needs more love, though... I was going to vote for you in "Prettiest Profile of the Year" and "Most Likely to Refresh PC Every 5 Seconds During Downtime"...but it looks like you won those anyway, so congrats. :cer_laugh: Congrats on you and Kaori also winning "Most Likely To Stay Friends", which I was gonna vote for as well 'cause you two seem like best buddehs. I was going to place several votes for people, but I went into the MOTY 2010 Thread on December 31st, and it was closed by then. :cer_cry: I think you were right about it closing on the 30th... Something similar happened with the RuneScape Christmas event around the same time that I missed, but that's another story. -.- Amazingly, all of my intended votes for Best Username of 2010 all won the category!

    Kaori sent me the emblem a while ago, which I'm grateful for. TinyPic worked wonders at the time!

    You got bored with HeartGold after one playthrough?! O_O If anything, I'd apply that sentiment to FireRed and LeafGreen instead (almost no replay value after E4, Sevii sidequest, and Trainer Tower).

    AND NOW I LEARN YOU DON'T LIKE GEN 4 POKEYS?! Including Giratina, Lucario, Dialga, Darkrai, Infernape, and Arceus?! Wutwutwut!? @_@

    In regards to Black and White: T________T Uh..........I'd like to get Black, but I kind of have to limit what videogames I can get for my birthdays and Christmas and the like, especially due to the rotten economy and all... And if Gray Version comes out, I'll probably be wishing to play it while having Black in my possession - the same thing happened when Emerald came out while I was still playing Sapphire. I sort of had an excuse to get Emerald because I lost the aforementioned Sapphire cartridge (and it was my second Sapphire cart, at that, after having lost my first one). At the time, Emerald was released, so I decided I might as well get it instead rather than limiting the features available to me with a third Sapphire cartridge. It was worth it in the long run, because Emerald's Battle Frontier has astounding replayability, as primitive as the game seems at times.
    As a result, since I became familiarized with Nintendo's tendency to release third versions each Generation, I decided from Generation 4 on to wait for each Gen's "third version" (primarily to save money by getting only one game, and to hold out for the inevitable extra features, such as improved egg moves, move tutors, and stuff), though I got Platinum much later than I anticipated. If I had as much money as I do now in Emerald, I'd most likely ask for Black sometime after release, while getting Gray as well upon its release.

    But back to BW. It's been quite a struggle to read up on the BW news. Due to the whole "rebirth" announcement, I wanted to work my hardest to avoid spoilers, as those are what essentially ruined Generation's 4 mystique for me. Most likely, we'll be well into Gen 5 before I even set foot in Sinnoh, let alone Unova, and I know all of Sinnoh's Pokemon, the bulk of the legends, the Pokemon League characters, and so forth. IMO, such advance knowledge tarnishes the Pokemon experience. When I rejoined the Pokemon franchise and got my first Pokemon game ever (Sapphire) in the middle of Generation's 3 time period (Sapphire), the experience was much better. No qualms with any of the Hoenn names, engaging and beautiful vistas, and epic legends. Discovering every Hoenn Pokemon was a brand new experience. I fondly remember learning about Chimecho, as an example. I was on the bus as a kid, and a friend showed me the never-before-seen bell Pokemon with a mysterious sprite and cry. He wouldn't tell me where to obtain it, but another friend let me in on Chimecho's location. Cue hours trying to find it, and my exclamations of joy when I finally snagged one from Mt. Pyre. There was no Internet to spoil it, and its rarity was a major plus which signaled to me that I still had many secrets in Hoenn to unlock. In my perspective, that is the feel of the ultimate Pokemon experience. forward to 2011 where I know the names and movesets of basically all Gen 4 Pokemon, with partial exposure to the same of Unova's Pokemon. Right now, the only things not spoiled from Platinum are Sinnoh's music, and actually traversing through it. Even Johto isn't as badly spoiled, because I got the "first-time experience" with some of Johto's music in the Sevii Islands and in Super Smash Brothers Melee/Brawl, and I discovered the Pokemon at an adequate pace via the anime.

    Granted, it's my fault for not avoiding Internet spoilers with the utmost effort, but if I truly did that, it would mean months without any productive Pokemon talk, which could potentially wane my interest in Pokemon. I didn't even mean to linger in the BW threads for this long. I just wanted to glimpse the first Gen V Pokemon (Zoroark). But then the amazing logos came...and then the starters and player characters assumed the spotlight. Afterwards, the epic Tao Dragons debuted, which called me for discussion. Then those horrendous leaks of the starter final evo sprites, which at the time just seemed to beg criticism. Then you and Kaori started up those weekly polls, so we'd have something to tide us over each week as BW's release approached. Then you and Kaori introduced the Scavenger Hunts, which I had never participated in before, so I ended up getting lured to that. Coupled with the BW subforum's engaging threads and the inspiring Christmas In Unova event you and Kaori held that occupied me over Winter Break, I essentially got dragged all the way into this PokeCommunity-ish black hole and bivouacked in the BW subforum.

