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  1. M.L
    September 17th, 2011 7:38 AM
    i have read the tut but im learning to script first then im ganna go to that stuff lol
  2. knizz
    September 17th, 2011 3:29 AM
    No you don't search for 0x59f34, you go there. 0x59f34 IS the offset, not where you find it. That's basics.
    Maybe ask someone else or read some tutorials.
  3. M.L
    September 16th, 2011 2:39 PM
    i am lost what what what :? lol sorry tthis confuses me i have no idea and what to search for
    0x59f34 must i search for this offset and replace the values with this
    00 21 00 06 00 0e 02 28 01 d0 d1 28 01 d1 01 20 00 e0 00 20 00 21 70 47 03 28 f5 e7?
  4. knizz
    September 16th, 2011 9:07 AM
    At the bottom of my first post in the tall grass thread it says this: Start overwriting at 08059f34 with 00 21 00 06 00 0e 02 28 01 d0 d1 28 01 d1 01 20 00 e0 00 20 00 21 70 47 03 28 f5 e7.
    The number in the form 08xxxxxx is the address to insert at. Because gba-offsets are relative to 08000000. So the offset is xxxxxx part of the address without the 08 at the beginning. In this case 0x59f34.
  5. M.L
    September 16th, 2011 6:20 AM
    no dont leave its nice seeing your cute avatar around here
    i also cant get that tall grass animation to work blehh i tried i cant find the offset in which i must replace haha wow i suck at hex and asm its just my weak point
    may i ask are you into computer engineering?
    haha well yea i remember you said creating new animations is hard well depends what types your talking about haha if its the grass NSE is simple and easy and can do it fine
    if you wanna add new ones like water Anime editor is a nice simple tool to use (im more graphics than i am scripting hex and asm thus why i kinda wanted two grass types for my game lol)[but i dont like asking people as some may think im stupid or lazy but sometimes some people just cant do it (or understand it even if they try) especially if its this type of stuff lol but i like talking to you its cool and its nice to find a nice person on here every now and then dont you think ''wink'' ''wink''
  6. knizz
    September 16th, 2011 6:11 AM
    It's just a habit to check this forum. I could as well stop visiting PC.
  7. M.L
    September 15th, 2011 6:33 AM
    oh i understand what i dont understand is why people dont appreciate your work?
    but anywyas i understand so you spent your time figuring out an old rom(game) well i see as im sure this sort of thing intrests you lol
    may i ask you have quit rom hacking but you still log on here
    is it just to see whats happening and such?
  8. knizz
    September 15th, 2011 6:20 AM
    What you see is a sophisticated and more or less useful patch. What you don't see are hundreds of hours that I spent on my computer figuring out the mechanics of a ten year old game, while everyone else was having fun or doing homework. Hardly anyone appreciates my work beyond the obvious. And the few people that actually understand the effort that was put into my work have quit too. Also, I never hacked Pokemon for the story or gameplay but solely for the hex editing and gaining new skills. But hex editing has limits and I think I learned all there is to learn from modifying binaries. I have no more reasons to continue. My life's sidequest "ROM-Hacking" is complete.
  9. M.L
    September 14th, 2011 9:24 AM
    dont worry about the offsets but may i ask why you arnt rom hacking anymore :/ haha well that kinda sucks i have always seen your work to be great
  10. knizz
    September 14th, 2011 9:23 AM
    I haven't continued on anything related to 'cutscenes'. Also you're very vague. Which offsets are you talking about? Maybe ask someone else. I'm not even rom-hacking anymore.
  11. M.L
    September 13th, 2011 11:02 PM
    well first off may i ask how do you search for the offset i was trying to search for the offset that was on the thread im my hex editor but came acrosss ''Nothing''

    sorry im curious(i have been searching the research forum) have you gotten the cutscene thing to work> to show like the video colostyles showed?
  12. knizz
    September 13th, 2011 10:13 PM
    Creating new animations is damn hard. (And I consider the contents of that thread easy) I can't do it. ... Sooner or later you will have to understand hex-editing. Also it will save me a lot of explanation if you do.
  13. M.L
    September 13th, 2011 8:41 AM
    hey im well confused i was looking at the research thread about the grass and such actiavting it and well (i cant use a hex editor to save my life) and i can find it while searching with my hex editor (HxD)
    so could you help me and that sort

    also is it possible to create new sets of animations

    [sorry but i am as clueless as anything

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