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  1. Eliminator Jr.
    January 30th, 2012 8:23 AM
    Eliminator Jr.
    Will do, and thank you! :D
  2. Kura
    January 20th, 2012 3:10 PM
    Yeah it's tough but I love it :3 And totally! If you apply let me know~

    *_* GOING TO JAPAN AND FRANCE WOULD BE AMAZING! Good luck with everything!

    ;_; And to be honest I dont know when I'll be going back.. as far as I know I am permanently here :33
  3. Eliminator Jr.
    January 14th, 2012 4:00 AM
    Eliminator Jr.
    I have enough trouble with 2D stuff in Photoshop, let alone getting 3D things to look good at every angle haha. That's a cool website though, looking through the job listings now. I wish I could do CSS and web design, working from home would be so much better than being a checkout chick (woah, segue). But yeah. That's my job haha, working at the cash registers in retail (that, or stocking shelves). Not too glamourous but it's good enough to last until uni finishes - or until I move out, which I am actually doing on January 30! (that's two segues now, I'm really not sure where I'm meant to put the paragraph breaks in this XD) Got the house. It's like.. a five minute walk from uni, got two roommates who are also second-year students (though they both took a gap year after school, meaning they're turning twenty-one this year while I'm still eighteen) and they're both doing science degrees. And as you probably know, there's a long-standing tradition of science students giving arts students a hard time about doing a useless degree haha, so I'm looking forward to that :D

    But yeah, super excited. Now just waiting on my French textbooks to arrive so I can start studying for it. I'm trying to get high distinctions in everything (despite failing two units last year... oops haha) so I stand a chance at getting a six month paid-by-university trip to study in Japan and hopefully one for France as well. Not counting on it happening but it's good to aim high.

    So when do you go back to Canada again for a holiday? Or are you like permanently hanging in England now?
  4. Kura
    January 10th, 2012 11:46 AM
    Haha yeah :3 It's some cool stuff!
    Lighters do just that.. they light the scenes or the characters.. I'll give you a quote I got off a website:

    "Lighters have a broad range of responsibilities, including placing lights, defining light properties, defining how light interacts with different types of materials, the qualities and complexities of the realistic textures involved, how the position and intensity of lights affect mood and believability, as well as color theory and harmony. They are required to establish direct and reflected lighting and shadows for each assigned shot, ensuring that each shot fits within the continuity of a sequence, all the while aiming to fulfill the vision of the Directors, Production Designers, Art Directors and VFX Supervisors."

    The lighter will do all this in the computer. The modeller sculpts the character on the computer. Some studios don't have the budget to hire a separate modeller and lighter, so sometimes it's the modeller's responsibility to light a scene.


    That's pretty much the same thing for games.. except the storyboard stuff is used for cinematics.. and in-game animation NEEDS to look good at every angle.

    @[email protected] Oooh! Where do you work? @[email protected] And nah, I get so tired that I can't concentrate on the music anyways haha.. EYE OF THE TIGER! That's awesome though! Hahaha ;3
  5. Eliminator Jr.
    January 10th, 2012 4:49 AM
    Eliminator Jr.
    Saw it - looks crazy - reminds me of that movie The Last Samurai so much (probably because they're both based off the same events in history hahaha). Wait, so Lighters actually build sculptures of the characters in real life and uses lights and stuff to see where shadows would be, then puts that onto a computer? Or they sculpt the character on the computer? I'm assuming the latter actually, now that I've written that. The first one seems like an awful lot of work. But either way, awesome job!

    Yeah I'm well now, got better four or so days into 2012 (just in time for work -_-).

    Oh and I can't jog either. I just realised how fit that jogging thing made me sound. I'm not fit ahahaha XD Like, I'm not fat or anything, but I'm terrible at running long distances and if I ever want to get back into doing parkour again when I move closer to the city I need to be able to run, so that's what I'm doing hahaha

    Try music while you're jogging! I don't mind jogging without music, but I actually like it when there's music going in the background, so maybe it'd make it somewhat enjoyable for you? It has to be like Eye of the Tiger though, I don't even like the song that much but it's the best jogging music haha
  6. Kura
    January 9th, 2012 12:50 PM
    Haha oh man, Napoleon is kinda old.. check out Shogun 2!!
    In games, usually an animator does the movement for the body and face, but sometimes clothing and stuff like hair is added with "dynamics" or code. Depends if it's in-game or cinematics. And yeah.. that's usually part of the pipeline. We get a list and we do whatever is on the checklist. :3 The people who do the shadows are called "Lighters" and lighting and texturing usually go hand in hand, Lighters are usually on the art team or in some studios a modeller (a person who builds or sculpts the character in 3D space) needs to do the lighting and texturing. Sometimes an animator needs to also rig up a character (puts all the bones in that model/3dsculpt) so that it can move. But other studios have their own riggers for complex characters :3

    ;_; BOOO being sick totally sucks.. are you better now though? I still have a bit of a sneeze.. I was sick for a day. Bleh it sucks to be sick ;o; But for new years I just went over a friend's place :3 it was really nice!
    ;_; I wish I could jog.. I suck at jogging and I really don't enjoy it. I wish I did enjoy it, it seems like a really good way to stay fit. Lucckkkyyy :333
  7. Eliminator Jr.
    January 9th, 2012 6:52 AM
    Eliminator Jr.
    Oh wow, I just looked at the animation for the Napoleon Total War game, that is amazing! And it's amazing that you're animating stuff like that for a job! Do you get like a certain job, like doing the faces, or the clothes, or do you get given a list of characters to animate or something? Or does everyone get like a different job for all the characters (eg. one person does the movements, one person does the shadows etc.)? Sorry for asking so many questions but animation's really interesting! I'd never be able to do it. There's no artistic flair in me at all XD

