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  1. Hall Of Famer
    August 21st, 2009 10:22 PM
    Hall Of Famer
    Well this is a weird way of vacation, isnt it? But yeah, you do need to take a break sometimes. Replying to 25+ VMs everyday is fun, but it also makes you tired.

    I see, it was a nice avatar indeed. Did you ever wonder how your life would be if you are less lazier?

    So do you at least find Psychology slightly more interesting than the other courses you are taking? It is always easy to lose motivation, and thats why people all seem to be ambitious, but most of them cant get anything done. Hopefully you will be able to find an interest in college study, probably game design? lol you are not into programming, are you?

    It seems that you have done at least an okay job as a moderator, and you are indeed popular on this forum. Being a mod is not all that easy, especially if your friends or acquaintances accidentally break the rules and you will have to treat them with infractions or even bans. Anyway, what do you mean by "my way of leaving wasnt the greatest". I am curious.

    I am getting ridiculously busy recently, and I dunno whether it is a good thing for me or not...
  2. TwilightBlade
    August 19th, 2009 6:19 AM
    My vacation is not to answer many notifications. I have 15 VMs, so don't take it personally when I ignore you. I'm ignoring many. XD

    Uhh, that avatar is graphic art, not pixel art. I can make graphics, but I'm obscenely lazy. :p

    Owned constantly, rofl. My mom thinks I should study Psychology as I'm interested in nothing else in school. It's kinda sad how demotivated I've become when I used to make straight A's up until 9th grade...

    Eh, I was reluctant to issue many infractions/bans. I'm too nice, but I enforce the rules. Yeah, I used to get random PMs asking for help, but it wasn't a bother. I did want to help, right? Personally, I think that there are better mods and I didn't think my performance was stellar, but eh, I wasn't horrible. Probably, my way of leaving wasn't the greatest.... :/

  3. Hall Of Famer
    August 18th, 2009 11:01 PM
    Hall Of Famer
    And btw, what do you mean by "go on a vacation for 5 days"?
  4. Hall Of Famer
    August 15th, 2009 9:56 PM
    Hall Of Famer
    lol I know you didnt make it, or you would be considered a pixel artist on this forum. And how many notifications did you get on Saturday?

    Well actually I have no idea why my friend has a hard time realizing the existence of science, but he does get owned constantly. It seems that you have a good understanding of psychology. I dunno whether it is good for you or not. I have seen psychologists become psychotic themselves, so take care.

    It seems that your experience as a PC mod is sweet despite all those problematic members and troublesome reports. I've seen mods who actually enjoy warning, infracting or even banning users, and I dunno if you are one of them. Being a mod also makes you a target for forum stalkers, so I can imagine the number of messages you have to reply in a day. You have many supporters in your fanclub though, so can I conclude that people liked your modding? I may consider joining your fanclub someday.

    The summer break is about to end, are you excited at the upcoming fall semester, or are you nervous? I had a feeling that this summer break was cut short, and I dunno whether you have the same feeling or not.
  5. TwilightBlade
    August 10th, 2009 4:17 PM
    Yep, lol. I didn't make it, though.

    And no, obviously, I have 15 more notifications to attend to. D:

    Lol, existence of science? @[email protected] And yeah, I took a nasty college level course on Psychology. Ugh, psychologists and experiments and terms are melt in my brain for all eternity.

    Hey. Hey. Hey. Life isn't all rainbows and unicorns and cookies.

    Reports aren't stupid things.. They're godsends. It's the noobs and trolls who are dumb and the good members report the spam and thus, they save you from having to constantly stalk the forum. THOUGH, BACK IN THE DAY when the DPPT intelligent lurker pool was limited, well.... D8! But there quite a few good members there, now.

    And no, I don't like it when I'm backed up on my notifications. Popularity, go on a vacation for 5 days. ;p;
  6. Hall Of Famer
    August 10th, 2009 4:04 PM
    Hall Of Famer
    It seems that someone stole your old Avatar?
  7. Hall Of Famer
    August 8th, 2009 10:59 PM
    Hall Of Famer
    Are you sure you cant multitask? So you cant chat with a bunch of friends on MSN at the same time?

    Yeah, there is simply no way to satisfy our unlimited wants. I never knew you have studied Psychology in high school though, and you seem to be quite interested in science. I have a friend who is against science because he believes there is no way to prove the existence of any science theory, even though he constantly gets owned by my other scientist friends. And you can definitely contribute to the game industry even if you do not make a game of your own.

    Well thats really weird of you rejecting those offers. You are only 17, and your parents wont give you financial support on phone service? And lol you could have requested a guy to pay the phone and the service for you though, but I agree with you that it is cool to earn what you want through your own hands.

    I see. Being a mod is fun, but it also keeps you busy since you have to deal with stupid things like reports if you are a modding a huge online community like PC. Anyway, this is probably the reason why you are only active on PC. A large forum with a bunch of your online friends, a feast you can enjoy at anywhere else. You only receive VMs from me and Beta Zero on my forum, while you have to reply to 30+ VMs on PC everyday. You have shown me again that popularity is what you truly want, am I right?
  8. TwilightBlade
    August 2nd, 2009 7:48 AM
    Wah, I cannot multitask at all. ;o;

    Lol, I know all about that from psychology.. We will just keep pursuing the latest fad too, like hover cars, kthx. OMG I WOULD LOVE A CHOPPA.

