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  1. treecko 22
    November 26th, 2008 3:47 AM
    treecko 22
    Hi !
    im going to be online abit more now.
  2. Platinum Lucario
    November 19th, 2008 7:54 PM
    Platinum Lucario
    I've been alright, it's nice to see you online. I hope I'll see you online more often.
  3. treecko 22
    October 3rd, 2008 10:01 AM
    treecko 22
    hey hows it going iv finally got on to my computer whooo
  4. Platinum Lucario
    September 21st, 2008 3:50 AM
    Platinum Lucario
    I haven't seen you for a while...
  5. Platinum Lucario
    August 8th, 2008 9:09 AM
    Platinum Lucario
    Btw, you should change the theme that you can select below, try changing it to "Seeds of Platinum".
  6. treecko 22
    August 7th, 2008 2:36 PM
    treecko 22
    hi silver riolu im finally on pc cause it woulnt work
  7. Platinum Lucario
    July 31st, 2008 3:48 AM
    Platinum Lucario
    Hi, welcome to PokéCommunity, you would already know me. I've been at this forum for quite a while.

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