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  1. Live in Color
    October 13th, 2012 8:22 AM
    Live in Color
    Cool cool, I kinda just stopped wanting to deal with people here and just play my pokeymanz. Lotsa stuff happened a while ago and it was just lame. :/
  2. Hikamaru
    October 13th, 2012 8:13 AM
    I'm not an ex-staff or anything but yeah, I did get a little famous after I won two categories in the 2011 MOTY poll. Something I never expected.

    And yeah, I recently got supporter'd.
  3. Live in Color
    October 13th, 2012 8:11 AM
    Live in Color
    So, pretty much everywhere haha. I see you joined in 2011, which was after I left pretty much, but your name sounds familiar for some reason.
  4. Hikamaru
    October 13th, 2012 8:08 AM
    Other Trivia, New Users/Welcome and the Pokemon Gaming areas, maybe also a little bit of Pokemon Trivia and Pokemon Clubs.

    So yeah, I'm quite diverse. I often avoid Fan Fiction & Writing, Trade Corner, Emulation, Game Development, Art & Design and Roleplay Corner since they are my weaknesses.
  5. Live in Color
    October 13th, 2012 8:05 AM
    Live in Color
    I noticed, I don't have Black 2 or White 2 yet, but I'll be getting it soon. Where are you normally around the forums?
  6. Hikamaru
    October 13th, 2012 8:02 AM
    Well, it's nice you came back at a perfect time cos Black 2 & White 2 fever is going around the forum.
  7. Live in Color
    October 13th, 2012 7:59 AM
    Live in Color
    Hey there, and yeah I did used to be a mod but not for long. What have you heard? Aha. I came back to PC because I've been getting more and more into Pokemon Black again and I wanted to battle competitively and trade and whatnot.
  8. Hikamaru
    October 13th, 2012 6:56 AM
    Hi there LIC, I've heard about you and I see you used to be a mod here.

    You can call me Hikari. So, why the sudden return to PC?

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