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  1. Amaruuk
    October 30th, 2011 1:29 AM
    You're welcome! :3
  2. Kura
    October 30th, 2011 1:23 AM
    Thank you!!! :333
  3. Amaruuk
    October 30th, 2011 12:21 AM
    Yeep! Happy belated birthday! :3
  4. Amaruuk
    September 26th, 2011 12:58 AM
    I'm keeping my options open by continuing with drawing/illustration, which is my oldest love anyway. Storyboarding is also a good moneymaker and I'm gonna get to do it for a real feature film soon enough and get a giant wad of cash that is so going straight to my California Fund.

    Yeah, I'll definitely try the poor-man's composite with Photoshop color corrections prolly as soon as I get these models done and rigged. The best Facebook profile pic ever shall then ensue lol.

    Oh, it was too late from the get-go. I fell irreversibly in love with him within days of meeting him and that's a whole massive story itself. Right now as it stands we're friendly with one another and talk on Facebook, but he's slaving away doing 37-hour shifts at the studio where he works so trying to get further is difficult. Hopefully he'll get some freedom before he moves to California in January but if not I'm still heading there myself either at the end of next year or a little later 'cause in America, that's where everything is. Can't very well reach my potential without surrounding myself with the gods themselves. In any case, just being able to talk to him and show my support is wonderful. If I end up friend-zoned, so be it. I've got experience with that (it's all about focusing on what you do have), and if they really really need to, the feelings will go away on their own. But as it stands, there's no reason to not try and be by this man's side making his dreams come true as well as my own.

    Lol I get so carried away when I talk about that man like holy cow X3

    Anyway, Glen Keane - Actually my teacher was referring to the male character I was drawing for his class (the drawings in question are right here) and how it reminded him of Keane's Tarzan drawings. But oh goodness yes I love Tangled to death x.x I think if I was a Disney princess I would so be Rapunzel. And just... everything about that movie was utterly wonderful.
  5. Kura
    September 25th, 2011 11:22 PM
    Oh yeah @[email protected] I totally know what that' like lol..
    I continued on with 2D though because it helped me improve my drawing skills a lot more.. and I enjoyed it and it also helped a lot with design work. You can find a job in 3D with a 2D animation reel.. but you can't find 2D animation work with a 3D reel (or rather.. it's rarer).. they need to see the drawings. So that's why I continued on my 2D route while still learning 3D too :3

    Oh man! :3 Even though you don't have an HDR cam, have you ever tried taking a photo of yourself and drawing your creatures/ creations like.. in the picture with you? :3 That'd be super awesome!!

    :3 Haha.. that is an awesome dream! Keep it and it'll keep you going! Make sure he doesn't break your heart, though! I'm not assuming you like him.. but I had a great friend and muse that I developed a crush over overtime.. and he totally broke my heart and it was tough for me to find the right inspiration for the longest time since drawing reminded me of him. I've got the art groove back for a while now though but it was a very tough time when it had lasted .O.!
    I looked up his stuff though.. and I can see where you get your inspiration! He is a very exceptional modeler and you have good judgement to look up to him :3
    Nambroth is also a very talented painter :33 And yeah *_* Glen Keane is also a god of mine! Haha :3 I can see what she means especially recently when he was directing Tangled.. he made some very whimsical art for that film :3 I love how he's about bold strokes and really FEELING his characters <33
  6. Amaruuk
    September 25th, 2011 9:20 PM
    Well, so far I've lucked out with teachers but I have heard some things about ones I haven't met. But usually the beef people have with one teacher or another ends up being unfounded when I finally see what they're like.

    The lack of anything outside of cheaply-done Flash stuff is part of why I steered right away from 2D, though I would like to someday do some artsy 2D things independently. But as far as jobs, I would probably only take a Flash job if I needed the money and nothing I like better was available at the time, because I am good with it - it's just not nearly as fun.

    Another thing I think would be epic to do on my own is get an HDR camera and one of those reflective balls and use compositing magic to bring my creations into the real world and like have pictures and little short clips of myself interacting with them. Post-production is pretty fun to do in general, too.

    Haha, well my muse is just another kid that started school here at the same time I did (though he graduated way sooner 'cause he never changed majors)- not one of those famous professionals. He was in my class as a fellow student. I wasn't really paying attention to the industry at the time anyway. But man, talking to him and listening to his speeches about dragons and sculpting and whatnot and just watching him light up like the sun when he talks about art and CG and his dreams for the future - it's like nothing else. My dream is to catch up with him and climb the rest of the way up CG Mount Olympus as a team.

