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Conversation Between Ivysaur and TwilightBlade

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Conversation Between Ivysaur and TwilightBlade
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  1. Ivysaur
    October 12th, 2008 12:07 PM
    Thaaaaaaaank you
    /reflects lazr beems
  2. TwilightBlade
    October 12th, 2008 8:24 AM

    Congrats on supah mawd. I'm sure I'm late but /lazr beems :3
  3. Ivysaur
    September 22nd, 2008 1:14 PM
    *Floods with more comments*

    Procastination is what keeps PC active, did you know?
  4. TwilightBlade
    September 22nd, 2008 1:10 PM

    *fires moar lazr beems at comments*
  5. Ivysaur
    September 21st, 2008 2:50 AM
    You sure love lazr beems :<

    Yay for profile comment flooding.
  6. TwilightBlade
    September 20th, 2008 10:05 AM
    Nuu, there's like this blog thing which I won't ever figure out, lol.. And I think the staff changed quite a bit. New skins too. :3

    *tuberculosis used lazr beems to break through your defense*
  7. Ivysaur
    September 20th, 2008 9:52 AM
    Maybe you went to the wrong forums? XD

    It's... not so different. Just more Mypaceish with each month.

    Not that many staff changes since May, either.

    *Went goes into invisible mode.
    Stalking defense sharply rose!*
  8. TwilightBlade
    September 20th, 2008 9:37 AM
    Yeah, but I can only go on here mostly on the weekends.. I have a lot of catching up to do. This place is different. :o

    *stalking battle initiated
    tuberculosis used glare*
  9. Ivysaur
    September 20th, 2008 7:12 AM
    Hello there.
    You have been missed around a lot, I'm sure you know already.

    *Goes back to stalking*
  10. TwilightBlade
    September 20th, 2008 6:59 AM
    *stalks and pokes back*

    Hiya Went~ 8D
  11. Ivysaur
    September 20th, 2008 12:45 AM
    *Stalks around a bit*

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