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  1. thethethethe
    August 12th, 2009 12:40 PM
    Sorry I don't. I can't even remember year 7. It just feels like so long ago now.
  2. Lollypop
    August 12th, 2009 3:59 AM
    Im great thanks for asking. Im in year 6 which means im going to high school next year. Any tips?
  3. thethethethe
    August 12th, 2009 2:45 AM
    Yep, a North Melbourne supporter. Not having too great a year. :\
    I'm good thanks. Just started counting down the days to my last VCE exam. 3 months from today.
    How are you?
  4. Lollypop
    August 12th, 2009 1:53 AM
    Hey THEx4 do u like north melbourne? Too bad, I like the HAWKS!!! GOOOO HAWKS!!!!! lol how are u?
  5. thethethethe
    August 4th, 2008 12:29 AM
    Yes I've been to baker's delight? I bought breakfast from there the other day. And I'm closer to the city. I'm in Northcote.
  6. Lollypop
    August 2nd, 2008 3:33 PM
    Hi Thethethethe. Heve you ever been to baker's delight? The bread there is great. Which suburb do you live in Melbourne? I live in Doncaster East.
  7. Lollypop
    June 29th, 2008 9:13 PM
    Hey thethethethe, I was bored so I made a random script but it dosen't work.
    Here it is:
    #org $begin
    message $1
    boxset 6

    #org $1
    $1 1 =\c\h01\h05Hi. \nWho are you?

    Plz fix it. Thx

    P.S: I used Pokescript
    PP.S: Can I be your friend?

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