    If you look at his work (his website is actually linked in my dA journal menu - it's the little sunshine lol), he does fantasy too, but goes in completely the opposite direction with it than what I do or the kinds of art I usually follow or take influence from, and I think that would be neat to see what would happen if we combined the two. Personally I tend to gravitate towards a pure-spirited majesty or elegance with a heavy dose of storybook illustration-type feeling. Of existing works of fantasy that I'm familiar with, I think Narnia is the closest to the way I imagine fantasy to feel, especially in The Magician's Nephew.

    Oh! Other artists who continually inspire me... well right now I've been paying more attention to Nambroth on dA (she just might be my favorite painter ever), and I can't remember the names but I know there's some other artists that stand out to me. Oh, I got compared to Glen Keane once. By a teacher in a figure-drawing class. I was like 'whoamygod, I have soooo far to go before I can draw people as well as him but thank you lol'
  7. Kura
    September 25th, 2011 8:40 PM
    Yeah good idea haha.. :3 Your artthread best be left to mostly art.

    :3 Yeah I found your blog through your deviantart haha! :3 Lovely stuff!! <3 And feel free to add me to your LinkedIn if you'd like :3 I love connecting to people!!

    It's a bummer about your school though.. but it's so good that the teachers are great. Our teachers for the most part are good.. but then we get the occasional horrible one.. and by horrible I mean HORRIBLE. Hence why I learned modeling wrong.. she never taught us about quads or low poly versions or anything. She told us that smoothing was bad so here we were trying to make everything super smooth under low resolution and it was just messy and crazy :/ But yeah.. budget cuts are worse! It really is up to the students though.. like we had some great facilities.. but we have the kids who never come to class or try to take advantage of everything :/ or just.. hand in projects two months late and stuff.. and the teachers feel bad and mark it anyways.. Blah..

    @[email protected] I wish we actually learned Flash more. A lot of places are hiring only if you have flash knowledge :/ and to be honest.. I don't like flash stuff most of the time.. :/ There's toonboom too.. but it's tough to find a studio that does only hand-drawn stuff. There are still some great ones though. I started transitioning more to 3D when I realized this.. so yep.. that's where I'm at :3 I'm in games right now and I'm pretty happy. It's fun and challenging at the same time and I love it. To me there's not a huge difference between the two.. as they're really starting to bridge the gap between them.

    :3 My passion has been drawing and painting growing up too. I got into animation when I discovered that I loved drawing figures and designing and posing out the figure more than I did illustrating.. so I took some film editing courses in highschool along with art classes (there was no 3d or flash offered) and I got into 2D anim at Sheridan.

    @[email protected] Wow! That is so awesome to meet your muse! I had a few muses that I've met.. and it's just so cool to be able to talk to them and get their perspective :3 May I ask who they are? @[email protected] My favourite artist is Saskia Gutekunst.. I got the Queen of Hearts artbook where she's featured in.. I absolutely love her stuff to bits!

    I think it's amazing how someone can just inspire you to create like that. And yeah I do that too! You should see my pictures folder on my computer.. filled with so much haha! It's so great to see someone's love for art coming through all their pieces and I can definitely see it in yours.

    I love how your style almost has an ethereal quality to it.. like it has this light playful spiritualness to it and it makes your characters really believable. :3

    And heck the industry really is a small world! Who knows! Perhaps we may end up working together someday! It'd be pretty cool haha :3 I definitely wouldn't mind working with you since you're so talented!

    Anyways.. yeah.. like I said before.. teachers and school can be a lot of help, but they can only do so much. :/ It's a bummer you don't have the best facilities.. but as long as you're willing to take the initiative to grow as your own artist you will be absolutely fine :3 And yeah like I said you're on the right path and you've got some great portfolio pieces under your belt already <3

    And haha.. Same here.. I rarely post poke-art-related stuff anymore :3 but sometimes I'll do a little doodle or so and put it up haha :3

    Anyways I enjoy chatting with you :333
  8. Amaruuk
    September 25th, 2011 8:05 PM
    Continuing the conversation here 'cause it's really veering off into walls of excited text rather than a gallery lol.

