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  1. +Sneasel™
    October 12th, 2008 4:54 PM
    Looks awesome, glad your back to making pokemon!
    Beef them up? They're strong as it is!
  2. TB Pro
    October 12th, 2008 4:42 PM
    TB Pro
    Haha coolness.
    Yeah, I'll beef up Mightyena and Poochyena.
    Nah, it's k. And thx.
    Another, it's an evo to it.
  3. +Sneasel™
    October 12th, 2008 4:34 PM
    OOOOh, Red Jumpsuit Sneasel is awesome, haha, i'll consider it!!!

    I'm definetly picking Houndour, not only is HOundoom stronger, but i hate poochyeana, even if in teh end i do get Mightyana.

    Nice bomb sprite you sent to Wind~ by the way (I was randomly looking, sorry if you didn't want anyone else to see that ). Its soooo cool!
  4. TB Pro
    October 12th, 2008 4:29 PM
    TB Pro
    You guessed it brother.

    Hmm...Lets go with Red Jumpsuit Sneasel
  5. +Sneasel™
    October 12th, 2008 4:28 PM
    Sweet Sweet Sweet Sweet! Houndoom is amazing! Sooooo, are they like starters, like Houndour and Poochyeana, or is it like complexio?

    Oh yea, just a random question, if i were to change my user name, waht do you think would be a goood choice?
  6. TB Pro
    October 12th, 2008 4:27 PM
    TB Pro
    Oh, Houndoom is on there too, on the left, under the text, not very visible :/
  7. TB Pro
    October 12th, 2008 4:26 PM
    TB Pro
    Hai thar. Yep It's one of the symbol pokemon, along with houndoom.
  8. +Sneasel™
    October 12th, 2008 3:45 PM
    Yo, what's up man? I see in your sig, there is a very cute picture of Mightyana next to the Onyx label...hmmmm...any connections? Mightyana is actually a pokemon i totally forgot to add onto my small list of pokemon from R/S/E that i like...poochyana can die though, he's ugly (and not even fugly, UGLY!). Hahahaha
  9. TB Pro
    October 5th, 2008 1:06 PM
    TB Pro
    That's a sweet song. I'm not doing much, about to clean my room, then hack I suppose.
  10. +Sneasel™
    October 5th, 2008 12:11 PM
    What's up??? I'm just listening to music, hacking, and eating chips!
    Oh yea, you have to listen to this song, it's a totally different sound than I'm used to, but I like it
  11. +Sneasel™
    October 3rd, 2008 4:05 PM
    Sorry! i'm grounded from computer and such, just sneaking on to tell you...i'll do my best to sneak on as much as i cna!
  12. +Sneasel™
    September 27th, 2008 8:28 PM
    No time? Yea, I know whatcha mean
  13. TB Pro
    September 27th, 2008 8:24 PM
    TB Pro
    Nope, haven't had time Errr:/
  14. +Sneasel™
    September 27th, 2008 7:54 PM
    Jesse! Have you played Pokemon Never? Its insane~
  15. +Sneasel™
    September 25th, 2008 5:22 PM
    I need some help Lot's of questions of possiblility, so yea, I'll ask you them as soon as I go get some macaroni and cheese! Meanwhile, go listen to "Dashboard" by Modest Mouse, if you haven't heard it (or even if you had) cause the song rocks! Yay, and also...I was looking at the surfing sprite for FR, I think its a Polywrath actually...maybe, the feet and such.

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