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  1. RivalGator
    March 27th, 2012 9:44 AM
    I don't agree with that, actually. I think the show was much better after L was gone, I loved Mello and Near. So I don't really mind. I thought that Death Note was extremely boring so. I read the manga and watched a few episodes (my sister is this HUGE obsessive L fan lol.) But Mello was the one I thought was awesome, but his death was ********. They couldn't come up with something better than that?

    I keep missing weeks and months on this website, even though I love coming here. This is one of my most favorite sites, I miss everybody here. I talk a whole lot.

    XD Wow... that's pretty interesting. I wish Twihards would just die or something. I had one complain to me a long time ago that she was in love with Rob Pattinson and was asking me for advice on how to meet him... And I can't even stand Rob Pattinson. I hate the man! lol. Well, not exactly hate, but am in no way in love. And he plays a really haggy character.

    And when it comes to phobias, it's perfectly normal for everybody. I think it makes us interesting. XD All the colors of the RAINBOW. lol

    I don't eat girl scout cookies!!!!

    Question: What is your favorite letter?
  2. XEL
    February 19th, 2012 7:41 AM
    That's why as much as I loved Death Note, I'm glad they ended it so quickly. It was on a downward spiral after L's death anyways. Near was never any where close to L in terms of.. sheer awesomeness.

    See, now I'm fine with girl on girl, but not guy on guy

    Over a month :o lololol. It's fine, though. and DANG IT. I missed resonding on your birthday... dnfkajldkfajkfas... Well, Happy Belated Birthday! hahaha

    It is absolutely amazing haha. It was the first book since.. Into the Wild, 3 years ago, that created an entire world in my mind. I finished the trilogy in three days and Nope, now TV show. Although a movie comes out in a month. As for Twiwards.. Yes.. :/ They're turning a story about struggling with the government into a team _(insert_guy's_name)_ vs team _(insert_guy's_name)_ story. I hate them.

    French just seems so elegantly eloquent haha

    I hope it won't ruin your trust in me! haha.. I will give those songs a try just as soon as I finish typing this haha

    Mine.. hmmm.. Chicken Pot Pies, Chicken Sandwhiches, Burgers, Alfredo, Steak. dnfjkasdfk;aldsfa Give me a life supply, please.

    and Honestly, I have no idea :/ It's just an irrational feeling of mine. In the same way that I'm terrified by amphibians and scared of clowns, homosexuality just makes me uncomfortable :/ But hey, if that's who you love, more power to you! I'm not arrogant enough to think that just because our beliefs conflict, I can place measures on who you can and can't love

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  3. RivalGator
    February 16th, 2012 1:05 PM
    Yeah. It seems that certain things can only live for so long before they start either running out of ideas or other people want to try and take control of the franchise and then everything goes to hell after that. That is how I feel with Kamon (G/S/C) vs. Silver (manga). Kamon is absolute win. In every possible way. lol.

    I'm not really into real life gays, but I don't mind a little bit of guy on guy action when it has to do with animes. But then again, I'm a woman. A fangirl. XD Lol. And I have a best friend who is exactly the same way as I am, so as long as we are in our own little fangirl world, gay is okay! lol. Just not girl on girl... That isn't hot in the least.

    And yeah, I have been late in everything. I haven't been on here since I last spoke to you. It's my birthday though, so that's a cool time to get back in touch, right?

    No, but I heard that Hunger Games is absolutely amazing, so I am going to give it a try. It sounds okay. I think they have a TV series on it too. I heard from a friend of mine that Twiharders are moving in and taking over. That sucks.

    I think French is a beautiful language.

    Rap!!! Waaah! Not my type!!! But I will give it a chance when I can stay on the computer longer, I will take your word for it. I'm trusting you. XD Haha. I love Re-Align by Godsmack and Your Disease by Saliva. Songs like that I am addicted to.

    Food... Buffalo wings, easily. With hot sauce.