    I was going to avoid BW more often, but there really isn't a point now since the degree of spoiling is already way past what I'd like it to be. And now we have many of Pokemon fans ruminating about the leaked English name Pokemon list... As long as the official Pokemon site continues to post them, it helps decrease the "spoilers". What I hate is having to scroll down past the leaked list of Pokemon localizations and such before the games are even out. I'm also trying to avoid Kyuremu's artwork/sprite for the most part, so Gray will be a more enriching experience for me. A bit extreme I know, but first impressions can be lasting impressions, and I don't want my impression to be based off Kyuremu popping up in some random user's avatar. Bulbanews almost spoiled the artwork for me today, in fact.

    So yeah, you'll be happy to know that I'm most likely sticking around as a regular in BW. I've been on hiatus because stupid Calculus class has been interfering with my online activity for the longest time, so mainly I've kept up with Pokemon updates via Bulbanews for the past weeks. T_T One day, I shall burn Calculus and its mind-screwy concepts with my Emboar's incinerating flames!

    You brought up good points about the possibilities of why HGSS are higher than their counterparts. I'm still quite irked that Nintendo would do that, though. Second best-selling videogaming franchise ever, and we're subject to little financial crap like that, not to mention in-store event Pokemon and the like. I'm glad I have knowledge on how the main series tends to work, though. As for the newness, Platinum was still relatively new before HGSS and it still had DP's price... The DS format is another possible reason, which kind of makes me worried about the cost of future 3DS Pokemon games... After lengthy comparisons via GameStop's website regarding the GBA and DS main series Pokemon games, I came to the conclusion that the PokeWalker accessory is the most likely cause for the extra $5.00. Kind of a letdown, because it can't communicate with BW (yet the games were supposedly worked on concurrently with HGSS) and all of the items you get on the PokeWalker routes from Generation 4 are essentially useless now in BW.

    Glad to hear about your DS. (the original clam-shell "Phat" version, I'm assuming?) I'm hoping to get a 3DS eventually, and I'm quite disappointed that the red one won't be available at launch... I'm hoping to get a low-cost new Nintendo DS Lite at some point (say, when it gets under $100.00?) because my GameBoy Advance SP is showing signs of fatigue, and I've had it since before 2004, obtaining it around the time of a pre-2004 Christmas at the same time that I got my first copy of Sapphire. :cer_cry:. A mod on RangerBoard said that 3DS and DS won't have communication issues regarding DS games, so I'm hoping to Pal Park and then PokeShift all of my Pokemon when the time comes.

    Happy New Year as well! (even though it's like a month late to be saying that ) Yay for crossword answers!

    And I was quite surprised at your most recent VM; I feel very honored for my entry to receive such a distinction. :o Thank you so much! I'm hoping to quietly add the minor edits at some point in the near future, especially the ending (the one currently in the post was rushed to my dismay). The ending was one of the first things I conceived, but writing the middle chunk of the storyline was more of an undertaking than I expected. I watched the Muppets' Christmas Carol as a kid, so I tried recalling as many elements as I could from it from memory - prolonged Internet access would've been much helpful while I wrote it so I could rewatch it, but alas circumstances did not permit me to do so. One example: if you've seen that movie and recall the 2 singing Marley Muppets, (during the "We're Marley and Marley" song) that's what I was picturing the whole time with the funky-colored kami trio, which is what I attempted to evoke.

    I hope you and Kaori enjoyed the Unova story, though! School has prevented me from penning the "final" draft's edits, but you might see them should I quietly edit the contest entry's post. Or I might just end up submitting it to you and Kaori next winter should you like a little Christmas read for the wintry season.

    Hmm...I think that should be it for now. Well, I shall proceed to catching up on a bunch of PokeCommunity threads as time permits this week. A preview of some comments you might see soon that come to mind right now, though they'll be in a more refined form:

    NONOKUSU??? :cer_boogie:
    -What the deuce? MOOGER?! Why not just name 'em BOOGER or NOSE CRUST WONDERMENT while you're at it- sorry, wrong franchise.

    That is all.

    P.S. Why do all your VMs look like they're all squinched up in the center?!

    P.S.S. Who the eff is this Seed bby I keep hearing about?!


    We now return you to your regularly-scheduled visitor profile.
  10. Forever
    January 18th, 2011 7:56 AM
    You won CIU btw. :) NOW RETURN.
  11. Forever
    January 1st, 2011 5:48 AM
    Nooo I changed my profile! It looks a looot better now, just without Reshiram. XD It's all like pink and pretty and professional-ish looking now.