    I was sick over New Years, so I was at home while my parents had a gathering of family and friends (I'm cool, right?), but yeah so far 2012's been pretty good. Ever since about a week ago I've been really motivated to do things (like learning more Japanese or writing new songs or going jogging) so yeah, it's been pretty nice. How about you (and did you do much for New Years?)?
  8. Kura
    January 8th, 2012 7:25 AM
    Hey! No worries at all! @[email protected] And yeah I totally get you! Even though it's not across an ocean or anything it's still WAY nerve-wracking like crazy! ;_; Good luck to you though! I am sure you will be fine :3 Invest in a good pair of headphones and earplugs just in case <3

    :33 Oooh I've always wanted to visit Vancouver! That is really awesome *_* <3 Haha and yes the only place I think you'll actually need french for is in Quebec because they like to be snooty like that haha :3

    Yeah I do! Hahaha, well not allowed to be disclosing what I am working on next or anything, but some of the stuff the studio has done is part of the Total War series. Awesome game, you should take a look. But if you want to see what we're up to you can check it on here:

    But yeah :3 Work is pretty fun so far, made some friends so it's not as lonely or anything <3

    How was your New Year's Eve by the way? Has 2012 been treating you well so far?
  9. Eliminator Jr.
    January 8th, 2012 2:07 AM
    Eliminator Jr.
    Completely forgot about this! Didn't realise it was there until somebody else left me a VM and I checked my profile (sorry!)

    I guess anything's a short distance compared to the seven hour (or so) flight it'd take you to get back from London haha. I'm not sure if I'd be stressed or what - I like being alone, but then again I'm not exactly going to be alone in a sharehouse anyway, so yeah. I've never been away from family for more than a week in my entire life so it should be interesting to see how everything goes down.

    I'm visiting Vancouver, mainly because I can spend a few days in the snow, I can be around other Canucks fans in sports bars etc. (I've heard it's impossible to get tickets to their games) and a whole lot of bands tour through there (well, a lot more than what we get all the way over in Australia, anyway). Also because I don't have to speak any French (even though it'd probably help with my French units at university haha).

    That is awesome about SEGA! Do you get to animate any cool games? Any titles I should look out for that you worked on?

    And thank you for the Christmas wishes (a very belated thank you XD).
  10. Kura
    December 24th, 2011 3:41 PM
    It IS a short distance for me.. because it's totally doable! And nah.. I guess it depends on how much you like you privacy or how you cope with things. I get easily stressed out, and when I stress out I get antsy and irritated easily. I never show it externally, but it affects me internally a lot.. so that's why it was hard for me.

    Ahh awesome! I hope you enjoy it when you come there! What city are you visiting?!

    I graduated with a Bachelor of Applied Arts and Animation. Right now I work as an Animator at Sega. Work is fun because I love what I do!

    :3 Thanks! I don't mind, actually! And I went to London today with a friend for Christmas Eve so it was actually really nice! And same to you! Have a very Happy Christmas <333
  11. Eliminator Jr.
    December 24th, 2011 4:03 AM
    Eliminator Jr.
    Only two hours away, you say that like it's a short distance XD

    My parents will be like... a 45 minute drive away (or like, two hours away on public transport because I have to drive to get to where the train line ends, then switch trains and catch a bus and it takes forever). Nothing at all (nothing at all, nothing at all, nothing at all *echoing out* (please tell me you get that reference. It has nothing to do with this conversation but it just came into my head as I was typing)) compared to what college students have to do out where you are though.

    Yeah I'm much the same, I like my privacy. I've only just gotten over cracking bones (I would literally crack everything - knees, elbows, fingers, toes, neck, back, ankle etc.) so if what you've said is any indication of what moving out is like maybe I should stay at home haha.

    But awesome about Canada! I'm going there during my mid-year break in 2012 for a month.

    What degree did you graduate with? That's pretty impressive that you got a job overseas because of it!

    And best of luck with Christmas. It must be tough spending it alone (especially if you're still going out with that guy in that post I commented on, I can't imagine how hard it would have been to move overseas with that on your mind). If you don't read this by the time Christmas comes about, merry Christmas :)
  12. Kura
    December 20th, 2011 12:57 PM
    I was on Campus for years 2-4 at school.. but my aunt was really close by and parents were only about 2 hours away so it didn't really feel like I was on my own. I reeally dont like roommates though.. but it's because I like quiet and another person's presence makes me tense when I want to relax. I need my space and sometimes even like.. cracking knuckles or unplugging the microwave really grates on my nerves after a while.

    But yeah.. now I'm truly on my own now that I've graduated. (I'm originally from Canada and moved to the UK only about 2 weeks ago for work.) I love being on my own but I do miss family at times, too. :C Unfortunately this Christmas I will be on my own.. ;o;
  13. Eliminator Jr.
    December 20th, 2011 3:48 AM
    Eliminator Jr.
    Yeah, first time moving out. Not sure what to expect, my only real experience of living without family/friends was staying in a youth hostel and that was only overnight haha. Not looking forward to paying rent though :S

    Have you lived away from home before? Maybe it's just pop culture that taught me this but as far as I know like pretty much every college student lives on campus/away from home in the US (everybody on PC is from America so I'm just assuming you're from there :) ).
  14. Kura
    December 19th, 2011 11:52 AM
    Niice :33 Will this be your first time moving out?! <33 Good luck with it!
    And I'm good thanks!
  15. Eliminator Jr.
    December 19th, 2011 5:11 AM
    Eliminator Jr.
    It goes pretty well :D

    Just been spending a tonne of time looking for places to rent near uni for when it starts up again in March and getting really excited about moving out and yeah. So I'm good. How are you?

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