    Question: Why are you a homophobe?
  4. XEL
    January 9th, 2012 11:16 AM
    I hate when writers mess up characters. Like in the show Lost, for example. Kate seemed like such a powerful woman at the beginning. Eventually, they made her into that helpless damsel in distress character and now all I want is for her to die haha

    lol, Sometimes when I'm typing up papers and stuff, I'll accidentally end up typing the lyrics.

    Ewwww no I'm the biggest homophobe ever :/ But don't mistake that with being close minded. I think that gays should have to the right to love and marry whoever they feel, whether or not it makes me uncomfortable lol

    Don't worry about responding late.. Cause I'm responding late too.. I wanted to enjoy the last few days of my break so I didn't really do anything inside and School started today ;_;

    Have you read the Hunger Games? I just finished the trilogy and I LOVE it. I absolutely love it. While I feel the last book was rushed and not as good as the first two, the writer does an excellent job developing the characters. She also does great in reminding the reader that the story is set in a dystopian future. and While the the ending is "happy" it's just as easily a tragic ending. You should definitely read the series if you haven't already.

    hahaha. I just know I'm frantic about the release of the Hunger Games movie

    Become a translator! I want to learn French haha. I love the way it sounds.

    I'd say my favorite color is a light tint of blue. Almost electric but not quite. I love mixing and matching that tone with light shades of yellow, white, or black. I just love it lol

    Most emotional song.. I can't be sure, tbh. I can tell you the song with my favorite lyrics, though. Words I Never Said by Lupe Fiasco and Skylar Grey. The song targets the government and for the most part, speaks the same thoughts I have. I'd pull out parts for you but the song is just so good I can't.. I know you can't stand rap, but you should give the song a listen while reading the lyrics. Maybe just this once? hahah

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  5. RivalGator
    January 3rd, 2012 5:47 AM
    Yeah, pretty much. It isn't very interesting. A lot of people like FB, but I can't see the draw in it, I have read every single book they have ever come out with, even the ones that are just kind of spin-off type books, but none of them are interesting. But then again, the writer loves the whole happy ending thing, none of it really appeals to me. The only reason I read that series was because I really liked a certain character, and even that character the writer messed up.

    And I dislike having noise and other things going on. When I come and visit somebody, I talk to them. I don't come to watch TV and get spoilers on movies and so on. That's just me though. I get distracted easily as well, if music is going on I will end up repeating a word I hear from the song. I guess my brain just isn't wired that way.

    I have actually discovered over the course of the past week that I absolutely adore N x Cheren. But yes. lol.

    And sorry that I took so long to respond. Something came up over here and I had to take care of it.

    And my stories are definitely made to make the reader cry. More like to suffer, really. I love stories with a lot of violence and heartbreak. I am very bored when characters make it out alive in the end. I am not like, a mean person. But I am one who finds a lot of truth in sadness, I love it. When stories end happily, I feel cheated. I believe in every character having a past, a present, a future, and epic final battle, and then death. I love more than anything when a character loses a loved one to someone else, like through death, they go for vengeance, and then they end up dying in the end for their loved one. And even sometimes, I like when they try and try for most of their lives and end up dying in vain. I'm amazed by that kind of thing. People who have emotions like that attract me.

    I don't like a whole lot of movies, but if I do they are normally tragic and very dead serious. I get really flustered and unhappy when they have comic relief.

    I speak English and French, learning German and Russian as fast as I can. I am also trying to learn Spanish.

    My favorite color alone is green, but I collect a lot of black and red if they are mixed together.

    Question: What is the most emotional song you have ever heard? A song where lyrics just kind of grab you?
  6. XEL
    December 25th, 2011 10:08 PM
    I would've hated that ending. Like, I followed this all the way through and this is how everything ends? I'm not sure the story appeal to me that much anyways lol

    I mean, I like getting the point across, but having something in the background, whether loud or quiet, kind of eases those moments where both parties take a second to catch their thoughts haha

    Naaaahhhhh lol. I wouldn't want that haha. Beating N would've been just fine, I just don't think his character lived up to what it could've been.

    So.. have you listened to them, yet? Like them?

    If you're willing to, I'd love to read some of them haha. I just don't enough material in that genre that I like. Many of them either try too hard, or don't try enough, imo.