    ...Oh. Well, yeah, but I just consider PC...okay you're right, but I still call B/W a forum anyway. XD

    Well, good luck. Idk we might extend it a little maybe! Since Kaori still hasn't done scavenger hunt results... XD

    YAY! HeartGold is pretty awesome but gets boring after one playthrough imo. Haven't played Platinum though because I hate gen 4 Pokemon. :D

    Wait wait wait, you're not going to get Black? ;_________; WE NEED YOU AS A REGULAR IN B/W, YOU NEED TO GET BLACK. D:

    ...well that's the best way they can make money I guess. XD People aren't realising how they're being ripped off so as long as they can get away with it, they will. And well, HG/SS are still pretty new, like, under a year so that might be why the price is higher. Plus times are changing? Oh and there's the fact that these are DS games and not GBA, so maybe that's another reason! :D

    I only have one DS, but it's like... from yeaaars ago, so I don't need to really worry about it breaking, and no region locking either (I don't import, but still, it's nice XD) I'm considering getting a 3DS eventually though, so that I can trade between Black and White (if that's possible, I think...I read the FAQ all the time yet I don't pay attention to those parts XD;) because I totally want both games. :D

    Oh and happy new year! And your crossword answers are correct. XD
  12. fenyx4
    December 31st, 2010 5:41 PM
    Aww...something happened to your epic Reshiram/N profile pic... Must be IE again....

    LOL yeah, everything on the PokeCommunity main page I consider as a "subforum", with the entirety of PC itself being the forum. But right now, the BW subforum is shaping up to be a very awesome subforum at that. It manages to suck up most, if not all, of my time on PC at least, thanks to the great events you and Kaori host to tide over the time until BW is released outside Japan. :D And it's near the top of the main page!

    Still working on my CIU Story Entry...word search is aggravating me, in terms of submission method. I'm planning to "complete" it with Paint.NET, but haven't a clue how to properly send it yet...

    In other news...

    I FINALLY GOT POKEMON PLATINUM AND HEARTGOLD VERSIONS FOR CHRISTMAS!!! :cer_boogie: :cer_boogie: First time I've ever gotten two Pokemon games at once... :o The bad news is that Gen IV is going to be trumped in like 3 months, so online activity for Gen 4 is probably gonna lessen a bit.
    And I don't have a DS yet anyway, so I'm still stuck in Gen III for a few months. XD But I might as well wait until the 3DS is released (a few more months, I'm guessing), so I can have the ability to play 3DS games and maintain DS compatibility. Other good news is that the games can tide me over until Pokemon "Gray" Version comes out (I would get Black Version upon release, but I'm trying to organize my gaming "budget", so I might as well wait for the version with more content added).

    The thing that disappointed me with Platinum and HeartGold at the Target store, though, is that Diamond, Pearl, and Platinum Versions have all stayed at the same price ($35.00) since release day (which is more than a year for Platinum, and even more for DP). I mean, DP should at least gone down in price by now, right? :cer_confused: If they're at the same price as Platinum, DP buyers are technically getting cheated, because Platinum boasts way more content and features.

    Even stranger is that HG and SS are $5.00 more at $40.00...I get that they're remakes and all, but I figured they would be the same price as Platinum... Back when I got FireRed for Christmas some years ago, in the store I visited, it was the same price as Ruby and Sapphire were at that time ($35.00 as well, IIRC) despite being a remake (and I think RS were ~$35.00 for quite a while). And that was a bit near FRLG's release date.
    Then again, FRLG didn't have much postgame content in it besides the Sevii Islands, Trainer Tower, and Elite 4's second wave... :\

    What I'm really worried about though, is how I'm going to get my RSE Pokemon to Gens 4 and 5. The 3DS currently lacks a GBA slot, so I won't be able to Pal Park, and I don't know anyone near me with a DS Lite... I'm hoping to get a DS Lite either as a contest prize or something, or when it really drops in price (like $100). Right now it's $129.99 for a new DS Lite... (and with all those "hinge cracking" ordeals I've heard about, I really don't want to get a used one to have it break on me weeks later...). As for Gen 4 to Gen 5, I've heard it can be done DS-to-DS via PokeShifter, but I don't know if the 3DS will maintain any sort of direct compatibility with the DS... Darn this dilemma... :cer_cry: :cer_pissed:

    ...Anyway, I should stop now; didn't mean to post tl;dr in your visitor box. ' Have a Happy Unova Year! (ick, "Unova" is getting sorta hard to use in puns now)
  13. Forever
    December 22nd, 2010 4:45 PM
    ...Oh now I know. XD Yeaaah lol evolution.

    And Chrome too!

    B/W is a subforum now? ;; Good luck either way. :)
  14. fenyx4
    December 22nd, 2010 8:22 AM
    Oh wait...! Nvm...I think. The dragon I'm referring to is the one the clue describes in #6 Across. But it said evolution... I was trying to fit the name of the first stage of that Pokemon in the boxes, but it was too short. His third stage's name seems to fit in the boxes fine, though... LOL. No wonder I got confuddled. @_@

    And I agree, Firefox dominates by a long shot. Even the lesser known Opera browser seems to work a bit better than IE.

    Working on the 2nd BW Scavenger Hunt right now... I finally got Clue 6 today (got stuck on it last night) and was on a roll today until Clue #8. seems to describe the entire BW subforum though, which would take ages to sift through every single post completely... :cer_laugh:

    But still...I must finish the hunt!

    Ugh...forums are starting to lag.
  15. Forever
    December 22nd, 2010 8:04 AM

    ...Idk...I can only think of two less obvious ones and since you said dragon, the answer to that space where he's in is six letters long. XDDD;

    ...Firefox vs IE? Yes, Firefox is better :D

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