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  1. Haku.
    December 21st, 2009 11:21 AM
    Yes, i'll create a thread for someone to pick up the hack,
    But that someone needs to have a good hacking skills.
    The hack is going fast as i'm the only one working on everything.
    And by everything, i mean
    Asm hacking,
    Tile inserter,
    Tile maker,
    And etc
    So i need someone who have a team that can do all of it/ or that someone can do everything
  2. 558122_DG
    December 21st, 2009 11:18 AM
    alright, and if you never finish are you gonna leave it to someone to finish 4 u?

    aka. i can finish it for you if u don't get too.
  3. Haku.
    December 21st, 2009 11:17 AM
    Yes, i'm going to complete it, so don't worry about it. even if i don't finish it, it'll probably be around the final events.
  4. 558122_DG
    December 21st, 2009 11:14 AM
    hey what happened to I left? well anyways, are you going to ever COMPLETE your hack? Cause if your gonna put in so much effort mightaswell finish it rite??? Just a suggestion
  5. 558122_DG
    December 19th, 2009 10:40 AM
    hey ur still online??? any updates?
  6. 558122_DG
    December 19th, 2009 9:27 AM
    hey ur online
  7. Haku.
    December 15th, 2009 4:58 AM
    Go on your msn.
  8. 558122_DG
    December 10th, 2009 6:31 PM
  9. 558122_DG
    December 6th, 2009 6:11 PM
    How will i get the titlescreen ima go to sleep now so it'll have to be tommorow, nice to have you helping me later
  10. Haku.
    December 4th, 2009 6:07 PM
    Hey mind to comment on it at the thread?
    I mean the ALPHA>
  11. Haku.
    December 4th, 2009 5:42 PM
    Oh yes, remember to play my alpha.
    It last till the end of the second town
  12. Haku.
    December 4th, 2009 5:40 PM
    No problem.
    Seriously, just hve fun in your hack.
    It doesn't matter what people say(except when they give you suggestions) things like your hack is dull or seriously suck. It's only good when you have fun with it.
  13. 558122_DG
    December 4th, 2009 5:38 PM
    Thanks buddy, these type of comments & advice really help me out.

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