    Snow is fun Just haven't had any yet where I live this year.. We're still having 50° weather.. Spring is terrible. terrible. terrible.

    Some stories, I like it with a happy ending. Please tell me your stories aren't made to have the reader cry haha. Since I'm saying I'd read them and all.. you know? lol. I wouldn't say I'd like a traumatic past but a flawed character with good reason is always an interesting one. and Personally, I don't really like the "I'm doing this for someone" routine. I prefer a character who does something because they're made to. Like, story changes the character into a differente person, know what I mean? I'm watching Lost as I type, and I'm mad how they changed Kate ,this female character, from actually being pretty BA and interesting into the generic useless female..

    My movie would be.. I don't exactly have a favorite. The Hangover, Arthur Christmas, Harold a& Kumar, It's a Wonderful Life and whatever else I can't think of.

    I speak English and Mandarin Chinese. I can understand Cantonese and reply slightly. I can understand Spanish. You?

    Question: Favorite color?
  7. RivalGator
    December 23rd, 2011 3:21 PM
    Oops! Next question: How many languages can you speak?
  8. RivalGator
    December 23rd, 2011 3:20 PM
    Well, when it comes to Fruits Basket I think it had a good idea, but I didn't like the way some of the characters were wrapped up, and I didn't like what the writer did to the main baddy. I found the whole thing boring, it was more about psychological fear than anything... Like, okay. Basically these group of kids are cursed to become animals (of the zodiac, mainly) when they hug the opposite sex outside the family. They have a god, who is the leader of their family, and they are afraid of the god for no reason. They think they will have to live this way and they try and try and try to find a way out of it, but all they had to do was wait. It just went away. The curse had no point. No one died, no one really fought. Even the really mean baddy turned good in the end and had a happy ending.

    Haha yeah. I don't like to lighten the mood when I talk to people, I am a very serious natured person so I get distracted or annoyed when things like that go on. I like to talk and get what I have to talk about out of the way. I like a very serious mood. Haha.

    I think I wanted N to fall in love and think about changing his ways, but before he could his father turned on him and killed him. The father would run off into hiding and then come back a few games later, where they could extract vengeance. I don't know... lol. That is the way my mind works! XD

    Okay, I will try them. I dislike Paramore and Flyleaf quite a bit though, but if you say they are quite different, I think they deserve a shot.

    Daniella, yeah, you could say she would be in horror. Psychological. People write about her a lot, Daniella is an extremely popular character of HG, if not the most. I may e-mail you the story, I don't really host a lot. I don't like worrying about the HTML codes and stuff, it really annoys me.

    And fall is my second favorite season, but I love snow in winter. I see less sunlight in winter. I absolutely abhor summer and spring. Worst two seasons for me.

    It is almost always guaranteed that I will hate a book or movie if it has a happy ending. If I ever wrote a book, I would want it to be depressing enough to make people cry. Every character in my books would have an ending. I would mainly write about people who get messed up by something in their past. Every single character I use as a main hero would have some sort of tramatic past, and they would do evil things to make good ends. Those are my favorite kinds of characters... Normally good people who get really screwed up somehow. They do bad things to meet good means, and they normally say things like, "This is for her..." or "I didn't want to do this... But you made me." I love characters who I feel sorry for.

    Movie... Hmm... I love Snow White: A Tale of Terror. I loved Lady Claudia.
  9. XEL
    December 22nd, 2011 6:13 PM
    I've seen those titles but never really touched them haha. I havne't picked up any new mangas in a while now, mostly because I haven't found any to be my interests, or they're just bad in general lol. Never heard of FB, but judging by your reaction, I'm guessing that's a good thing haha.

    Hahaha, I mean, I think I first got into the habit when I was about 8 as a defensive mechanism. Like, just go to sleep during the scary stuff, I guess. and It's followed me all the way through life so far Mmmm, I like having soft sounds in the back when I'm talking. I feel like it lightens the mood a little haha.

