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  1. leingodf8
    November 15th, 2009 6:30 PM
    lol well i guess i just expect other ppl to follow smogon to a T which is a pretty big flaw on my part. LoL im curious what ur last 2 were XD (not that it matters really) . Anyways im still pretty content with this team ive got going (although i might change kecleon out for something else)
  2. World King
    November 15th, 2009 6:27 PM
    World King
    Let me guess; Life Orb or its typical Choice Item? Meh, I know everyone expects that.
  3. leingodf8
    November 15th, 2009 6:15 PM
    lol hadta go to dinner. God if it had one of the 2 items i was expecting it wouldve worked out to my favor >.>. LoL but it definatly surprised me, and gg again.
  4. World King
    November 15th, 2009 5:38 PM
    World King
    Great battle, Lein. What did you think of the set I'm running with my last Pokémon you saw?
  5. leingodf8
    November 15th, 2009 5:06 PM
    4253 9864 9144, i think i already have urs, so ill get on wi-fi
  6. World King
    November 15th, 2009 5:04 PM
    World King
    Yes. FC?
  7. leingodf8
    November 15th, 2009 5:00 PM
    lol guess so, sure i could do it now if ur ready
  8. World King
    November 15th, 2009 4:56 PM
    World King
    I guess not doing that UU match led us to a Tourney Match-up. Care to do it now?
  9. leingodf8
    October 15th, 2009 5:39 PM
    hey are you still up for a UU match?
  10. leingodf8
    October 13th, 2009 12:56 PM
    lol i would LOVE to but im just about to leave here. If ur on... say... 2ish hours from now (or later) id be happy to
  11. World King
    October 13th, 2009 12:49 PM
    World King
    Hey, lein. Want to do a UU Battle?

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