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  1. Rain:Pain
    February 16th, 2016 6:02 PM
    lol o sh*t hahahaha
    I completely forgot about this website. I've been great man. I just finished serving with AmeriCorp; screening for Acanthosis nigricans and trying to reduce the prevalence of childhood obesity within the lower income sectors of the community.
    At the end of my service I just didn't feel like I made that much of a difference. There were so many obstacles and politics that it felt like time wasted. But on the bright side of things, it functioned as a humility pill.
    Also got accepted into graduate school so I'm back at home spending time with the fam, pending grad school. How you holding up man?
  2. Ito_Igami
    November 5th, 2013 7:01 PM
    Thanks for the message I really appreciate it. Brings tears to my eyes it seems that I raised you well. I'm f&*$ing with you man How have you been over the years ?
  3. Rain:Pain
    September 10th, 2012 6:33 PM
    Ito, how's it going man?
    I was packing my things the other day to moved back to the university when I noticed a black DS saturated in dust. Scattered fragments of debris that painted oceans of blankets of my childhood. Countless hours EV training, IV breeding, reading Smogon for hints and tips LoL. In short, I miss those days. I hope this message finds you well. I hope by now all your endeavors are long behind and that you stand comfortably head held high.
  4. Rain:Pain
    July 2nd, 2009 6:56 PM
    I see...... Hi Maria!!!!!!!!! i hope you see this! is that maria? vv
  5. Ito_Igami
    July 1st, 2009 12:25 PM
    Thanks its all in good taste. I can take a good joke , but I dish them out equally well.
  6. Rain:Pain
    June 30th, 2009 7:23 PM
    lol haha nice come back ito
  7. Ito_Igami
    June 29th, 2009 1:52 PM
    sounds like fun just remember to hold on to your moms hand at all times otherwise one of the zoo hands might see that homely mug of yours and mistake you for an escaped chimpanzee and toss you in a cage. We wouldn't want that to happen now would we ? xD
  8. Rain:Pain
    June 28th, 2009 8:07 PM
    No not at all.... we will simply be here enjoying our time together.... i have a few activities planed out.... which involves going to the zoo and visiting ito's relatives jk..?
  9. Ito_Igami
    June 27th, 2009 4:13 PM
    Just like any good mama's boy would , nothing wrong with that. Are you going to be traveling the world with your mother the rest of the summer ?
  10. Rain:Pain
    June 27th, 2009 12:00 PM
    For the most part nothing....... i was going to register for summer classes but my mom is coming from london so i decided to just not go and spend the rest of my summer with her
  11. Ito_Igami
    June 26th, 2009 4:21 PM
    What up Pein what have you been up to lately
  12. Rain:Pain
    June 9th, 2009 4:08 AM
    lol hahaha!
    So you have another 6 years to go?
    Well there is noting wrong with being a chick magnet, what becomes wrong is when someone abuses it! Which most people do!
  13. Ito_Igami
    June 8th, 2009 12:47 PM
    Settle down ? I guess when I reach an age where women no longer find me disirable so that gives me another 60 years easily
  14. Rain:Pain
    June 8th, 2009 5:34 AM
    Lol hahaha your funny, i forgot how much you use to have me rolling.....

    More girls for you? when are you going to settle ito?
  15. Ito_Igami
    June 7th, 2009 8:26 PM
    lets just say no one as fly as I am pushes a Denali this is top of the line sh*$ we are talking the President has the exact same car but his is bullet proof.

    okay i get it , I see you haven't flipped flop oh well that means more girls for me
    so have fun doing your thing

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