    I don't think dying would've been a good ending, for what my expectations for him were. I'd rather he go into hiding for some years, and maybe with the 3rd game, have it set in the future some years, where and older N would've come back once again. But then again, I did like the whole PETA-esque team in this one. I needed some logic in the game as to why it was socially acceptable to make animals fight haha

    In that case, I will try a bit from the Hip Hop genre and recommend that you try this band called Icon For Hire. People always compare them to Paramore and Flyleaf, but I really think they're something else. Definitely worth a listen

    You should post them up in the fanfic section Are the on'es about Daniella suspense in genre? I love those suspense, psychological, things haha

    I KNOW WHAT YOU'RE TALKING ABOUT. Except instead of seeing it with my friends, my high school Bio teacher showed my class..

    I think I like Fall the best haha. Not too hot, not too cold. Winter may be my second favorite, cause I love bundling up, cuddling, HOT CHOCOLATE, etc. lol. Then comes Summer because it's when all your friends are usually free. I hate Spring. Stupid humidity.

    I like tragic endings. Happy endings annoy me for their cornyness and generic.. whatever haha. Screwed up endings depress me haha. With tragic endings, I think the characters or whatever live forever in immortal fame.

    Question: Favorite movie of all time?
  10. RivalGator
    December 20th, 2011 3:02 PM
    They do stuff like Tsubasa, Chobits, xxxHolic, and so on. Like I said before, they aren't bad, but they definitely aren't something that I would like to read more than once. Certain parts of the books maybe, but definitely nothing more. They may or may not have hosted the Fruits Basket series (uuuugh).

    Really? Haha, I would want to prod you to death. XD I am the type who is very picky about televisions... If one is on, I want silence. I HATE when I go over to a friends house and they want to put on the TV. I can't concentrate. I want to either talk in silence or watch TV. XD And some of them want to put a movie on, but it bothers me because I will get spoilers and someone is talking over it. XDDD If I fall asleep during a movie I get so mad at myself. XD

    That's understandable, I can see where you are getting that. I expected him to die, actually. I think when the Japanese version came out and everyone was pre-ordering it, I saw more fanart of him bleeding and dying or him sitting next to White as a shadow and she didn't see him but he was staring over at her like he missed her. When he simply flew away at the end, you can tell how my tragedy loving heart broke into a million pieces!

    No, I don't take it as you shoving your musical tastes down my throat, you're simply discussing it with me. I could probably find some damn good artists just by talking to you and other people. So don't worry, say what you want!

    No, I don't have them hosted anywhere. I mainly write about blood and gore and horror and tragedy. The main heroine or hero is usually a psychopath who doesn't realize that they are. I write a LOT about Daniella.

    And yes... I've DEFINITELY been there... My friend and I saw turtle sex a long time ago and the turtle made the weeeeirdest noises... It was hilarious. My friend and I will make that noise toward each other for giggles. It's like, 'Eeeeyuuuh!' XD

    My favorite season would have to be winter. I love snow, I love the sun being blocked out more, and I love the cold. Actually, I hate the cold, but I love it cold outside while I am inside.

    Question: Do you like stories with more happy endings, screwed up endings, tragedies? What do you hope for when you pick up a book?
  11. XEL
    December 17th, 2011 10:16 PM
    I had no idea who they were haha Just did a quick search. What kinda stories do they write? You should definitely check them out and don't forget Doubt! Doubt's the only one that's completed. and Let me tell you, it has a GREAT ending.

    I thought it was all right hahaha. PA.. No. Just no. It is terrible. The only reason to watch it is the laugh at it haha.I have a bad habit haha. Since I was small, I've always fallen asleep during scary movies lol. Unless I REALLY want to see it and try to stay awake, you'd prolly find me asleep at the end hahaha

    A bit, like Giovanni, only instead of grunts, he'd do things himself. Kinda psychotic-esque, too, like Dexter, from the show Dexter. Just, super powerful, but seemingly not, I guess. I don't know, it's too hard to describe what he should've been like hahaha. I didn't want to waste my Masterball so I kept on chucking quick balls. Good thing I caught it, cause I was on the verge of breaking hahah

    hahaha, It depends what kind of hip hop/ rap I'm listening. Lupe Fiasco, is my favorite, for reasons stated. but I won't try to shove my musical taste down your throat lol. I'll listen to most music, electric guitar or not My current streak of "favorite" is Michael Bublé.

