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Conversation Between Platinum Lucario and Sarcastic Prince

Conversation Between Platinum Lucario and Sarcastic Prince
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  1. Sarcastic Prince
    September 6th, 2008 6:12 AM
    Sarcastic Prince
    Beach Boy did a lot of bad things on your account?


    Does Beach Boy the good and cool moderator does bad things like this anyway?
  2. Platinum Lucario
    August 5th, 2008 9:51 PM
    Platinum Lucario
    That's good, but I did try though. Yet sooo hard.
  3. Sarcastic Prince
    August 5th, 2008 9:47 PM
    Sarcastic Prince
    No, I've never received an infraction or warning before. I almost got 1 warning (By calling someone a noob.). Luckily, a moderator told me to read the rules, then, I realized that is not allowed. So, I tried to be the best-following-rules member in the whole community.
  4. Platinum Lucario
    August 5th, 2008 9:43 PM
    Platinum Lucario
    I was wondering, have you ever received an infraction or a warning before? :\
  5. Platinum Lucario
    August 5th, 2008 6:29 AM
    Platinum Lucario
    Warnings and Infractions are displayed on a tab saying "Infractions". That's where they're displayed.
  6. Sarcastic Prince
    August 5th, 2008 5:35 AM
    Sarcastic Prince
    I don't know how to read my infractions/warnings in my profile.
  7. Platinum Lucario
    August 5th, 2008 5:17 AM
    Platinum Lucario
    Yeah I know, my first ever infraction, too bad it couldn't be a warning instead of an infraction.
    It's worth 3 points and won't expire until November 1st, as BeachBoy(the person who gave me the infraction) said that it's staying because I didn't notice the rule change in the Welcome / New Users section. I didn't mean to do it, it was a mistake and the rule was recent too. The reason for the infraction was for Copying and Pasting Welcomes(which I didn't copy and paste, I made posts almost the same in each welcome). Please be extra careful and read the section rules when your welcoming someone. Have you ever received an infraction or a warning before?
  8. Sarcastic Prince
    August 5th, 2008 4:55 AM
    Sarcastic Prince
    @Kcander90 What do you think are you doing!? Swearing in my friend's profile!?
    For Silver Rilou: Silver Rilou, I feel sad of what happened about the infraction thingy.
  9. Platinum Lucario
    July 12th, 2008 5:27 AM
    Platinum Lucario
    I know, it's better. Did you know that I can create scripts, on both XSE and Pokescript?
    I can do very long scripts.
  10. Sarcastic Prince
    July 12th, 2008 3:52 AM
    Sarcastic Prince
    SR, can you do the texting in all of Riolu 9's hacks? I requested this is because I see that your english is better than Rilou 9.
  11. Sarcastic Prince
    June 28th, 2008 4:59 PM
    Sarcastic Prince
    I feel awesome! Zel got to my side!!
  12. Platinum Lucario
    June 26th, 2008 4:04 AM
    Platinum Lucario
    Yeah, in fact 3 Mods, 1 Super Mod, 1 Staff Admin, 2 Site Admins.
    EDIT: I see you've only become friends with one and that's Signomi.
  13. Sarcastic Prince
    June 25th, 2008 6:08 AM
    Sarcastic Prince
    Hi there~ Have you've been a friend to a Mod before? (Too lazy to look at your looooooooooong friend list...)
  14. Platinum Lucario
    June 22nd, 2008 1:52 AM
    Platinum Lucario
    But you don't really know... I think some other people would've finished it before you did.
    I finished it just after riolu 9 finished it.
  15. Sarcastic Prince
    June 22nd, 2008 1:48 AM
    Sarcastic Prince
    Your the second one to finish Pokemon White? Then I am the third one then.

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