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  1. World King
    June 20th, 2016 5:35 AM
    World King
    Hi! It's been so long, now. D:
  2. Azu
    July 3rd, 2013 4:36 AM
    Nice nice, which one are you playing? c:

    Hmm uh ok XD.
  3. World King
    July 2nd, 2013 11:21 AM
    World King
    Well, I'm kicking ass at Pokémon, so...

    Nah... I'm stubborn. n,n
  4. Azu
    July 2nd, 2013 4:43 AM
    Level 86 at the moment *A*.
    I don't know.. I rarely fall for people so honestly if I were you I would look for someone else XD.
  5. World King
    July 1st, 2013 6:28 PM
    World King

    Well, that can change. n,n
  6. Azu
    July 1st, 2013 7:22 AM
    Yush I'm playing Fiesta Online again :D!
    I don't really have feelings for you so yeah ><; ...
  7. World King
    June 28th, 2013 9:24 AM
    World King
    Well, I'm here to help you with food and videogames. n,n *hugs*

    Well... it wouldn't be much of a rebound... besides, I'll happily accept. n,n xD
  8. Azu
    June 28th, 2013 2:00 AM
    It's alright I'll get over it.. one day :p.
    And I suppose but I'm not the type to get a rebound XD.
  9. World King
    June 27th, 2013 8:41 AM
    World King
    Yay about the exams, and I'm sorry about your ex.
    But you know... you can also get a new bf... *wink wink*
  10. Azu
    June 25th, 2013 12:44 AM
    Exams are finally done e.o; and looks like my ex has gotten himself a new gf lol.
  11. World King
    May 29th, 2013 10:10 AM
    World King
    Yeah, exams suck lots of things.

    I've just been a little stressed from work...
  12. Azu
    May 29th, 2013 4:53 AM
    Good !
    Besides the exams approaching though.

    What about you?
  13. World King
    May 27th, 2013 8:32 AM
    World King
    So how've you been, dear? :D
  14. Azu
    May 23rd, 2013 7:13 AM
    yaaay o3o

    NO. Idk DX I don't get why you would randomly say thanks o3o
  15. World King
    May 23rd, 2013 12:34 AM
    World King
    Well, you're welcome. n,n

    Because. Can't I randomly thank people?

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