    Yes I would Do you have them in the fanfics section? Or just saved on your computer? I tried writing a few times myself, but always ended up just throwing them aside haha. One was about football, one was based on the game Manhunt, and another was based on Werewolves (based on the Lupegarou from Blood and Chocolate).

    Haha, even videos on the weird side of youtube? The videos where you ask yourself, "How did I get here.."? lol

    Question: favorite season?
  12. RivalGator
    December 14th, 2011 2:59 PM
    Haha, awesome. My friend loves anything that's written by Clamp... But Clamp doesn't really like anything about me! lol. I think their stories are good for maybe one go-through, depending on the manga. But other than that... meeeeh... I would never re-read anything they did. And yes, when you said Suicide Island and Judge, my interest was very piqued. I think I will check those out, I am craving something interesting.

    I just watched the movie Insidious last night... It was awesome. I think you need to watch it, I was so happy. That made me think... I remember when Paranormal Activity first came out, I was in my first year of college, and everyone was like, "Omg, that is so scary!" And I went with my friend and watched it... We both fell asleep it was so boring. The movie was so poor that the didn't even have enough money to buy a ghost. Boo!!!

    Naaah, I don't think it's that my description was better, I totally understand where you're coming from now. I just don't really picture the Joker for many people... I don't much like the Joker. I like Mr. Freeze better, actually. But still. I think Joker is cool and all, but people kind of overuse him which makes things kind of boring and old. And yes, I can see. Did you imagine N kind of Giovanni like? Someone who could just smile and have a hand in their pocket and know that with one movement of their hand a bunch of grunts would come out and attack whoever it was that was pissing them off?
    ...Haha, and Tornadus just wore at my patience. I hated him. Until I caught him, that is; then I loved him.

    I have listened to old skool hiphop, but it just isn't really for me. I don't really like their beats or really anything they sing about. They just seem to make music that sticks in your head for hours or teaches kids corny catchphrases. I prefer anything with an electric guitar though.

    Haha, really? You'd read my stories? That's awesome! They are mainly about BeyBlade, Haunting Ground, Pokemon, Digimon (Ken Ichijouji is absolutely amazing when he is evil.) and really anything that comes to mind, even if it's random.

    I watch nearly EVERYTHING on YouTube.

    And nope, Silver is a really good character, and I have loved him for years, but I have to say that the winner is Daniella Belli from Haunting Ground. (Woman in my avatar). Runner-up is Jacqueline Natla from Tomb Raider, who has been my hero since I was 6. lol!
  13. XEL
    December 13th, 2011 9:27 PM
    Oh wait, I forgot, there are more manga I read! They just hasn't released in a while! Suicide Island and Judge. Suicide Island is kinda like the show Lost. and Judge, well, it's pretty dark, I guess. It's a sequel to Doubt. I think, considering the little I know about you, that you'd find both Doubt and Judge to be pretty interesting. You should give SI a try, too

    Can I tell you a secret? Yes? Well.. I've never played anything to do with the second gen. As such, I don't know anything about any of the characters haha

    Your description is better haha. I guess the Joker was a bad comparison. It's just, I expected him to have a mob-boss (another bad comparison..) like feel. Like, he'd smile at you but be intimidating and all. Iunno how to word it. I just know I have what I thought he should've been like in my mind haha. And a Masterball? I didn't use mine since you could only get two in the game this gen. I just had Darkrai put it to sleep, then just false swiped away. and then used Quick Balls on every encounter. Eventually went in lmao.

    I used to hate rap, too. But if you listen to actual hiphop, not that overhyped mainstream Young Money crap, you'll find that some of the artists are actually very talented. I listen to everything though haha. If I think the song is good, both instrumentally and lyrically, I'll listen to it.

