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  1. oni flygon
    December 7th, 2008 6:18 PM
    oni flygon
    Yeah I come back on MSN once in a while. Usually at night. I'll try to add you though since I think I deleted everything once...
  2. Ryoutarou
    December 7th, 2008 3:30 PM
    Haha, I remember leaving on April Fool's day to see if it would trick anyone didn't. XD No one seemed to care too much that I had left. You should definitely come around more often! Or at least hop back on MSN when you can.
  3. oni flygon
    December 7th, 2008 3:14 PM
    oni flygon
    Haha same here... well being inactive after leaving staff and all... I don't even remember when I left. I just did. Then I came back and then I left again. It was weird for those new mods and all. "He came back and left?" haha... that was hilarious. But yeah, that was the good ol' times back then... now I'm just a vagrant... haha... well at least you look like you're still popular around here.
  4. Ryoutarou
    December 7th, 2008 12:15 PM
    Those scans really did help me learn to read a little better...still wish I could do a lot more, but it was a fun little place to start out. Yeah, I don't think anyone is going to be taking that spot for quite some time, and I haven't really been active since like...April of last year, around the time I left the staff. XD
  5. oni flygon
    December 7th, 2008 12:12 PM
    oni flygon
    Yeah! Those were the good old days! Try to understand what the heck's happening with those tidbits. It's nice to read the entire thing though. But yeah... you're still the frikin highest poster around here.... that's something really. I don't think anyone can get that high... I think...
  6. Ryoutarou
    December 7th, 2008 12:10 PM
    Ah, well I try to post, but you can check my post history and see that it hasn't gone too amazingly. I...haven't checked in on the PokeSpecial community in a while, I should do that again, though the manga is getting incredibly long. Haha...yeah, I remember stalking netkun's website just to see the latest bits of art and info. XD
  7. oni flygon
    December 7th, 2008 12:08 PM
    oni flygon
    Eh... I try to post sometimes... sometimes I get on a posting spree but sometimes I just end up lurking around. I'm checking out the Pokespecial community and I must say that it's pretty interesting. haha.... they're lucky though compared to us back then since they get to read scans and stuff...
  8. Ryoutarou
    December 7th, 2008 12:06 PM

    Um, yeah, dude, I haven't spoken to you in ages. I've been fine, don't really post around too much anymore, but I shall forever be a stalker for the forums. You? :O
  9. oni flygon
    December 7th, 2008 11:58 AM
    oni flygon
    haha well played

    so hey what's up? haven't seen you in a while
  10. Ryoutarou
    December 7th, 2008 6:22 AM
    There was a man called Niko and he was a riceball! :O
  11. oni flygon
    December 7th, 2008 2:16 AM
    oni flygon
    There was a man called Jorge and he was Blue!


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