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Conversation Between Forever and Pikabloo

Conversation Between Forever and Pikabloo
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  1. Forever
    August 26th, 2010 1:29 AM
    I dreamed of you. As a blue Pikachu found near New Bark Town through some secret code. I hope you come back someday.
  2. Forever
    August 24th, 2010 3:43 AM
    Maaaacy ;;
  3. Forever
    November 4th, 2009 3:59 AM
    Angelo is really in love with you :(
  4. Forever
    September 3rd, 2008 4:13 PM
    That's cuz I'm very sowwy.
  5. Pikabloo
    September 3rd, 2008 5:18 AM
    Yeah... you should be sorry >:
  6. Forever
    September 2nd, 2008 5:55 AM
    I'm so sorry for doing that to you. D:
  7. Pikabloo
    September 2nd, 2008 5:48 AM
    Yes. It does suck. Since it means I'll have a test tomorrow. Which means that I have to study... now.
  8. Forever
    September 2nd, 2008 5:47 AM
    Oh damn Macy.

    That sucks.
  9. Pikabloo
    September 2nd, 2008 5:41 AM
    Eh. The smilie is too... yellow.

    btw, I have yet to hear of any news of school being cancelled~
  10. Forever
    September 2nd, 2008 5:36 AM
    Your smilie that is showing.
  11. Pikabloo
    September 2nd, 2008 5:18 AM
    Who shall I put the blame on, then? :\
  12. Forever
    September 2nd, 2008 5:15 AM
    Oh, fine then don't do that.
  13. Pikabloo
    September 2nd, 2008 5:09 AM
    I don't want to blame an innocent animal for forcing me to go to school >:
  14. Forever
    September 2nd, 2008 5:02 AM
    Blame an animal for it. : D
  15. Pikabloo
    September 2nd, 2008 5:01 AM
    Aww, why not? >: I mean, it's not like it's highly likely that I'll still have school tomorrow...

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