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Conversation Between Hazuki and Miyu

Conversation Between Hazuki and Miyu
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  1. Miyu
    September 30th, 2008 6:57 AM
    O: .
    I always thought it was the other way around~ Thank you for telling me<3.
    Haha. I guess I do like Shounen Ai better than Yaoi . x].
  2. Hazuki
    September 29th, 2008 6:19 PM
    Yaoi= lots and lots and lots of sex
    shounen-ai=holding hands, kissing, hugging, nothing go beyond that.

  3. Miyu
    September 29th, 2008 5:57 PM
    I should try some too~ 83.

    Really? O:
    Which is more mild? Yaoi or Shounen Ai? I was always confused by it. @-@.
  4. Hazuki
    September 29th, 2008 5:51 PM
    Thanks! Oh that's because I read a lot a lot of icon tutorials. XD

    Yes it is. Well I don't like yaoi it's nasty. But shounen-ai is love. <3
  5. Miyu
    September 29th, 2008 5:50 PM

    Your theme is cute too~ I'm pretty bad with avvies, but you're good. O: .

    ... Is that Yaoi I see on your profile picture? <3.
  6. Hazuki
    September 29th, 2008 5:47 PM
    Hi Miyu! I'm just here to say I like your theme! It's cute.

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