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  1. Akio123
    August 10th, 2011 12:50 PM
    Hey man sorry I'm late. My friend code is
    4341 2029 3750.
  2. PradaSon
    August 10th, 2011 12:50 PM
    Are you available to trade?
  3. PradaSon
    August 9th, 2011 7:23 PM
    Sorry gotta go, I'll catch ya around 4 tomorrow, PM me with your FC and mine is in my sig.
  4. PradaSon
    August 9th, 2011 7:15 PM
    If you're on right now I'm free to trade.
  5. Akio123
    August 9th, 2011 7:09 PM
    I can probs do that, I'll hit you up tomorrow round 4
  6. PradaSon
    August 9th, 2011 7:03 PM
    Sorry I missed ya, I can trade tomorrow at 3pm or later, my time is GMT -5, just VM/PM me with your times as well and I'll try to meet up with you. The Squirtle is all set and ready for ya.
  7. Akio123
    August 9th, 2011 6:40 PM
    Okay wanna do it tonight? Want my friend code?
  8. PradaSon
    August 9th, 2011 3:28 PM
    I can get you a Female Relaxed Squirtle for your Scizor

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