    Hmm, I know that there are a lot of fields in the gaming business (heck, look at the credits that no one reads XD;), so maybe I have a chance. I'm more into math, science, and art anyways.. I cannot stand English or history.

    I have to get a job to pay for the phone service. I've had offers, but I'm pretty stubborn; I don't like accepting freebies.. I'd rather work for it.

    Mmm, let's just say that modding DPPt was bittersweet. It was bitter because of the plethora of trash and reports and overall stress. It was sweet because I got to mod a section I really enjoy, knew a lot about, and got to help out. I did say I love Pokemon, right?

    As for another position elsewhere.. Maybe, but I don't have the same enthusiasm elsewhere like I have on PC. I'm inactive at every forum but here, so that must say a lot.
  9. Hall Of Famer
    July 31st, 2009 8:25 PM
    Hall Of Famer
    I know quite a lot of people who cant think spontaneously, so guess you are not alone.

    lol I have no intention to "crush" your dream, gal. But let's think about this, what if we eventually manage to acquire the things we have been wanting for ages? Our attention would be immediately shifted to something we still don't have yet. We human beings have unlimited wants, so dont expect to be satisfied even if you do get a car someday. You'd probably wish to have a helicopter of your own by then.

    Well my friend's grandparents did not work for game/art business too, but her father and uncle made it. There is no point following your parents footstep anyway. You may not be creative enough to make a game, but you can make something for the game if you wish to learn. Remember it takes tens of people to complete a commercial video game in two to three years. You won't be working alone.

    I never thought you'd not even have a cellphone, and here is the question. You are this much popular among both guys and gals, so why wouldnt a guy buy you a cellphone if you dont have one?

    It has been more than half a year since you resigned your position as a PC moderator... So how was your experience as a mod? Will you be interested in modding a forum in future?
  10. TwilightBlade
    July 31st, 2009 8:01 PM
    Well, I just can't think spontaneously. I'm slow.. :P

    Way to crush my hopes and dreams, sir.

    My family doesn't work in the game/art business, lmao. I'm not creative enough to make a game.. :P

    Regular life... Nope, my babes bail on me all of the time because I'm on the other side of town, I don't have a car, and I don't have a cell phone. I end up going out to the mall or beach with my mother, ew. no life.

    I don't worship people I don't know. >:C
  11. Hall Of Famer
    July 31st, 2009 7:28 PM
    Hall Of Famer
    lol I never knew you suck at battles, you just told me yourself.

    We all like things we dont have, weird but true. What we want most is what we can't ever have in your life, this I believe.

    Yup, most of the majors do seem to be boring, but you can still find an appropriate one for yourself eventually. Why dont you study animation design or game design if you are so interested in pokemon(You told me you are not into game development before, lol). Getting a job at Nintendo is not impossible, and I have a friend whose father and uncle are working for Nintendo(in Japan).

    lol I never even realize you have a regular life before, mind telling me what your "regular life" is about?

    Well I know you, so I can only be your frined instead of a worshiper. You dont know Amby, so you can join her worshipers list.
  12. TwilightBlade
    July 27th, 2009 5:52 PM
    I would rather breed and train than use shoddy, lmao. I'm not a hardcore battler.

    I like any car because I don't have one, personally. I have to get a job.. >:C

    Meh, tbh, most majors bore me.. I live in and out of obsessions. Frankly, Pokemon is the only obsession I've had for years. Lol @ getting a job under Nintendo. :/

    H-Hey, I have a regular life too.. I'm just lethargic, so I like to mix things up. Routine is boring. :<

    The thing is, you know me, so it's easier to join my club. I don't know her, so it'll be awkward joining her club. We shouldn't do anything, then.
  13. Hall Of Famer
    July 27th, 2009 1:59 PM
    Hall Of Famer
    I see, it would be so nice to have you in a shoddybattle. You should be a good battler, right?

    Well currently I am doing an experiment with the professor and a graduate student on solar energy storage. It is not gonna be a hard one, and guess I should be able to handle it. I have just purchased a car, a BMW 530i made in 2002. I will be able to picking up that vehicle tonight, so I am excited. You like fancy cars, dont you?

    And lol thats no need to worry. Most people do not know what to major in until their sophomore year, and some may wait till their junior year to make the decision. Like I said before, Chem-engineering major is perfect for me for various reasons. Anyway, who doesnt wish to own a huge petroleum company someday?

    Well yeah, you do seem like a weird girl, full of contraductions. Hopefully you do enjoy your life in this way, and I am sure it is quite possible. I lead a much more regular life, even though I usually sleep late at midnight(around 6 am at weekends).

    Well I know you are not a friend of Amby's. So how about we make this deal? You join Ambellina's fanclub and I will join your fanclub? Sounds fair?
  14. TwilightBlade
    July 26th, 2009 10:19 AM
    Meh, I'm backed up on my messages, lol. Sorry, I don't really play on Shoddy. :<

    It makes me get out of bed. What else is new?

    Ah, interesting.. I'm not sure what to major in. <<

    If you haven't noticed, I'm full of contradictions. It makes life more thrilling, don't you agree? |DDDD

    I'm not friends with Ambellina.. :
  15. Hall Of Famer
    July 25th, 2009 10:11 PM
    Hall Of Famer
    How are you doing, Flareon girl? Interested in shoddy battle?

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