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  1. SCK[NU]
    May 9th, 2009 12:03 PM
    Krhm. Hello. SCK here. Just today, on youtube, I was just surfing around, and oh my, I found a video of your romhack, "Pokemon Silver Current"... now I was wondering, how is that proceeding? 'Cause oh my, so far it seems plain amazing. And now well I saw the thread, obviously, and it said you needed spriters? Well let's just say am sorta a spriter guru, lol, except for the fact my totally-made-of-scratches are still not as good. So well, I was wondering, you still in need of one? I'd love to help.Any graphics you need, i will make for you! Except pokimen. u _ u'' but well trainers and minisprites, will do! So yeah. Ermnh. Byes. :3

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