    I'd like to read one of those stories I eat.. I usually like to eat out haha. When I was younger I liked home cooking, but I just need my dose of American food (I'm Asian ). As for what the world has to offer, that's why my 60-40 balance isn't more dramatized haha. I need time away

    Family Guy I don't watch TV anymore. Any shows I watch, I watch on Hulu. My favorites are Misfits (mix between Skins and Heroes kinda), Skins UK, House, New Girl, and I'm currently following Terranova, though I'm not sure if I like it.

    My favorite character.. I honestly can't say haha. I've never really had a favorite character over all I know yours is Silver
  14. RivalGator
    December 12th, 2011 8:03 PM
    I haven't been into reading mangas for quite a while, actually. My best friend collects them and keeps them, and she LOVES to read. So she has a lot of stuff. So I borrowed some of her books and read them. Most of them don't really have my kind of fantasy though. I like darker things... I like things that are similar to the game Haunting Ground, only when it's like that can I really enjoy things. lol And yes, I am horridly annoyed by the Silver thing. I can't STAND what the dude did to him. It makes me enjoy the mangas so much less. It's like having a character that you have loved since you were little turn into a little sissy. It just sucks. XD And everyone else seems to like to imagine him that way. I don't really understand it.

    I wasn't really expecting him to be like the joker, but I can see where you are coming from. He appeared to me to have a lot of emotional problems, I figured he was going to have several break downs throughout the game. But he was rather childish. I was expecting a whole lot better from N's playroom as well. I thought you were going to back into his mind or something. That would have been really cool. And yes... Tornadus was a horrible problem to me. I put him to sleep and had him almost down to 1 HP... And he STILL somehow broke free. Is that even LOGICAL? lol. I always used an Ultra Ball too. Seriously. (I ended up getting impatient and using a Master Ball, as ridiculous as it sounds.)

    I hate rap. I can't think of a single genre that I hate more than rap. I dislike country, and I think EVERYONE dislikes bluegrass, but there is just... Something horrible about rap. I just can't listen to the stuff. It puts me into horrible moods. I get angry and just want to fight people and argue and ***** and moan. I just HATE rap. lol. I don't mind it in techno sometimes if it's really fast and crazy, but I hate the general Akon and Eminem ********.

    Really? I am quite the hermit... My friends tell me that it's very hard to get time with me. I don't really like leaving the house, I would much rather be inside playing video games or writing stories. I don't really like what the real world has to offer. And I normally like the food that my mom cooks more than anyone else. lol. I am a creature of habit... I kinda obsess over a certain thing and don't try anything else.

    Shows? That's a hard one, I don't watch a whole lot. I like South Park, Family Guy, The Simpsons, mainly that kinda stuff. I used to watch a lot of other stuff when I was little, such as the Sonic series or Gargoyles. But I don't watch a whole lot of TV, I mainly look up anything I wanna watch. I am mainly playing games.

    Question: Who is your most favorite character and why? (Could be from a game, movie, show, play, book, whatever.)
  15. XEL
    December 12th, 2011 1:36 PM

    I kind of gave up on reading mangas haha. A lot of them just don't interest me anymore. The only four mangas I still read (Naruto, Bleach, Fairy Tail, and Beelzebub), I read because I've gotten so far that I might as well finish them haha. I have to admit, zombie Pokemon do sound pretty cool.. and hahaha, you're really bothered by this Silver thing

    When I saw his picture and heard he was the villain, I was really expecting him to be kinda.. well, psychotic. Like, going around all smiley all day and being just terrible on the inside. Kind of the Joker-esque. and Seriously. This generation produced games that were WAY too easy. I threw a quick ball and caught Reshiram on turn one.. To be honest, I caught almost every legendary with a quick ball.. Tornadus gave me a bit of trouble though. And what happened to poison? Pokemon no longer get hurt by poison outside of battle..

    I like music at it's core haha. But it needs to be balanced. I can't have deep lyrics but a crappy beat, and vice versa. The people who really talk about issues, I can't buy into. The majority of mainstream artists (mostly those rappers ¬¬), I can't buy into haha.

    I'd say 60-40, going out. I like being with friends, even if it's just staying at their house haha. Friends ALWAYS have food lol. But every now and then I just like to lock myself in my room and relax. How about you?

    and My question: Favorite shows?

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