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  1. Ito_Igami
    November 5th, 2013 6:58 PM
    You still owe me a battle too , chances are you'd probably slaughter me now
  2. Ito_Igami
    November 5th, 2013 6:54 PM
    TDB man I'm surprised you are still active. What have you been up to ? You must be in college or working now. I hope to hear from you and my boy Speedy soon
  3. Kittyipawd
    August 27th, 2010 9:12 AM
    I miss you man
  4. Kittyipawd
    March 4th, 2009 12:56 PM
    Pretty fun actually
  5. Ito_Igami
    March 3rd, 2009 7:17 PM
    I am not that exciting about it either. When it comes out I will get it for my R4.

    So how has life been treating you ?
  6. Kittyipawd
    March 2nd, 2009 6:41 PM
    Surpriselying I randomly got the urge to check my account yesterday but didn't feel like it but now I did and for some reason no longer exicted for platinum :/
  7. Ito_Igami
    March 1st, 2009 2:57 PM
    Haven't heard from you in a while just dropping you a line to make sure you are still alive. Probably just busy like everyone else these days
  8. Kittyipawd
    January 1st, 2009 9:44 AM
    Oh I thought you meant like another forum XD
  9. Ito_Igami
    January 1st, 2009 9:43 AM
    M.I.A. = missing in action
  10. Kittyipawd
    January 1st, 2009 9:41 AM
  11. Ito_Igami
    January 1st, 2009 9:26 AM
    Yes tell speedy and I will try to locate the other members that are M.I.A.
  12. Kittyipawd
    January 1st, 2009 9:23 AM
    Oh kk , also I was totally looking forward to that extravaganza.

    I am required to tell speedy about this too right?
  13. Ito_Igami
    January 1st, 2009 9:14 AM
    I don't celerbrate Christmas but I did go partying around that time. So I guess you can say I had a great Christmas
  14. Kittyipawd
    January 1st, 2009 8:19 AM
    Hi Ito you have a good Christmas?
  15. Ito_Igami
    December 3rd, 2008 5:59 PM
    I knew this day would come. At least you decided to battle me for it rather than bring up the old days.

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