    Anyway yeah, everything about my school is a joke, really, except the teachers. They're absolutely wonderful. Also I looked at your stuff and oh goodness you'd kick the pants off of almost everyone here. The standards and structure and amount of stuff taught is just nothing, not to mention shoddy old equipment and lack of good lab hours. Recent budget cuts have really done a number on it, too. The industry itself doesn't even like this school. I think a big problem is that it's way too soft on the students who don't want to pull their weight. Very few people I see here reach the level I see from other places. You will not make it anywhere if you don't self-impose your own lofty standards and teach yourself about five times the stuff they have here on your own time.

    In 2D for instance, they only have Flash, and if you choose the 2D route they only really point you towards the one narrow route of Flash cut animation. All that beautiful, fluid hand-drawn stuff you see from other schools can't really be done here. I think doing traditional animation with traditional media would also have been fun to try but we just don't have access to the right resources. The 3D program here is a bit better, but there's a whole universe of stuff you can't possibly even know exists unless you immerse yourself in the CG community and take it in like breath.

    As for my passion, I've always been into drawing and painting growing up, but I got my first taste of wanting to learn Maya late in high school when I did texturing of existing models for IMVU. At the time, though, I didn't think I was meant to be an animator and was also falling in love with graphic design, so that's what I started out going to college for.

    I actually met my muse in my public speaking class a whole year before I realized where I belonged, and more than his art, it was his passion for creating life through CG that really called to my soul. Now I've definitely become that myself to the core. I love drawing and painting concepts, and then watching them come to life before my eyes as I model, rig, and animate them. I really love environments, too. I hoard pictures from Flickr and use them to envision all the places my creatures will be, and with Vue I'll soon be able to put them there.

    Also I see you're on LinkedIn! I love 'collecting' people there as much as collecting blogs to follow. Apparently you're connected to people who are connected to my connections. Small world, eh?

    I knew continuing to post my completely irrelevant art stuff on this Pokemon forum would pay off someday X3
  9. Kura
    August 11th, 2010 5:51 AM
    That's pretty cool :333 Well good luck with it!! <3 Though you know they can hire you for 3D if your 2D acting is good, but not the other way around.. soo it's a tough choice. Though you'll find out which one you prefer once you start :333
  10. Amaruuk
    August 10th, 2010 9:19 AM
    You're tearing me APART, Lisa!

    I was in graphic design here for 2 1/2 years before I realized I had pretty much maxed out my potential in it and simultaneously realized that I had always had a passion for all things animated and that was what I needed to be doing. As far as 2D or 3D I'm not really sure yet. I like them both and I feel I could be equally competent at either. My school teaches up to intermediate levels of both before you are given a choice to branch in to one for the advanced stuff. I may choose 3D for that simply because it'll likely be more useful in the long run, and I'll already know at least enough of 2D to get going with it, too.
  11. Kura
    August 10th, 2010 9:04 AM
    Yeah Life drawing is a super core skill to learn. Are you doing 2-D animation or 3-D animation? But yeah.. we all have our lazytimes.. haha.. I get them, too. It's not a biggie, though.
    So you're just starting animation? Were you doing illustration before or like an Art-fundamentals course or something completely different?

    Eheaheah... What a stowry, Mark!
  12. Amaruuk
    August 10th, 2010 8:59 AM
    Everybody betrayed me! I'm fed up with this WARLD!

    Haha, yeah. I haven't gotten to the animating part really, but I've been going to open life drawing sessions so I can finally master the human form. It's way too important a skill to not have. I'd like to say I'm sort of driven, but there's still that inner bum I gotta kick out and more recently, other things in my life distracting me from my educational goals.
  13. Kura
    August 10th, 2010 8:42 AM
    Also.. I DEED NOT HEET HER! Oh hi Mark.
  14. Kura
    August 10th, 2010 8:41 AM
    Uuuhh a bit of both. I'm taking an animation course at college and we have some teachers who are great and others who are not so great.. but when it gets down to it.. you're only as good as how hard you can push yourself. So yeah I do extra hours in Lifedrawing and just.. animating and all that stuff because I enjoy it and I WANT to be one of the best out there..
    So yeah.. hard work but it's really fun here (Hell the Company is throwing a summer party this Friday; free food, booze, park games, facepainting for people's kids, balloon-houses for the kids too, and music entertainment and all that.) So I'm loving it :33
  15. Amaruuk
    August 10th, 2010 7:39 AM
    That's damn lucky. I just changed majors to animation fairly recently and all I hear is that only the best (and luckiest) get to work for the big boys. You formally trained in it or are you one of those epic self-driven people?

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